Tla for all


“No gog should die of da thirst.” Mag’oz said to whom ever would listen. “This be da teaching of da Auf Ur’Sa. This be a teaching da family take to heart.” He would be standing on a barrel with vampyrs around him to guard him. He opened the barrel and smelled the cool fresh water inside. “This be a ting all gog should have.”

He kicked the barrel over letting the precious water pour out. He picked it up, put the lid back on, “Why Ol’ Mag’oz do dat? You wonder. He must lose it you say.” Magoz opened the barrel again and it was full of fresh water. “I show you. Water, it be precious but like the most precious things, family, love, it be a ting to be shared.”

“I have 16 barrels that remain full of Tla. A single barrel can quench a tribes thirst. That mean 16 tribes never go thirsty again this week.”

He paused, “Tell all da tribes this. The first 16 tribes dat need tla and ask da family for it get a barrel. No trade, we goblins if we force tribes to trade for life.”



Young Lok’tor was being raised as the eventual successor to Lok’ab and needed to learn. This seemed like a simple way for him to get used to dealing with other Gog. He stared at the magically refilling barrel with awe. If they had magic tla barrel then who knows how much pit and tribe grow!

“Good magic tla barrel! It work for us? Pit is center of Ol, must grow. You nice give magic barrel to spread Tla?
What want back? Why give way magic tla barrel? You nice Gog? Or try to trick Lok’tor? Lok’tor not like be trick, like when small and Lok’ya put tla from body inside Lok’tor cup and say special tla. Bad taste, learn that body Tla not like normal tla, it yellow and not for drink. Your tla not yellow right? No trick right? Nice fresh tla?”


A large Brezan trader, unnamed, walks over to Mag’oz. “I’ll take one, and I’ll give you a gift back. It’s not a trade, because there are no terms… just a gift.”

He would then give the Bruskti two doses of Gortla after taking a barrel.


Mag’oz hefted one of the barrels, and passed it to the trader. The Brezzan didn’t identify himself but it mattered little. Soon water would be free for all. He accepted the Gortla hiding it in a pouch. A treat for later he thought to himself.

Mag’oz regarded the strange feral olgog before him. “I tink I know how to prove ya the tla be good.” He said. He opened one of the barrels took out a wooden cup. He dipped it into the barrel and drank deeply of the cool water inside. After he downed the cup he refilled it and passed it to Lok’tor. “Try it.” He said.


Two youths from Ka"Rhug approached Mag’oz. They seemed slightly timid, as was expected being that it was their first time outside of Tla’loc’al. The smaller of the two stepped forward and bowed.

“My name is Kalok’al and I have come to ask for one of these miracle barrels. We have a desperate need in Ka’Rhug for fresh water, and would thank you greatly for your aid. We have little in the way of currency, but I think we could set up an agreement of sorts.”


Makka’na of Ka Gor approached. She thanks Mag’oz profusely. This will bring life to the bleak ruins. With water of this quantity and quality her people might even begin growing food.

“As you give gift to us we of Ka Gor give gift to you.”

A beaded necklace made of teeth of the Dead who had fallen in battle would be given to Mag’oz.
Two teeth were gold, but five were genuine bone.


Lok’tor sipped the tla then smiled “This nice tla. Happy to take nice tla from nice gog. May pit accept you and make strong” Lok’tor bowed respectfully before taking the barrel and leaving.


The final 14 barrels will be split between 7 bruskti tribes and 7 villages near the families Coven.

Week 7 Mag’oz showed up in Brez and began handing out barrels to the communities there (20 barrels in all)


Week 10: the 10 barrels left from his work on week 8 would be given to the communities in Brez. If asked on his opinion on the vote he would note its not his place to say and they should go listen to the townsquare meeting and decide for themselves.


Week 11 Mag’oz was back in brez with 40 barrels to be handed out to various areas to try and establish localized water sources for all of Brez.


Week 20: Mag’oz attempted to hit everywhere before the coming battles against Mag Daron and Mag Deral. 40 to Unenese villages which lack access to water, 40 to areas of brez which still lacked enough water, 20 to buried in areas of Karov which the ferals resided (hopefully instead of triggering fear the sudden flourishing springs will be taken advantage of by the ferals), and 40 to the feral lands buried as a series of oasis.


As a result of the actions of the Kul Gul Rapi

There is now Oasises spread out across the goblin lands.
Water is now available to all tribes and is no longer a scare resource.

All tribes now Owe a debt of Gratitude to Kul Gul Rapi.


OOC: Gultor’uf would probably find out about your good deeds from this (from working with the ferals i’m assuming) and would like to encourage. we would try and find something your tribe needs that we could help with. I don’t know if here is appropriate, but Narrator’s inbox is full and I can’t ask him in a pm


It is allowed and encouraged!


Mama Rapigog, Grimy Kobb, Mag’oz teamed up with Navigator Turin would head to the villages. They would have over 200 gogs worth of food for the week. They would also have 300 metal picks and shovels (Given by the Kiou for civil works projects).

Mama Rapigog would show the villages near the coven one of the two entrances to the flamewind proof barracks the sylvan constructed (Can house 100 comfortably, dunno what max occupancy is for standing room only) that entrance would be left unbarred, the other entrance leading from the coven would be barred on the covens side.

Mama Rapigog would offer the other elders necklaces of sustain (23 total to give away). She would explain to them how the necklace worked, noting it would help the general scarcity of food. Terramancers were rare on the beach, sadly she doubted many would be able to duplicate the ability.

They would work with the villages to set up underground shelters to protect the gogs of Unen from the flame winds. Mama Rapigog and Grimy Kobb would use their earth leyas to help make the job easier (Tunneling material, or turning stone to mud making it easier to shovel out) while the learned Turin and Mag’oz would use basic engineering to make sure the structures were stable and could survive the devastating disasters.

Unfortunately they were unsure how to protect the air vents from the flames they had 15x charms of protective aura (at 2-3 successes) which they would use to shield the airway from the flames until a better solution was created.