Tor'Lallur thirsty and need water for pit


Lok’ab of Tor’Lallur speak other Gogs. Feral Lands have things, but need other things. Tla needed, much tla for drink, also to spread pit. Pit need Tla to grow like Gog need Tla.
Have wood, Lal, hides, and meat. Need Tla…and Maklal, believe need that too. Much Tla and some Maklal, will give things for that.
Tribe and pit must grow, give things for things to grow.

Lok’ab will wait for offer, but worry may have to go after, do not want to hurt, want to get nice like. Will you give nice like for our nice like?


Or’Lur tribe has the Tla you need and is looking for hides and or Maklal. Looking for fifteen of each for three month of Tla.


Lok’ab have hides, no Maklal. Give hides for Tla, need Tla, lots of Tla. Need for tribe and for pit, give yes. Will tear hide from Mak Hoblok and give you. We get Tla, glad you give nice, we give nice too. All give nice and grow tribe we grow and thrive through nice give.


The Tla must go in a good way. 30 hides for 3 month of Tla. Our youth can meet near the Dawn spear Aerie.


Lok’ab, can no have over hunt. Herds vital, how bout 25 hides for 3 months of Tla. Need make sure that herds last.


Or’Lur can live with that


Lok’ab glad with nice give and nice take. Soon Pit grow and tribe too. Tor’Lallur thirst no longer, happy. Meet near Arie of Dawn Spear with Hides to give for Tla.