UtR Diplomacy - Whether UtR joins the Provisional Colony


After hearing about the invitation to join the Provisional Colony as an independent state was good news. He would join it. But the question was, would the UtR. It was his preference to have as much of the UtR as well. But he would not force it.

He Sent out messengers for the leaders to meet in the UtR Council Champers.

Once people have arrived, Lalder will fill them in on the invitation and the events that lead to it.

Lalder First to Urog or who ever he sends “I do want to take the opportunity to join the Provisional Colony while keeping our independence. I can’t see an issue with this. This improved relation with the earthers is what we have been working on. Ending that conflict. What do you say?”

To others “If the Gangs of Uf Mag’og decide as well to join the Colonies, the whole of UtR will be invited as well. What does the council say?”

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Lalder says to those that come "Joining the colony will have many advantages and only a few disadvantages that I can think of.

Assuming the UtR joins, the EEF would be required to come to the defence of us. This will also help in preventing the Oners from attacking us because now they would be attacking another colony.

We have receiving many more Gogs than we can currently feed by ourselves when the huge amount of Olgogs joined us only weeks ago. This deal would give us access to additional trade and support than we would have on our own. Also with the additional protection of the EEF, we can concentrate more on Food and less on war.

THe downside I see is working with the EEF. We had trouble with this when the Mag Deral attacked the colonies. Since then we have already been working with them. So while this requires that, we have already been doing it.

Let me know your thoughts and votes."


“Well I say we take the offer.” Urik said when it looked like no one wanted to speak up first.
“It mostly benefits us from what I see. Though we will have to discuss a few things. It probably won’t matter as long as we’re provisional but if we become a full colony they’ll expect us to contribute to the EEF. Either troops or money so we should be ready for that.”


Lalder says “Thank you Urik. So we need Urog’s vote, and one others for the UtR to join.”


Hide nodded to Lalder. “I see eye to eye with you on this, you have Rhug’na’ru’s vote to join the colony.”