Brez The Ruined City and the Deserts of Brez reside here. All internal Brezan Olgog communications should be posted here as well. Tla'Loc'al The Hidden Caverns and Underground tunnels of Tla’loc’al reside here. All internal Tla’loc’alan Olgog communications should be posted here as well. Karov The Fertile Oasises and Hills of the Nomadic tribes of Karov reside here. All internal Karovian Olgog communications should be posted here as well. Unen The coastal fishing villages and pirate fleets of Unen reside here. All internal Unen olgog communications should be posted here as well. Feral The Cursed Ruins of the Sea Kings, the Tomb of Holys, and the Pit Mongrel pits of the Feral lands reside here. All internal non-aligned Olgog communications should be posted here as well. (this includes Warmonger’s Dead Olgog Groups, Pit Mongrel Olgog Groups, and Feral Tribal Olgogs).
About the Tribes category [Tribes] (1)
Drewsport - contested territory. ( 2 3 4 5 ) [Unen] (85)
In the Brezan Mine of Hob Tor'or, On the border of Brez and Karov ( 2 ) [Brez] (31)
Set'gal's Sea Serpants move to the coast [Unen] (6)
Mak'Laltor sets up a resource Caravan to the North (DR POST 2220) [Brez] (8)
Meeting with the newly established Tyr'ani library in Coral City [Feral] (10)
The Nine Undersea Cities of Kasanth (DR2220) [Feral] (6)
The office of Lucia M. L in Coral City. [Feral] (10)
REbuilding of the City of Karov ( 2 ) [Karov] (29)
Ryuk goes fishing! [Unen] (15)
Wintermute sends an envoy to Tla'Loc'al [Tla'Loc'al] (3)
Gant Meets with Urog (DR 2220) [Brez] (8)
Lucia reaches out to one eyed willie [Feral] (3)
Ryuk's Warphens [Feral] (11)
Gar'aa, Son of K'or, Returns to the Shattern Horn Wartribe (DR2220+ Week 4) [Feral] (4)
Off the Shores of the South Coast of Vima (DR2220+ Post Mission 4) [Feral] (1)
A meeting with Lord Mada [Unen] (3)
Tor'Lallur for the futre [Feral] (13)
Der'al Collective Base (2220 A.R.) Campaign Center for Captain Oliver [Feral] (11)
Catdancer's Biological Experimental Systems Tech Center [Karov] (8)
Derlur says Goodbye (in Unen) [Brez] (16)
The Dark City of Neraka [Tla'Loc'al] (6)
Meeting with the Tribe of Yagogi'al [Karov] (2)
Hob'na takes the road less traveled (week 13 TSGL+) [Feral] (2)
Auf'gors visit to New Holys [Feral] (8)
At the Cave of Bog'an, Planning against the Krato Generals (TSGL3 finale week 13) ( 2 ) [Tla'Loc'al] (32)
Lalder - To the Sylvans [Tla'Loc'al] (20)
First Annaul Southern Olgog Games [Unen] (5)
The Planning by the Nine (Week 11+) [Karov] (9)
Herd of Auf Lal' al - The Artificing caves ( 2 3 ) [Tla'Loc'al] (42)