Ryuk's Warphens


Character kit (WIP)
Kasanthian Warphen
str: 2
agi: 4
health: 4
will: 2

Leyas Rating: 3 i[/i]


Religions(Kasanth): 3
running: 2
climbing: 2
torture: 3
Necrotech: 2 New on 12-MAR-2017

Combat Skills

Leyas combat Ranged:3
Leyas combat melee: 3

Special Training

Kasanthian Devotion
Faith +1 (Kasanth)
Melee Strike +1
Ranged Shot + 1


Shadow lvl 2
Fire lvl 2

Gear New on 12-MAR-17

Acid Gland SBR New on 12-MAR-17
1D8 + 2 no A.R. Acid Damage

Hold Out Springshot New on 12-MAR-17
5 Missile Damage; 2 shots; Can be concealed inside a belt buckel

Ryuk’s Warphen

Looses skill climbing 2 : Gains swimming lvl 3
Looses Leyas Fire 2 : Gains Water 2
Looses Faith +1 (Kasanth) : Gains Faith +1 (Ryuk)
Gains +3 to Torture (Torture starts 6)

Gains : One of Ryuk’s Warphens. Advantages Ryuk is your adoptive father, he has given you a home and molded you into a strong Kasanthian citizen. Your loyalty to Kasanth is only eclipsed by your loyalty to Ryuk. As one of Ryuk’s chosen children, you are recognized by his other children because you grew up with them. Ryuk’s other children will typically aid you free of charge, especially if it will help Ryuk.
Disadvantages Ryuk is your adoptive father, and many people in the universe hate him. If it is found out that you are one of his children, you may be attacked , kidnapped and/or tortured just because you have strong ties to your father.


As part of their training, Ryuk is having the Warphens train themselves to create true nightmare pets; small aquatic nightmares and small nightmare trees and plants. At the first successful nightmare created (of each type), Ryuk will take a picture with the warphen and nightmare. Each nightmare and bonsai nightmare plant will be displayed around one of the places Ryuk frequents, with the picture and name of the warphen.

Each successive nightmare / bonsai plant will be sold as a premium pet/plant (as an industry).

Each Warphen will be given a copy of the pictures with Ryuk.


Currently 50 Warphens approved by Narrator.

Training has begun for the Warphens in Small Aquatic Nightmares, Nightmare Bonsai, and My little true nightmares.


Hekeriki asks: “How much for my little true nightmare and bonsai plant, Ryuk?”


A stall was set up in Neo Vargas called My Little True Nightmares ( a new thread for those who want to buy some will be created, and linked here once its done)



Since Ryuk has had more “free” time on his hands, he would spend it with his Warphens. He would show them leyas tricks, tell them stories about his exploits, and help them with fighting (leyas based).

OOC: based on learning leyas thread, ryuk can teach fire (6), shadow(6), earth(3), water(3). he also has general(2)


Warphens lose Faith Ryuk regain Faith (Kasanth).

As Ryuk spent more and more time with his “children” he was stunned by the change in them. They all were pale no matter their natural skin color, their eyes flickered back and forth like wounded animals and they seemed extra cruel with each other.

Months of psychological torture have turned what had been very happy and outgoing children into quiet, pensive and anxiety ridden adults before their time.

Instead of the joy of listening to Ryuks stories they had before the kids instantly sensed Ryuks descended nature now. It was visibly obvious too.


The day spent with them simply made Ryuk realize the children had become tormented adults and it was firmly his fault. Like usual Ryuk would probably just make excuses or lies up to blame someone or something else.


Warphens lose Conscious status. They are now fully Vampyrs and Nightmare slavers. They also suffer from extensive Morpheus cube addiction.


Emotional Control drops to 1 and Temper rises to 4

They suffer lifelong PTSD from their time being forced into terrifying VR and being drugged.


Hekeriki states “I think going to pass on My Little True Nightmares. They don’t seem ethical produced anymore. Not sorry.”