Mak'Laltor sets up a resource Caravan to the North (DR POST 2220)


King Blood’og II had to send resources north. Food wouldn’t survive the trip, It would rot.

But weapons didn’t rot. Weapons never went bad. Hobtor Axes and Hammers were on the market. King Blood’og II had been quietly buying them up from his enemies in the UtR.

He wanted to send groups of Big Bad Brezan Olgogs north to join the Hobtla Mag’ol Army.

Twenty Seven Armored Olgogs, true Brezan Raiders with big hobtor axes and hobtor hammers.

Did any other heroes of the Hobtla Mag’ol Allies want to send resources Northbound and UP?


If anyone joined up Blood’og II would deal with it later.

Blood’og II looked at a big old Goblin King named Drza Drza who had helped raised him and train him.

Drza Drza had a long beard covered in blood stains that the old Olgog never washed out. He smelled like copper lerne coins. The Old Drza didn’t desire to leave Brez. He had been born in Brez. Drza Drza planned on dying in Brez fighting the United Tribes of Refuge.

“You know your role?” asked King Blood’og II.

“Protect the heir, Blood’og III, teach him ways of leadership. Make him strong. Get him ready. Get him allies. Return to Brez, drive out UtR, Done,” said Drza Drza with no remorse.

Blood’og II pulled the old Olgog close. He leaned in and whispered. “Fuck Brez. Brez is shit the Earthers don’t even want. The place everybody wants is the Glacial Wastes. I don’t know why. But The Earther Colony General got himself got just to protect that place. It’s gotta have something worth stealing. Blood’og III already has a place at the court of Queen Unixah and Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol. Find him a place of value. Find him weapons. Find him allies. But the endgame is not pushing out the UtR.”

“Why not?” asked Drza Drza fuming.


King Blood’og II punched Drza Drza in the face hard enough to break some teeth.

“Like the taste of blood, stupid Drza,” said Blood’og II, “Big Fist decides everything. UtR has big fist of the EEF. Blood is all we taste if we take on the EEF. Gang on Gang, Mak Lal’Tor will always win. But Gang on Army and there ain’t nothing but the taste of blood. You feel me,”

“Drza Drza ain’t got time for this,” said the Old Olgog gathering his broken teeth off the floor, “Got it. Keep Blood’og III safe. Get army, get weapons, get allies, but stay in Glacial Wastes.”

“For now…Drza Drza, you wait for my command before you come back,” said the younger leader.


(Drza Drza is a Goblin King under King Blood’og III)


King Blood’Og II worried and worried, no word yet on Drza Drza and the Caravan. He would gather up some tough Gogs, all Brezan Raiders, and send them all to find out what happened to Drza Drza and the Caravan.


The Tough Gogs caught up with Drza Drza just outside of Jemison Post. The Older Olgog had settled down in the outskirts of the growing kingdom, and was tracking rumors of King Blood’Og III.

The last words that Drza Drza recieved was that King Blood’Og III had wandered into the snowy wastes seeking the Legendary Frozen Homeforge. But months and weeks had passed and no one in Jemison Post knew where the heir to the Gang leadership was now.

[Drza Drza Mak Lal’Tor is now able to post to Glacial Wastes threads, and has a caravan, Mak Hobloks, and twenty six Brezan Gangers, and 8 Tough Gogs (Brezan Raiders) for use in these threads]


King Blood’Og II was ready to send more forces North. Twenty Five Tough Gog raiders would be gathered and sent north to join the forces of Drza Drza.

Blood’Og II was worried. Too many Gogs were supporting Colonies. Too many Gogs were supporting the Gang of Uf Mag’og. Blood’Og II sent word with one of the Tough Gogs.

“Tell Blood’Og III, we must gather slaves during battle. Need more varied Leyas Users and artificers if gonna keep up with UtR. Need them yesterday”


The forces arrive and join with the forces under Drza Drza.