Wintermute initiates a discussion with the Itashi Alliance and Fort Lendill


Captain Sharon Valens (earther, Alive) of the Blight Guard requested a meeting with the local diplomats of the Itashi Alliance and Fort Lendill, sending a message to both.

"Greetings, I am Captain Sharon Valens of the Wintermute Blight Guard I request a meeting to discuss matters of growing import. The former Peacelord Boriel Itash has expanded his strength with new subordinate Peace Lords and has started to become more active. He represents a clear and present danger to the Itashi Alliance and other nations. I believe that we need to figure out a way to stem his growing ambition before he become a true threat. Please meet with me to discuss this issue and through your wisdom we can hopefully find a solution to this growing problem.


Captain Sharon Valens was very angry at the lack of response from the rest of the alliance. Her warning were ignored and now Borial Itash was marching with a massive army against the Itashi Alliance. Something must be done immediately. She sends additional messengers to the entire leadership of the Itashi Alliance demanding a meeting to discuss the threat of the invading army.


A baribur woman in light green hi collared robes followed by a down trodden looking earthers man in a grey jumpsuit with a metal collar around his neck carrying a black leather case entered the meeting. “I am sorry for the delay in response. I am ambassador fal’con of Fort Lendill. My associate wished to speak with you.” She motioned to the man.
The man stepped forward and spoke in an even voice which threatened to break into “I apologize deeply for losing the misive you sent. As a token of my apologies please accept this magicannon I artifice for you.”

He opened the case. Inside was a chrome pistol with swirling metal leaves around s central purple crystal.

He looked to the captain with begging eyes, “Please don’t request my execution.”


A baribur woman in light green robes followed by a down trodden man in a light grey jump suit with metal collar on his neck carrying a black leather case entered the meeting.

“I am sorry for the delay. I am ambassador Fal’cyon of Fort Lendill.” She motioned to the man, my associate would like to speak to you.

The man’s pleading eyes could barely make eye contact, his voice even but on the verge of breaking into complete terror, “I am sorry I lost your message and failed to notify my superiors of my failure to respond. Please accept this vortex cannon as a gift to show my apology.” He opened the case inside and inside was a pistol. The body consisted of chrome metal leaves swirling around a smoky blue crystal in the center. “Please don’t request my execution.” He pleaded.

Fal’cyon nodded smugly, “He will be thoroughly disciplined.” She motioned toward Boriel’s kingdom. “Fort Lendill feels as long as Boriel Itash continues fighting internally and against the ice wyrms his threat will be contained. We only need Grim to inflict heavy casualties on the upstarts, whether he wins or loses does not affect our projections.”


Captain Valens nodded and thanked the man as she took the vortex cannon then frowned at Fal’cyon “Perhaps you haven’t heard the latest news then, the internal fighting has ended within Borial’s kingdom. He has united his Peacelords and has begun marching west with over a hundred thousand Peacebringers. They are approaching the Kasanthian boarder and if they can convince the Kasanthians to let them through they will reach Fort Lendil. They plan on trying to convince each nation of the Itashi Alliance to either remain neutral in their invasion or join them. This threat must be taken seriously or else we will find ourselves suddenly in the middle of a civil war.”


The Ambassador was taken a back, “I am sorry let me check in with Fort Lendill.” She turned away pulled out a technological device built around a comm crystal. After a curt greeting Captain saw her wings droop she turned back looking shell shocked, “I’m sorry my information was not up to date…” she pushed a small yellow button on the side and the air above the comm crystal shimmered and into a hologram of an earther woman, she seemed stern and disciplined, her hair cut to just past her ears.

The hologram looked to the captain, “I am Majoris Wren, I have been assigned as the military attache for Wintermute. Firstly Fort Lendill extends its apologies, we believed we had the situation under control. Secondly Prince Lief wishes me to relay the he would space lift the city into orbit before signing on with Boriel Itash, if Wintermute feels the same then we will happily help contain the threat.”


Captain Valens frowned "Lord Hassan has little interest in joining Borial Itash, however there has been a sizable amount of the nobility within Wintermute that has become very dissatisfied with the Alliance. Korpu has constantly funded raids and mercenary actions against Wintermute and the Itashi Alliance has done nothing in response. The idea of striking back and possibility removing Korpu from the equation would be very tempting to many if Borial offered such a deal. If Lord Hassan took a hard line stance against Borial and suddenly had to deal with both an invasion from the Itashi Peacebringers from one side and Korpu from the other we might just have an internal problem as well. Loyalty is great, except when our city is burning to the ground, practicality wins out in that scenario.

We must have assurances from the other members of the Alliance that we will be backed up during a war. I mean no offense, but during the last war when we marched against Itash attempting to aid Lord Calphas, we suffered greatly when Fort Lendil withdrew their army instead of aiding us, allowing Korpu to damage us severely.
Many are worried that when push comes to shove most will simply declare neutrality and we will suddenly find ourselves alone surrounded by enemies. If we can get enough of the member nations to openly declaring to fight against the invasion we shall as well. We will fight side by side with our allies, but if they aren’t willing to fight then why should we?

Our nation is ruled by practicality, if enough member nations choose to fight we shall fight too. If they refuse then we will join the winning side, I and Lord Hassan would prefer to stay within the Itashi Alliance as we do not trust Borial Itash but faced with an invasion from two sides, we will chose the option that not only allows us to survive but flourish.
I believe that Prince Lief doesn’t wish to serve Borial either, but unless he chooses to mobilize his armies, and hopefully convince other nations to mobilize theirs, we will have little choice."


Captain Valens listens to her com crystal for a while and then turns back to ambassador Fal’cyon, your silence aside, I have just been informed that Kasanth has declared its neutrality in the coming conflict. We will soon have a large army of well motivated Peacebringers arriving in Itashi Alliance territory. We need the Alliance to be united in its efforts. Against all of us Borial Itash won’t stand a chance, however if we fracture from within then we will just march to our doom. Lord Hassan and the Council want assurances that more members of the Alliance will stand together."


In Yildor winning timeline
Fal’cyon sighed, “Seems the Kasanthians are as useful as ever. We expected them to at least harass Boriel’s forces. This changes the math significantly. Fort Lendill will be accepting Boriel’s nonaggression pact. If you wish to fight Boriel you will do so alone, however we know Korpu is securing a similar pact. Perhaps his brutality will be the spark that leads the citizens of the Itashi Alliance to innovate and finally find a way to end their famine.”

In all other timelines
Fal’cyon sighed, "Seems the Kasanthians are as useful as ever. It was expected they would roll over. If you wish to fight them then FT Lendill troops will aid the defense. Hopefully defeating Boriel will end the simmering conflict so the Itashi Alliance can focus on innovating and ending their famine.


The Door to the chamber opened and a small kumfei dressed in the official diplomatic dress of the I’tashi Alliance leadership.

He walked in and handed a proclamation to all those present.

Then he took a position so he could be seen by all and began to read it.

"By word and deed, Elijah Morte claimed rights as Grand Magi of the Northern Kingdoms.
He is busy with running the ship of state. But he knows the treasonous Boriel has been attempting to create a coup or create chaos or create distrust of Elijah Morte’s government.

As a result, it has been declared that all nations of the I’tashi Alliance must remain Neutral in the coming fight. Let safe passage be granted to Boriel’s army so that the false forces of Boriel and the True and Goodly Forces of Elijah Morte might meet in battle.

Elijah Morte has selected the location of this battle. As the Grand Magi of I’tash’s greatest goal was once preventing Warmonger from arriving through the DeathGate at the Ruins of Morgoth, let the battle take place there.

The radiation of the terrain will sicken any who wander from the battlefield towards the Ruins which will keep the DeathGate safe.

As all sides know the Ruins of Morgoth have been under Unity occupation since the end of the Border Wars. They will fire equally on both sides.

Let the winner claim both victory over the battlefield and victory over the Ruins of Morgoth. Elijah Morte and his personal armies and Boriel I’tash and his personal armies. All other nations from Korpu to Wintermute, from Fort Lendill to Beacon City, from Borvis to Tal Hanon, are to remain neutral. Let no armies march from those nations and any heroes who personally wish to stand with Elijah Morte or with Boriel may do so without fearing punishment from the I’tashi Alliance government.

On the date of the New Year 2221AR, let the battle begin on the fields south of the Ruins of Morgoth."

The Kumfei made to leave after making the proclimation, but both Fal’cyon and Valens were surprised Elijah Morte would make such a proclamation and not meet with the Alliance nations first. They demanded he explain but the Kumfei seemed quite frightened.

“My lords I am not allowed to say any more. Grand Magi Elijah Morte was very clear, he made it clear I was not to mention of discuss the Sylvan Warleochs or the Siurcut’n Keyaba.”

Both the Wintermute and Fort Lendill Diplomats immediately began to worry, would Elijah Morte so fear Boriel’s loyalists that he would call the ancient Sylvan to the planet.

The kumfei left them saying, “I am sorry, I should not have said anything.”


Captain Sharon Valens spat on the ground in disgust, “We are being ordered to remain neutral? Does the Grand Magi view us all as prizes to be won or lost at his discretion? The people of Wintermute fought long and hard to create our nation and faced destruction multiple times. Wintermute will not stand idle while others decide our fate. If Lord Morte thinks he can just deny us the ability to choose our fate then perhaps he needs to learn a lesson of what happens when you take your allies for granted. I suggest he comes up with a new suggestion that doesn’t treat every other nation in the alliance like a prize going to the winner of his personal war.”


Into the room walked Sarrick St.Johns. The peacelord looked annoyed.

"Aye you heard as I did that the Grand Magi told us to be neurtal? That sour look tells me it sits as ill at ease with you as it does with many of the PeaceLords that won their lands by force of arms.

Some of the Peacelords talk and it is not kind talk. The only who seem to like it are the PeaceLords supporting Boriel, the ones who do think the Northern Kingdoms is just a bauble to be won."


Captain Valens takes out a com crystal and spends a hour or so speaking to his superiors in Wintermute. When he returns he listens and then nodds at Sarrick St.Johns, "Lord Hassan has expressed a sizable distaste for the current arrangement. The Northern Kingdoms are vast why place everything into a single battle unless Lord Morte is convinced that enough of the nations will join Borial to tip the scales in a conventional war. It would take a long time to invade and conquer so many nations for Borial to win in a short period of time. Plus with the famine the various nations are experiencing, Borial would have a difficult time foraging for food if each nation locks away the majority of their supplies in their most fortified areas. Armies eat a lot…well (Vales winks) most armies eat a lot. A war of attrition would favor the Alliance more then Borial, unless of course enough of the Allies defect.

Lord Hassan favors a united resistance against Borial over a winner take all single battle. Unless Lord Morte has a secret plan that guarantees victory that he refuses to talk about, a winner take all situation favors Borial more then us."


Lady Fal’cyon looked perplexed, “Elijah Morte wants two of his heavy hitters to sit the war out? I understand you say there will be a final battle but is his plan actually to peacefully turn over the throne?”


The ambassador heard a chime from his pocket and excused himself. When he returned he stuffed a comm crystal into his pocket, “I have an update. The Grand High Magi hopes to avert war. He hopes to broker a deal in which the Sylvan Empress and possibly Boriel and his forces help to retake the Ruins of Morgoth. If this occurs and the ambient radiation can be dealt with he will require all northern kingdoms take a shift defending the ruins and the Death Gate. He needs to know if your kingdoms would reject this duty?”


Captain Valens gave the ambassador a minor glare, "How exactly does the Grand Magi plan to convince the invading army to not only stop their attack but to join with him to cleanse the Ruins? I still don’t see how a war can be avoided. If a war breaks out and you lose, why would all of the nations in the Alliance simply accept Borial as the new Grand Magi, and if the Grand Magi wins why would Borial’s population accept him? This whole situation seems fishy to me.

However to answer your question, if the Grand Magi can avert a war and the Ruins are cleared of radiation then Wintermute would be willing to send a detachment to help defend it.