REbuilding of the City of Karov


OOC: This is actions of what is happening, not the conversations.

The ferals from lord grimaldous would be taken in, and families would be tried to be put back together. They gogs would be separated out into what area they came from, and then they would be set up to stay there respective part of the new city.

Work on the underground tunnels would be happening, to map and connect them throughout. Work would be made to make them about two stories deep, enough that if the dome fails, there is space next for gogs to stay next year.

Above ground, large areas would be built up, to set up apartment houses, based on where they live. Karov area would be built for small family caves.

tempory sanitation drains would be put in, with Gultor’uf providing purification stones to prevent disease from spreading.


The Herald shall send out 100 reinforced Skeletons (using the remaining usable bones of shattered skeletons they are necroteched to an intact one to increase the strength and endurance of a skeleton) to the ruins. Their orders are to help with construction efforts and follow the orders of Gul’tor’uf tribe members. They shall wear robes so they do not scare the civilians so much. One Vampire Kumfei foreman will accompany them, he is a Sargent in the Wintermute Blight Guard, also wearing robes artificed to protect him from the sunlight. He will have a pouch with him which seems to always have a flask handy for him to occasionally drink from. (He will not advertize himself being Vampire but will not deny if asked) His name is Ozruc


With the dome a physical structure, the adepts that would be sustaining it are now working on a sanitation system, where there are flowing rivers with purification stones inside of it to clean physical waste away. (think like the artifact against Torlallur, but no located inside the river, and only artifice to affect the water it is in while it is in there). They will be hardening the major pathways above ground as roads (I posted a lot in the one mission) and trying to sort the gogs from grimaldous. If they are willing to help with the work, they will be shown how and helped with whatever they need.

(this is all of gultor’uf except witch gogkiller, adept, 3 uhryu apprentices, Hunter and 10 ur maks, Approximately 50 gogs).


Ozruc would encourage his workers to be polite to the various Olgogs and he would often would disappear for a day and return on the next with food which he would pass along to the various Olgogs. Not a huge amount but he would do this periodically when he wasn’t supervising the workers. His goal was to show the Olgogs that they didn’t need to fear him or the undead workforce. Their distrust of the undead was well earned, it would take a lot of hard work to change their opinion. Thankfully Ozruc had lots of time to show what he could do.


Use of the Krato’s tools with tunnel materials would be used to expedite this. They would be handed to Smith, and be most likely handled by the apprentice under him during other shifts.


Ozruc welcomed 100 living citizens of Wintermute, 50 Kumfei, 20 Baribur, 10 Earthers, and 20 Ki’orn. They would arrive with fresh supplies and building materials in shadow cocoons. They would join their undead brethren in helping rebuild the city. They would make their own section of the city for themselves to live in, trying not to get in the way of the Feral tribes. They would give gifts out of respect to them and try to act with kindness.


As the city was sectioned off based on the areas of the goblinlands, and an idea was to make a ring, a way to separate the areas for guests so that they may interact better with the natives. that inside, about 1/2 radius out from center from the city, that an area would be devoted to housing guests.

The outside would be built like the normal houses of the natives, with the inside being whatever was wanted for the guests


Watatsumi and Seiryuu will aid in building the filtration and environmental systems. The first task is that the will tackle is moving the artifact that create the water to inside the city limits. They would work with Smith to create the needed pipes and pieces to support the oasis on the outside of the city. If a particular material was needed, and it was not around, they would speak to Nameless Gog (alchemist), the resident alchemist to transmute the materials.

Watatsumi and Seiryuu know that OtO wants the city, and that he wants it defensible. The water supply outside of the city would be a bad idea, as it could be cut off. They also don’t want others to know about the change, so they will make sure that the oasis is supported with water.


With the skeletons making headway underneath the city, and the specialist from gultor’uf (Watatsumi, Seiryuu, Smith, Nameless gog) creating plans and the materials needed, progress went well. The rest of Gultor’uf would work on assembling the pipes per instruction, and reinforcing the tunnels underground.

Above ground, due to the influx of (non working, defense olny) red furs the southern part (feral lands) would have an area mapped out and homes start being built.
the mound for the caves in the area in karov is also been heavily under construction.


(all work excepted except that by Nameless Gog. As he has no name, he obviously was never deployed. They called out hey person with no name, whole bunch of people looked up, and he never reported to duty. Name your characters!!)

The Skeletons have carved out perfect plots for over two hundred additional homes but…

Watatsumi, Seiryuu and Smith have worked hard and created about thirty homes with their help (would have created 1000 homes if Nameless Gog had a name like they did;)). They also have hooked up all homes with a good working water and sewage system based on steam tech and pipes.

The additional wintermute citizens helped construct an additional forty homes, streets and shops in a more Earther style. They are also hooked up to the water and sewage systems.


I sent a message with lore about Nameless gog(alchemist)


After Bill Convinces the Wild Gor’abs to let the Wintermute Undead to have free travels across all of Karov and to allow Wintermute Undead to expand their construction efforts in the Ruins of Karov, a new influx of Wintermute personnel arrived. Fifty living citizens (Ten Kiorn, twenty Kumfei, ten baribur, and ten Kiou) plus one hundred undead (eighty Skeletons, twenty Vampires) joined the Wintermute citizens already there. Bringing fresh supplies and building materials they joined with their brethren.

They also brought a gift to Uhryu Bill, a finely crafted bookshelf made of polished wood with silver trimming.


As time went on more and more Wintermute undead arrived in larger numbers. An additional three hundred living and two hundred undead, entered the city and began assisting in various efforts and supplies. The new arrivals handed out food and gifts to the civilian population. Asking for little in return the Wintermute citizens were instructed to show the utmost respect and kindness to the local Olgogs.


The Herald of Wintermute is seen occasionally speaking to the local feral tribes within the city of Karov. Speaking of equality in life and death and of protection against enemies. Wintermute is a nation of outcasts who know what it is like to be hated and abused by everyone. It is only when you know the bottom that you can truly ascend to the top. He provides gifts of supplies and trade goods like chairs, tables, and other goods that make life a bit easier.


After the Conclave things got even better for the Herald, his people now had legal status within the city of Karov and the reconstruction was entering the final phases. There were raids from the more closed minded elements of the region but they were similar to the intolerance they faced with Korpu up north. Bigotry fades in time, and the dead have lots of time to wait. When this news hit Wintermute several hundred additional undead were sent to help with new projects.
The important thing was now they had access to gold, silver, iron, copper, and bauxite mines that were ignored due to the nomadic ways of the Karov Olgogs. The Herald didn’t waste any time
Sargent Ozruc would be in charge of setting up the infrastructure of the mines and was provided the several hundred newly arrived undead for the task. Construction began smoothly, it would take some time for all of the mines to become operational but as the undead needed no sleep Ozruc was able to push his workers hard. Wards were set up to protect the undead from the sun and other harmful leyas to make sabotage less likely.

The Herald nodded in approval, the influx of valuable materials would enhance the local economy plus they would be able to ship some back to Wintermute as well. Lord Hassan would be pleased with his next report.


The Construction was going well, due to the undead’s ability to work uninterrupted by the need to rest or eat the mines were set up within the week. More undead continued to enter Karov with undead Olgogs now joining the rest. They soon began working the mines and begun to extract their precious resources.


The tribe was working on rebuilding relationships with the plants and animals around the city, as they had when they wandered. Building still was going on, getting homes and places for the gogs to stay.

The tribe would split off, with different members wandering the desert, just on smaller trips. A week, a month, sometimes up to two months, these trips were a way to combined the old ways with the responsibility of building a safe place, karov the city.

Specific projects that would be build, is lighting inside the city, trying to build a mock sun (that can support plant life) , moon and stars; paths that accommodate travel caravans from the entrances into the city, with footpaths on either side.

OOC: I’m assuming filtration system is done; the water source was moved inside the city and pipes water out to the oasis; the dome is still there and giants don’t have permission to move it yet


[Please confirm. Your post on 09/25 stated you were bringing the water source for the Oasis of Karov inside the city. Is this an action that was done.]


[originally mentioned on 07-08-2014; was bringing it in and piping water out so there would be no difference from before (on the outside).]


For over a year, the combined forces of the GulTor’Uf and Wintermute have been diverting the Oasis of Karov. Perhaps one of the most beloved and respected sites in all of the Goblin Lands, the Oasis of Karov has been a meeting place of Nomadic Karovians.

It is the location of their conclave, and their major spiritual rights.

So it was surprising when for all those Nomadic Karovians who visit the Oasis, there was suddenly an outbreak of a toxic form of algae. Among the Karovains there were masters of Water Leyas, who attempted to purify the water. They succeeded, but it was obvious that something was deeply affecting the health of what had been a natural spring.

The Wild Gor’abs kept their council to themselves. They knew with all the building in the Ruins of Karov, one fool or another would seek to take advantage of the water source for themselves. Since the success in diplomacy at the Grand Conclave, most had avoided the Ruins and the “City-dwelllers” there. And a live and let live mentality had spread.

That was before a young Unense scientist named Dwenn Dyvan was brought in by the Karovian Mag’ol Zh’al On. The scientist used deep diving to confirm his theories but within weeks he was able to provide his findings to a secret Karovian conclave.

Those who had taken the city of Karov had diverted the Oasis’ source. They had brought it into the city, where pipes and filtration mechanisms of a very non-Olgog design were in full use. The “cleaning” of the sacred waters had killed many of the essential elements of the biosphere of the Oasis. Dwenn Dyvan was sad to inform the secret conclave that the algal blooms would continue, and all the natural wildlife who relied upon the Oasis would be driven away. He continued saying that while they could consistently repurify the water, this would only add to it becoming a completely dead water source.

Many local animals relied upon the minerals that bubbled up would begin to sicken and die from drastic mineral loss. Even with the purifying, they could not remineralize the water, after the filtration systems had “purified it”.

The Karovian Elders were astounded. After the immense progress in getting the “city-dwellers” accepted, the city-dwellers had stolen their water. It would have been a spiritual offense if the city had started pumping water away from the Oasis without asking permission. But to add insult to injury, and steal the source…?

Dwenn Dyvan was paid for his silence, and the Karovian Elders said none of the city would learn that they knew this secret theft. The Karovian Elders had plans, but they would be smart about implementing them.

[NEITHER WINTERMUTE NOR GULTOR’UF know about the current state of the Oasis. As far as their own “scientists” are telling them, the water is pure and the filtration is working, and “that is all that matters”.]