Derlur says Goodbye (in Unen)


Derlur had Warmonger to follow. He couldn’t let his new avatar get away. Unfortunately, Derlur was the head of a clan and owed a certain amount of loyalty to the Great Goblin King Urog. What a terrible title. But Urog was a decent Olgog, and always did right by him and his “clan”. So no running off without a telling anyone. This time.

He was, unfortunately, stuck in Unen and couldn’t afford to make the trip back to Brez. So he walked up to Shirley, who was probably the most intimidating Olgog Derlur had ever known. “Uhm, yeah. Uh…we need to talk. In private. And when I say private, I don’t mean that private. And I don’t mean naked. Business, no wait, I mean about my clan and it’s important.”

Shirley was scary.


Shirley, Tusk, and Hikiti were having a celebratory drink when the head of the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock approached them. Hikiti was happy Shirley was on her first drink. This could have turned out badly for Derlur if he had shown up 5 minutes from now.

Shirley, after hearing Derlur mutter crazy things, laughed loudly and clapped the Brezan on the back. She grabbed him in a bear hug and kissed the man on the cheek. Hikiti was suddenly very awkward, hoping that one drink wasn’t enough to take Shirley over the edge.

She looked around and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Ery body OUT!” At first, everyone was confused. She got deadly serious and said, “NOW!!!” Everyone suddenly got moving, leaving the room. Hikiti, started ushering people out, “official Great Northern Army stuff. Sorry everyone.”

Hikiti and Tusk looked at Shirley, not knowing if they should stay or go. The other Brezans knew better than to want to stick around. Ya’na didn’t think twice before leaving. Neither did Rhug’ab. Shirley motioned to the two younglings, indicating they should stay.

“As lon’ as yer don’ mind the two youngin’s stayin’, we good. By tha way, I ne’er thank’d ya for taking care of 'em bafore. Ya done good. Whas on yer mind?”


Derlur really didn’t like being treated like such a small thing. He awkwardly smiled.

“Well, a lot. I’m leaving. I’m going to follow the Ka’Gorna that the MagMagGor inhabits. I’m leaving Gant Holt in charge of the clan. The large Chimera halberd he carries will act as a symbol of leadership for the clan. You can rely on them for help. But I warn you, we’re going to be a very small clan. I’m taking some of our number with me. But we swore fealty to you, and we intend to keep it as long as King Urog keeps his promises to us as members of the Great Northern Army.”


Shirley put the struggling olgog down.

“Leavin’?? But I was starten’ to like you!” Hikiti winced. This was not looking good for Derlur.


Derlur didn’t know what was worse: the fact that until recently she didn’t trust him, or that Shirley actually liked him now.

Problems he needed to get away from.

“Shirley, unfortunately I have things that I must attend to. The reappearance of the MagMag Gor has changed my life in ways that I can’t describe. I do not have the luxury to think of myself in these matters. I have a clan that will be left in good hands. Gant will be every bit the leader I am, and will make sure that we remain loyal members of the Great Northern Army.”

He paused for a moment, considering what he was going to say next. Or least, that’s what it appeared he was doing.

“When I came to Brez, it was with the intent of staying. Thanks to the wonderful and powerful Urog, I was able to earn my way into his Great Northern Army and serve the same goals and needs as him. I had never meant to leave again. I’ve come to like the new world we created together. But I can’t allow my love for life within the Great Northern Army to sit back and allow the MagMag Gor to roam free, threatening to destroy all of reality. I must attend to certain matters myself and cannot stay behind to shepherd my clan. Gant will serve in my place. It cannot be any other way.”

Derlur stopped, hoping he wouldn’t have to say anything else.


“But what about your clan?” Shirley retorted. “Ain’t you leavin’ dem behind sum type of betrayal or sumthin’?”

Hikiti chimed in. “I think what Shirley means is that it’s strange that the leader of their clan leaves the clan behind for a mission that may be better suited to someone who isn’t the leader. Don’t you think Urog would have liked to be here? But he has Shirley, a trusted general, to act for him. Besides, you running off will look like weakness according to the rest of the Great Northern Army.”


Derlur sighed. He hated lying.

“I am a nomad. I built a home here, and gathered followers, and led them, because I believe in what the Great Northern Army does. But being a clan leader is not my calling. And not my responsibility. Well, not mine alone. I don’t believe that you need a single leader. King Urog may be your leader, but lots of folk follow him because they fear or respect Shirley. Or young Tusk. Or Vektor. Being a leader is knowing you can rely on others when the task is important. My task is important, and my clan doesn’t need me as their leader. We look to you, and Gant can do the rest.”

Not far from truth. The best lie, indeed.


Hikiti and Shirley nodded. Hikiti knew something was off, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Shirley wasn’t sure she cared. He seemed sincere, and he was still giving fealty to Urog.

“Well, I’ll jus’ tell e’ryone ya were taken out. It’s tha way o the clans. No wun will think twice ‘bout it. Nice knowin’ ya, cuz if ya leave, ya cann’ come back. Are yer sure?”


Derlur was surprised. He didn’t expect that Shirley would force him to abdicate. However, it made sense. He couldn’t complain. Besides, nobody would ever know it was him coming back anyway.


He gave Shirley a hug. “Be nice to Gant.”


Shirley was taken aback by Derlur’s sudden hug. Nobody has ever initiated that before. She was also shocked that Derlur was willing to lose face.

“Derlur, yer a strange gog. I’ll miss ya.” She playfully punched him…with most of her strength behind it.

Hikiti cleared his throat. “It will be said Derlur put up no fight when Gant challenged him. He’ll be made chieftain of your clan. Long live Gant, Chieftain of the Clan of the Heavy Falling Rock.” He looked at Derlur, “Best of luck, whatever you’re doing. If we see you again, don’t expect a hug. You’re officially weak scum. Unofficially,” Hikiti handed over a comm crystal, “you may not be the most trustworthy olgog, but you did protect Tusk and me. If you need something, drop me a line. Can’t make any promises…”

Shirley nodded in approval.


Derlur wasn’t supposed to feel pain. Not like other beings. But BOY did that “playful” punch by Shirley hurt. He kept his facade looking cool, because that’s how he was. But he was SO not cool.

He was really touched by Hikiti’s earnest gift. He had a way back, in case he needed it. He’d hate to have to lie to Hikiti if he ever did come back with it.

“I’ll let you know.” He looked at Hikiti and Tusk, “You two take care of each other. You’ll make mighty fine leaders one day.” Barring nothing else, he began to walk away.

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Tusk finally spoke up.

“Derlur, before you go. How’d you know the one called the Usurper?”


Derlur turned around. Time for another lie. Except, this time he actually felt bad about it. What was he going to do?

“I didn’t know him. Heck, I never met him. But I know enough about the MagMagGor to know that the Usurper was his demon prince. And how to recognize him. I don’t know the Usurper’s full plan, other than it went wrong, but that’s why I have to follow that KaGorna. I gotta know how it unfolds.”

That was easy enough. Derlur liked this part.


Hikiti was confused. “But then why did you not say so during the planning meeting in Unen?”

This was it, the big question he had.


Delur sighed. He knew this moment would come. How does he explain this one away? Especially when they were being so nice. Father never said this was easy.

“I don’t have a good reason, other than it slipped my mind. I’m not used to being outside my own kind. Even after spending so much time with the Great Northern Army, I can’t unlearn years and years of wandering alone.” He shrugged, looking a little sad, and not knowing what else to say.


[Dark Refuge post 2220]
Derlur traveled the world, and learned of the death of Warmonger.

Returning to the western coast he learned that the Colony General was dead, and chaos threatened to engulf both the Colonies and the Provisional Colonies.

Then he learned that Yildor Roren was running for Colony General. Yildor Roren was an infamous enemy of his beloved father, and their family feud went back to the dark alleys of Dumbar. Derlur reached out to other members of his family, knowing he might have to even use his allies in the gang of Uf Mag’og to turn back Yildor Roren if that human monster won that high office.