Off the Shores of the South Coast of Vima (DR2220+ Post Mission 4)


The fleets of Neliff prepared their slaves for the invasion of the Tomb of Holys. They called themselves the Martyrs of Neliff the Orthodox, and wanted to capture the Tomb of Holys and awaken the K’ias Warlord. Using their illusions and mind control they would force Holys to their will and use his powers to birth a new breed of Neliff who would wipe out Neliff the Radical and his Peacemongers. They would crush all species and use their slavery to dream up a new Warmonger to replace the one who had been granted final death.

Yet they made a grave miscalculation. By trying to hire mercs to replace the Uthvelor and Pelebor allies they recently lost, they opened their organization up to infiltration.

The Hiring meeting took place on an old cru’ie crab-infested barge that smelled of dead flesh. It was run by Neliff the Hiring Manager, along with his slaves Tholi, an enormously fat cambion, and Brent, an Earther with a morpheus cube addiction.

Neliff the Hiring manager said to the candidates, “Neliff wishes to do a group interview because Neliff prides group work and group activity. Who wishes to share information with the group about why they should help in the assault on the Tomb Island of Holys?”