UTR: Diplomatic requests


Babi Yaal requested the Council meet to discuss a pair of requests.

“First we have dis business with da Mag Deral. Da Bruskti enforcing da laws need to know, dey criminals? Dey representing da UTR? We don’t care? Hmm? Seems dis be a big ting.”

“Second da people of Unen need da help of da UTR. Da Church poison da water. Dark water seep from da wrecks of their ships. Can da UTR use da big airship to pull the wrecks from da water or pull dem out to sea where da only ting they poison is da Kuggor?”

He kept his statements short, better be up front and see what the UTR says.


Lalder responds "I cannot stay long, but I add to the request that the Bruskti retrieve these criminals for trial. I as a Council member approve what force is required. We cannot have Terrorism based or helped from the UtR.

If you need any resources, Gogs, Transport, let me know and I will supply what I can."

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Shirley walks in with a young Ur Rhug, tall and lanky. He begins, “My name is Tor’ab. The Great Northern Army does not approve of the Mag Der’al. Too much tor only serves the mag mag gor.”.

Before he could continue, Shirley butted in. “We think tha Earthers can help. So we’ll let um. If ya find anythin’ and ya wanna tell tha Earthers, we’ll let um know.”

She looked at the Bruskti. “We missed ya, welcome back. We can clean some tla, but yer gunna need more than a few artifacts to clean that much tla.”


Lalder Asks “FOr the UTR, how many Olgogs can we take from Lord Grimaldus. Do we take the full 1000 we have capacity for? Or something less? I know this doesn’t include what the GNA or GUTS have resources for.”


“We take as many as wanna come,” Shirley said.


As Yagogi’al the Og’ab had said, he was going to send a select group in search of the Kul’Gul Rapi family. Maggul was going to lead the party that consisted of Yayi the trumpeter, Bazman, Dargor’ab, and Sa’na Ol. Turns out they didn’t have very far to go being that Babi Yaal of the family had called a council meeting and they had made it just in time to hear what was being addressed.

Maggul, the Yagogi Council member wanted to respond to what was being brought up. He got right to the point, “Yagogi’al was direct that the attacks were terrible acts and we do not stand with them. He stated that the Yagogi would handle things f their own borders keeping up with the trends of the UtR. We will do all we can: checking our lands, corresponding with other members of the UtR and our great ally, Mag Buskt. One things we will not be doing is allowing the EEF into our territory to up-end the ways of the tribe.
As for the trouble in Unen, we will show up to assist. We could provide the equivalent of a small team of mak hoblok, of about four and a group of olgogolem to haul the wrecks from the waters. I believe this would be more than enough gogpower to take care of the job at hand.”


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Lalder says “We can provide levi stones to help float the wrecks up to get those ships of the water.”

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Babi Yaal listened to the talk about the EEF. He expected a great deal of discussion on the subject. After making his initial plea for aid he took his appointed spot at the end of the council. He had nothing to add about the subject, the council would hopefully come to a decision about the EEF’s ability to work in UTR lands.

He was also confused though, he had asked for the carrier, which to his knowledge was flying training flights, instead he was offered pack animals and levi stones. “We give our thanks for da offers of da mak hoblok and levi stones but why can’t we use da carrier to scoop up da wrecks? It take to big ship no time to do it all.”


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Lalder thought back to what was said… he was missing something. Thats right. Babi Yaal asked about the airship. Lalder continues "Sorry, I’ve been distracted lately with all that goes on. I almost need 2 of me.

We can start to move the Carrier this way. Some of its lifts might be be better suited than the carrier itself to have ropes tied to them to lift up the wrecks. But we can make it work, even if we have to stick a few extra levi crystals or levi stones into something. But you will have my help in removing the ship wrecks."

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Shirley looked around. Carrier? Since when did we have one of those? Exactly how much stuff did these other tribes have??

“Laldi-cakes and Babi Yaal, if you need our help, let us know. We can sen’ a couple of folk to ya to clean the tla or do anything else ya need us to.”

She looked to Yagagi’ob, “We a’ready spoke to ‘em. They came to us firs’, bein’ all close to us. Nex’ time, instea’ o’ comin’ to each of us sep’rately, we should be havin’ ‘em come to us as a council. Tha’s a problem we shud gets to talkin’ 'bout… and soon.”

She now addressed everyone else present, “Is der anythin’ else we need to be talkin’ about? Otherwise, I’m out. See ya next week.”

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Urog walks into the room. He’s not happy, keeping as calm as he can. He smoked some urya before, but its effects are thin.

“Greetings. I need to keep this short. This problem with the Earthers to the North must be resolved. And quickly. Travel between Simonsburg and the colonies to the North must resume. They ask for one representative. Of course, we must first resolve what we wish, our concerns, and how we’re going to address. To me, it is simple. They got what they wanted from me. Within reason, they came through Brez and together we cleared out the problem. Problem solved.”

He looked out to the rest of the council, waiting to see what his fellow council members were going to say.


Lalder says "I agree. I wish for the EEF to work with Bruskti forces throughout the UtR and eliminate the Terrorist organization.

Who should we send to them. I’m good with Urog, Myself or Babi Yaal. We need to be quick about this, but who ever is entrusted with this should have approval to send out the enforcers of the UtR to handle this throughout our lands.

Also with the time crunch, those who don’t vote are just abstaining. We need to make a decision quickly."


Urog piped up, “I wish to represent us. Any objections?”


Lalder smiled and said “I hoped you would.”


“Sounds fine to me,” Agreed Urik. “But, what exactly do you plan on saying to them?”


Urog nodded, “Thanks.”

He sighed, “I’m hoping on bartering for 3 things.” He puts up a finger, “Finding a better way to give them what they want without an army. What worked for me: by gang members working along side their loyal olgog.” He puts up a second finger, “Jump on the Stalker’s back - the Bruskti figured out a way to cooperate, and so did we in Brez. Since the Bruskti have special talents that we have put to use, put it to use.” He puts up a third and final finger, “A permanent solution to the Earther problem. No more misunderstandings and angry responses. Let some of the Earthers from the North stay in Simonsburg, they let some of our gog stay in Chooru. We talk more, learn more, and stop fighting so much. Don’t want more gor than we need. It won’t stop the Gang of the Rehsed cross from being gor, but it may stop the rest of them.”

Urog didn’t mention it, but if the EEF leaders had people in Simonsburg, the less likely the Gang of the Rehsed Cross would attack it… again. Plus, it was the type of thing that Mag Auf Yyanyi would say.

“That’s just me. We are in this together. What do you want me to do?”


Urik shrugged.
“I’m just worried about getting the boarder open and trade moving again. So don’t forget to mention that. They asked for a GUTS member to go to so I’ll have to contact the rest of GUTs and see who they want to send with you.”


Urog nodded, “Urik, we’re on the same stalker, working to kill the same pray.” He smiles, wondering if the Unenese pirate would understand the unity that they Brezan saying intended.

He looked around, “Anything else?”

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