Auf'gors visit to New Holys


As Auf’gors had been roaming the goblin lands he came upon a amusing rumor of a new town being built near the tomb of Holys. He decide he should go see how much of it was true.

After a week or so of traveling he came to n amazing sight of a while new city being built. And apparently everyone was welcome. This amused him cause with the last city most people avoided it.

As he strolled through seeing what work had been accomplished he heard what sounded like an anger mob protesting. This peeked his curiosity so he had to investigate. It was a group of Gog’s saying that these people had no right to the land and should be building a city. Some group calling themselves “The Nine” had told them so.


He listened to the mob for quite some time before making a decision on the best way to proceed. They had some arguments that were relatively sound.

Firstly that these people had no official claim to the land. Second that this had been a Nightmare Lord world so mist Kias didn’t really have a reason to be here. Most.

After about an hour of listening to the protesters he decided he should do something about the whole affair. Looking around for a guard he asked where he could speak to whoever was in charge.

After thanking the guard for his directions he set off still amused by the city in the works. With no great trouble he found the building that the guard had indicated. This was a well planned settlement. Upon entering the building he requested a meeting with the man in charge. Then sat down to wait


An Ol’gog entered the room and looked at the ol’gog sitting in the waiting area. Walking over he nodded at the scuffy looking ol’gog, “Greetings, my name is Saur’zon. I am the Assistant Administer for Refugee Affairs. If you would come with me, we can see what i can do to help you today.”

He then leads the new comer into a small office. Sitting behind a desk, he indicates a chair for the ol’gog to sit. “Now that we are settled, How can I help you?”


Smiling at the Gog’s he started. “I hear you seem to be having alittle trouble with these people calling themselves the nine. I’m confident that I could be of some assistance in shutting hem up.” He looked the Gog’s up and down waiting for a reaction.


“while, there have been some incidents with olgogs claiming to follow the so-called ‘Nine’, we have not seen any of the actuall Nine in person. Those claiming to follow the Nine are claiming that neither The Peace of Falos or any followers of K’ias have the right to build or administer communities here.”

“As long as they are peaceful in their protests, Lord L’gani the primary Administrator for the settlement is willing to let them have their rallies. Any help you might be able to offer would have to be able to settle things peacefully or it might be met with resistance.”


With a large sigh Auf’gors replied. “Peacefully. Oh yeah I can do peaceful. All I need is to get something from my room out on the island.” Stretching and looking around he added “love what you guys have done with the place by the way.”


When the visitor mentioned the island Saur’zon nods and says “Ah the island, let me call in someone to discuss that with you. I have no authority to grant access.”

Pulling a comm crystal from under the desk, he holds it up , “would you fellows come in here?” Looking at the visitor, we have people waiting in case of problems."

A moment later, two olgogs enter the room. Saur’zon introduces them as Urgg and Lok’rashid. “these gentlegogs will be handling things from here.” he then stands up and proceeds to exit the room.

Urgg stands by the door, while Lok’rashid sits behind the desk. Looking at the visitor, “Now you have asked about accessing the island, can you explain why you need access?”


“Well that’s one step up the ladder” Auf’gor shakes his head.
“Asking is just the polite thing to do. I mean I am the “only” one with an actual right to be here”
As he finish his sentence he is covered by a silvery shimmer as he changes to his natural form.

A lithe body topped with a masked head. The mask a skull with a spiderweb crack pattern on the right side.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Synne child of Holys”