UtR - A Uniquely Krato Solution quick discussion


Auf Lalyan sends out messages fro an emergency meeting to decide stance and what unified message to send to the Elogans.

(OOC I only got back from a camping weekend after a long week. Since nothing has started on the mission, I would like Gang and Kul, and the others go with a more unified answer. If you could post quickly we can get the mission discussion going.)

The MEssage says “The Elogans are about to decide whether to let an army of Giants go through their lands to ours. We need to be united in our stance on this and make sure to offer them reasons why not to. I could like to offer help in dealing with the army that poses them threats. Please let me know your thoughts on this.”


“Well they want reasons not to let these people through. So let’s try to give them some. First question I’d ask is who are these giants and what do they really want? I know they claim they want to raid our lands. It if that’s all they want why ask permission in the first place? I’d ask what says they don’t mean to stay and that would leave the Elogons surrounded by a hostile force.”


Auf Lalyan says "Right now they may consider themselves already surrounded by enemies, though I do think we should note our recent ability to work together. I think we should note that one reason why they should not let them through is that they will gain enemies or at least aggression of all of the UtR and all their tribes. Though maybe not fully soundling like the threat it is.

As fort he Giants, Giants like to raid and kill Olgogs anytime they can. Maybe the Krato they know are already too much for them and they are just seeking to get to what they think are an easier target and wider open lands?


Vektor sighed. Another disaster waiting to happen.

“The giants must come through Brez first, which is largely GNA territory, and thus part of our council. We can let the Elogans know that Giants are considered our enemies and not allowed in our territory.”