UtR - Planning thread for Saving Simonsburg


Auf Lalder sends out a message “We must deal with the this false God. We must save simonsburg. I’m told it is really a powerful demon. The Ka gor’na have offered to help but I’m sure this comes with consquences even though they say there are none. Let us plan our response to destroy this thing.”


Urik’s reply message,

“Happy to help but really we pretty much just shoot things. I have this feeling that won’t accomplish much against a powerful demon. I guess we could help evacuate people or make a perimeter. Maybe take some shots to distract it?”


Yagogi’al the Og’abs reply,

“With Urog and his Gang involved, you will have the support of my gor’abs. Have we received a formal stance of Kolgol’s position? How can we be certain that we are dealing with a demonic entity, I do not know what to make of things with the Ka Gor’na’s involvement. If it is truly a demonic threat, we ask if you have seen the presence of Malif the Warbird recently?”


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A message returned with an unmarked messenger

“Please set up a tent a good distance from the city. Me and my warriors will work on clearing civilians. Once everyone is safe we will work on the plan mentioned by Tla’Hob. We could use some help in judging the amount of leyas needed to not destroy the city but if you are unable to help us with that it is understandable and we will do our best.


Lalder says responds to the messenger “As this is a difficult manor, your presence and visible actions and public statements denouncing this demon as not your god is needed. There is more than I you need to satisfy and many less trusting than I. I will relay your message, but I doubt this will satisfy most that you are not involved in this. I urge you to show publicly this so we can avoid any conflicts that distrust will bring. Please show everyone in a way that can leave no doubt where you stand on this.”

Lalder to the rest of the group will have the message relayed and what his response was.


Allowing everyone to here from this point on:
To Yagogi’al Lalder says “What is this warbird you talk of? I do not know.”

Then to Urik “If I give you the grave dust we got from the dead of GulTor’Uf, can you use it in your ammunition to help take down this demon? If you can, consider it yours. I don’t use bullet guns much in my tribe.”

Continuing on to all in general present after the messenger leaves "I do not know what to make of Kolgol’s position. It seems as he’s dodging direct commitment. I did not like seeing a messenger instead of one of their elders. I think we should be ready for this god to actual be the being they worship, just in case. This possibility makes me very sad to even have to consider, but I have been fooled by gogs pretending to help me in the past and will not be unprepared again.

As for the Ka’gor’na, I do not know. Right now I think they are trying to get into everyone’s good graces. So they are being helpful to improve their image. I believe they would have blocked the flamewinds had I asked them to. But that would have left us dependent on them.

I think the risk there comes later when they bring up the larva. Or when their enemies see us being allied or friendly with them and then their enemies come down on us. So I don’t know if I want to ask for the help unless its really needed."


“Oh yeah the grave dust. Yes, that will probably hurt it. Ok we have some to but if you still want to give us yours we can make more rounds. We can add it to our sniper rifle ammo we can probably do the most damage that way.”


Lalder says to Urik"The grave dust is yours them. Also, Let me put one of my gogs with you with a commcrystal so we can work together."
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Lalder continues "As a tatic for dealing with the Statue’s followers, I think we might summon some Air elementals that can knock out (sufficate), the gogs around it, and then have another summon or gogs take them out of the area. This should clear the way for the snipers to take their shots. As all of the followers will fall down.

Also once the area around the statue is cleared, we could strike it with weapons from the Fighters or destroyer. And if that demon takes flight, we will shoot it down with lasers and sticky mines. One of those should work.

I will commuinicate our plan to Urog to work together with them.

any other ideas?"

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Yagogi’al the Og’ab stroked the fur of his chin into place and states, "We will definitely need to be there for one another, but I fear that Kolgol’s silence has shown the betrayal of our UtR ally. We may have to be on watch for any attack, or sabotage towards our attempt to protect Simonsburg. I do not fully know what to make of the Ka’ Gor’na, is the ally of the Quall truly friend or foe? As i understand thing, the followers are there only for the protection of their families, and for this reason should not be harmed. We must have a non violent solution to get them out of there whether using some sort of ploy to remove them from the situation or simply walling them up.

I made note of the creature known as Maliff the Warbird (check the Karovian war missions and the mission results to see what I am talking about), because that was the demonic entity flying over keeping patrol and killing off anyone that walked the surface during the Unit 7756 occupation of Karov. If the statue does have demonic ties, I will have my tribe backing up Urog, and evacuating the area while I make an attack with the sword of Mag Buskt. That should take care of any demonic threat."


Vektor shrugged. "What if it’s not a demon? “. He then continued " We’ll try to evacuate during the battle. Let’s not try to destroy the town. Also, what of the Ka Rhug??”

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Lalder says “Yagog’ial, I leave the death strike on the demon to you. We will put down some shots from the Fighters once the followers are removed. Also we will keep scouting the area with fighters as they await the go to attack. I recommend everyone leave a piece of themselves for resurrection somewhere to avoid final death. Urik, Keep your snipers especially hidden and at range. That way they can be a hidden attack that the demon might not sense.”

To Vektor Lalder says "I’m trusting so I don’t know what to make of Ka Rhug’s actions, but the messenger instead of someone showing up didn’t make me feel good. He hasn’t done the mass denial of the demon. The denials have only been from a messenger or to a small group. I would say if we see any Balgogs we will know his answer. They are fire based and won’t be of much use against a fire demon.

So with that said, I’m planning as if it is their god and that we will be betrayed and hoping that I’m wrong. I’ve been betrayed and surprised by what I thought was an ally once before. It won’t happen again without being prepared. I recommend everyone do the same. "


Vektor nodded. He knew he needed to tell his allies the basic plan for what Urog had in mind, but he couldn’t say everything, just in case. Not being able to trust allies was … counterproductive. However, at least Lalder clued him on what type of creature the Ka Rhug would call upon. Balgogs… fire spirits. Against a fire god. Vektor stored that little piece of information for later.

“We’ll be on crowd control. We’ll handle the townsfolk. We’ll push them around, herd them, We’ll also take care of environmental threats. We’ll add tor’or and create healing stations around town for those injured. Just make sure your folk can be revived should they fall against the false god. And tell Ka Rhug to leave the balgog at home and come up with a better idea… besides, how many Balgog were they planning to bring to Simonsburg?”


Lalder says "I do not know the exact number of Balgogs he has access to. Normally Ol’lur and Kolgol deploy the Balgogs together. But the Auf has not been very active lately. I would assume he can produce 20 of them. But I have little do do with the Balgogs myself. Remember that they are Basicly Earth Golems controled by fire spirits. So Earth Leyas does work against them as well. But thats where my knowledge of them stops.

I will send a messenger to tell them that."

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