House of Loot   Weapons and Armor

About the Weapons and Armor category (1)
Rogarth sells some Massive Swords (10)
Trade for Urik (7)
Finale Reward: The Onderal Alchemical device (6)
Derlur Trade with Gangs of Uf Mag'og (5)
Gravedust for trade (6)
Looking for Armor (3)
Earther Tech (3)
A Single Flamethrower for Sale, Leyas Powered (15)
Gifts for lalder (2)
Gifts for Kolgol (2)
Herd of Auf Lal' al is looking for Springshot Pistols (6)
Nightmare Hide armor up for trade! Just south of the Ruins of Brez ( 2 ) (37)
A Single Krato Bone Pole Axe, Smells of Pit Mongrels, in exchange for a Month (3)