Gravedust for trade


A tla’loc’alan awaits at a market.

“I have gravedust for trade. Enough to make 1000 rounds of small ammo, 500 rounds of medium ammo, or 50 rounds of the really big stuff. All I want is a decent amount of scrap metal, or something equivalent to make some armor or weapons.”


Nelson Fink approached Derlur and gave a bow. Holding his hat in his hand, he politely enquires, "I have friends who hunt Quall N’drone who could use that ammunition.

I could trade you Quall Bone. It’s strong and can cut metal."


The tla’loc’al’an nods. “That’ll work. Enough to fashion 100 weapons. Pick a combination that you’ll think I’ll find acceptable.”


One hundred long bones of sufficient quality for weapon making would be quite expensive on the black market.
Nelson Fink said, “How about 100 short swords worth ?
Then you can combine multiple to make lances and polearms and other larger weapons.”


The tla’loc’alan smiles. “I like how you think. Trade is good.”


“Agreed and agreed,” said Nelson, “Give me a day to ship over the bones.”

The following day Nelson returned with a big cart full of Quall Bones.

“Thank you, for the grave dust.”