In the Brezan Mine of Hob Tor'or, On the border of Brez and Karov


The Mine of Hob Tor’or has been claimed by the tribe of Gul’al and the Gang of the Uf Mag’og.
Currently the stinking rotting corpse of the ancient Yadol Gnasher is festering in the hot sun of the morning. It is the first day after the mine has been taken by the tribes and members of other tribes are present to discuss trade deals and future alliances.

[Currently present are Vektor of Uf Mag’og, Gul’al, one Dead from Unit 817, Shar’na representing Kilma Ur’ab, Hu’tu the Outcast not representing Ripi-tu Lurlur, and Lalon of Lalder’s Herd of Auf Lal’al. Any who wish to leave may do so.]


Hu’tu fixed his eyes upon the instrument of his revenge. A piece of blood stone fit for an axe, or perhaps a pole arm. No, nothing with a long shaft would due. He wanted something quicker and easier to wield. An axe also meant he could be closer to the Lurur when he died. He could get the satisfaction of smelling his blood and shame up close. He hefted the stone back into the folds of hide. He cared little for the pitiful babel of the weaker Olgogs around him.

Hu’tu was a massive Olgog by any standard. He was somewhat of an oddity when he stood at his full height of eight feet. His body was shaped like a downward cone. His broad shoulders and bulging mussels were disproportionate to his narrow hips and somewhat skinny legs. The sense of his upper half seemed to betray the reality of his lower. Yet there was no doubt to the ferocity and pure strength that Hu’tu naturally possessed.

The disproportionate nature of Hu’tu was made even more obvious when he spoke. Though endowed with physical power, his mental faculties and manners fell short of every expectation.

“Hunger. Yes, very hunger! I demand a bit of food and drink!” Puzzlement befell a few of those present. The demand seemed to be to the general public and not to any particular person.


Vektor had been pleased with himself. The Yaldol defeated, and there was the possibility of negotiations. Things with Gul’al had started well. The better the relations, the more advantageous the situation. They had agreed on mutual non-agressions and had started a general conversation about when and how to trade the stone when the other individual Olgogs exited the mine.

Without speaking, as a show of truce, he handed each Olgog a piece of stone to make an axe.

“I am Vektor of Brez. We are the Gang of the Uf Mag’og. We have been victorious in battle today, and we wish this victory to be long lasting. We extend an offer of peace and trade between our tribes.”

Before he can finish the speak he had been preparing since he left Brez, this huge Olgog rushes towards his group and spurts out that he demands food and water. It was so abrupt that Vektor is tempted to cleave his Krato bone axe through the Olgog’s skull as a reflex. However, he realizes it’s not an attack against him, he was just getting closer to the group to make his demands known.

He addresses the overlarge Olgog, “I can provide you some water, but not much food. Only if you state your name and tribe, if only as protocol.” And to hold you to it should we ever require it, he thought to himself.


“I am Hu’tu”, he said proudly. Then his tone went slightly sour, “My tribe is of Ka Rhug. I will take the water now.”


I am Lalon of Lalder’s Herd of Auf Lal’al. I would be happy to pass any messages to the elders of my tribe to help setup trade between our tribes. We can trade water and/or wood. I know they are interested in getting furs. I would also expect them to be interested in some more of these stones.


“Hu’Tu, greetings.” Vektor threw over a quarter-full water skin to the over large Olgog, as well as a single some dried vermin meat, knowing he’d get no further information from him otherwise.

As he did, the Tla’loc’al olgog made himself known. “Lalder, we from Brez always need water. However, there aren’t many fur-bearing animals around these parts.” He looked around the desert for extra effect, “but I’m sure there are other things we can find to trade for.” He turned over to to the other members assembled before him, “and the rest of you?”


Looking around, Nameless stood and bowed. “Greetings, my name is Nameless Finality. I offer you peaceful meeting to discuss trade and mutual defense. I can take your offers back to the captain of my unit, Unit 817. We are called the ‘Shield of the Redeemer’. I know that the captain would like to acquire more weapons made from the stone of your mine.”


The Tla’loc’al brute eagerly grasped the water skin and vermin flesh. Unexpectedly, he gestured a sign for respect toward Vektor before his manners broke and he feasted on the food greedy. He chewed the flesh with a load chomping noise that could be heard over Nameless’s words. Hu’tu returned the vessel emptied of water and in return granted the olgog a scrap of hide of excellent quality. “Hu’tu thanks you. My strength is sure against the coming task.”

Hu’tu turned away from the council and went toward a gathering of his things. He knelt to the ground by the stump of a rotted tree and began right away to work upon the stone. It was a couple minutes into this task that he started to mumbled to himself. To those who bothered to listen in, he seemed to be thinking his thoughts aloud.

[You will have to, in character, get closer without disturbing him to catch what he is saying to himself.]


Gul’al joins Vektor after checking that the two remaining Mal’ie are being cooked. “Since it only took Lure to draw out the mighty Yadol, we will soon have Dinner & Celebration ready to share with those staying for talks.” A small twinkle lights her eyes at her own joke of naming the Mal’ie. “Vektor, let me say again how glad I am to see another local tribe here. This will soon be too east of a holding for me to administer properly. I only plan on being through monthly or so to pick up stones but am always at your aid should a situation arise.”

She pauses to scan the sky. “We’ll head out during the early morning hours, before the sun & heat rise. Nameless Finality, you spoke of mutual defense… my insistence that the Earthers respect their colonial boundaries will likely instigate more such need. Please let your captain know that I offer to stand with you against the Earther advances into Olgog territory in exchange for similar service rendered to others.”


Vektor liked the way this meeting was going. He had two younglings help with the prepartion. “All who are present are welcome.” After ordering his team to encamp, he sent a messenger back to Brez with the good news. He also whispered to a youngling named Raz to stealthily listen in to Hu’tu, taking a bit more dried vermin meat with him.

“I appreciate your cooperation. We of the Gang of Uf Mag’og require fresh fruits, water, and arms to protect ourselves against other warring gangs and the Church of One Earthers. In return for these items we will be willing to trade some stone for the promise of mutual non-aggression. Anyone who is willing to work the mine from your tribes will be provided for accordingly. So let’s get to the core of our agreements before we depart.”


Lalon of Lalder’s Herd of Auf Lal’al responded "I know my elders desire peace amongst the tribes, so they will want a non-aggression pack between our tribes. I know we can trade water some death stones. We also grow wood to trade as well. I can handle setting up any initial trades.


Vektor looked at Lalon. “So then let us begin the negotiations. This death rock is valuable. For each rock that can be carved into an axe, 1 weeks worth of water for an Olgog to drink. We don’t need wood.” Vektor then looked over to others in his group to see what they thought of his offer.


Lalon thought about the offer, then said “That trade sounds good. Only other questions are where, how often, and how many stones?”


Nameless Finality looked around the group, then focused on Vektor. “We of the Shield do not have much to trade other than stone and bone. But we would offer Five members of the unit to work in the mine in trade for a reasonable ammount of Hob Tor’or”


Vektor turned to Lalder, “Have your people bring us the water and we will give you an equitable amount of stone for each transport.” Turning to the grey-fur, “Nameless Finality, your labor is accepted. 10% is the keep your men would earn. Do you accept?”


Ladon states “Then I will be back in a few days with the inital trade. I should be able to bring back 40 Gallons of water. Per trip. we will set this up to be a weekly drop. Please let me know who to interact with when I return.”

(OCC: 160 lbs per 20 gallons of water, not sure how many gallons per week an Olgog drinks per day, but 20 gallons should be good for 3 to 5 people per week. )
(OCC: I’m just trying to setup a standard schedule for trading, so I can calculate resources.)

After 2 days Ladon returns riding one of his tribes skimmers that was floating very close to the ground. In the back of the skimmer, there were 2 wooden barrels ready for trading.


Vektor says to Ladon, “Trade Accepted.”

(ooc - I started a thread in “stolen goods” to track the trades, no need to discuss any additional numbers here… I presume after the trade acceptance you leave).


A short time later, Five Dead in thier Gray cloaks entered camp. they do not seem to have the guns which they are known to carry. " We are here to fulfill the agreement to help you mine. please show us where to stow our gear so that we may begin."

the dead will work around the clock with minor breaks to make any small repair to themselves as need.


[This mine has now entered full scale production]

The Mine of Hobtor is now running day and night, cart after cart of Death stone rolling out for shipping to the war effort. As more and more of the stone is used, the more abundant the veins of stone seem to be.

It could mean a booming economy for the Brezans involved.


(OOC – forgot to post before church, using quick bullets instead of long form)

  • two squads of 10 each raiders on striders to flanking attack vehicles in pits, if enemy doesn’t get to pits, attack cavalry
  • 20 vandals on malie to isolate and swarm small groups of squires & paladins
  • Gul’al will lead the vandals with her new stone hammer
  • remaining tribe (3 raiders, 9 Ur Rhug, 9 Ur Mak, 4 Ur Tor, 10 Vandals) will cover an escape route near the oasis (note, Gul’al would be last to retreat – plans to live up to “If you can hold it, you can keep it”)