The UtR Council must decide where it will officially side (DR2220 Week 1+)


The UtR Council had pull with thousands of supporters across the Colonies. If they made a public statement in support of a specific candidate for Colony General that candidate may win broad support.

But the UtR had some very differing leadership with different needs. How will you convince them to throw in their support with you?

[This thread is open to all UtR member tribe leaders, and all Candidates for Colony General, and their direct campaign members (Scribe for Daron, Lucky Fate for Daron, Blackheart for Jeremiah, Ka Gor for Oliver etc). This is an important election thread.]


Lalder says “Anyone we support will need to address our security concerns and the provisional colonies gaining full status. I’m greatly concerned about the candidate that the Church of One is supporting.”


Urik looked skeptical. “I think you may be overestimating our impact. I mean do we even get to vote? I don’t think we do. Anyway pretty sure we don’t want Grimaldus in charge. I mean he isn’t bad for a semi reformed Oner but no thanks. And that Roren? No he would probably have full blown Church of one Crusades coming down here again. That guy is no good.”


Yildor Roren didn’t bother traveling down to the United Tribes. Instead he had a mekanoid sent. The flying robot projecting a hologram of Yildor to speak to the Olgog Council.

"Honored members of the Provisional Government of the Provisional Colony of the United Tribes of Refuge, spanning the Cities of Simonsburg, Brez, and Tla’loc’al Station and other settlements. I understand you wish my support in becoming a full fledged colony.

I wish to know WHAT YOU want to OFFER ME to ensure your territory remains a full and single colony. Some might suggest cutting up the UtR into the Colonies of Simonsburg, Greater Brez, and Tla’loc’al station and removing this entire council from power and disarming your military. NOT THAT I am suggesting that EXTREME measure… AT THIS TIME.

But you know, I’d like to know what you people are going to put on the table? You know, to make this all go smoothly for everybody?"

Many members were not surprised by the offensive tone of Yildor Roren. None of the UtR council members had considered their army being disbanded as a condition of nationhood. They knew the old Colony General would never have suggested such a mad thought before, and wondered what was the motivation of this candidate to suggest it.


Ser Resugent comes before the council, he bows respectfully. Facing the council members “Good day honorable council of the United Tribes of Der’al, I have come on behalf of Lord Grimaldus, Governor of the Provisional Colonies of Absolom and Hebron. May I have permission to address the council on behalf of my Cousin?”


Lalder nods respectfully and says “Please do Sir Resugent. I had hoped to hear from Lord Grimaldus. I gather this is about his run for the Colony General?”


Ser Resugent nodded towards Lalder "That is part of the reason for my visit, though I have been meaning to come here even before his decision to run. We have a complicated history, full of pain, anger, and oddly enough hope, and compassion. Despite our terrible past the United Tribes were there for us when we broke free from the Church’s lies, even when many of us were unworthy of your aid. I have worked hard to bring my people around to the truth that all species are created equal, I know that I still have much to do and to learn as well.

When my cousin informed me of his intention to run for Colony General I told him that the only way I would help him would be for him to declare a campaign of equality and inclusion. Our people may have come from earth but we are all natives of Refuge, we all need to be united and equal no matter where any of our ancestors came from. He agreed, and admitted to me that while he hasn’t come as far as I have, his path leads to the same destination. To be perfectly honest I don’t even truly know if Provisional Colonies have a vote in this election, and I don’t care. Lord Grimaldus doesn’t demand your vote, I won’t even ask you do give it to him. You must all do as your heart dictates and look to your best interest. If that lies with my cousin, or with another candidate I trust you will make the proper choice.

I am simply here to reaffirm our commitment to peace, our desire to become better people, and our willingness to change for the better. Lord Grimaldus is on his way to Ithamar to speak there along side the other candidates, his message there will hopefully mirror my commitment in these matters. I thank you for allowing me to speak to you this day and no matter the outcome of this election the Provisional Colonies of Absolom and Hebron will always be your friend and ally. I pray we prove ourselves worthy."


Shirley hated politics. After seeing the Earther technology speak to her, she hated it more. Then, the former Reshed crosser was trying to kiss her ass. It was enough to make her want to start beating on someone. At least he wasn’t demanding they bow down to him like the one called Yildor.

“‘ow you gonna beat tha’ one?” She makes a reflexive motion towards Yildor’s technological abomination.


Ser Resugent, turns to Shirley, smiles then touches the hilt of his sword, "Well, if you specifically mean the robot, I think I can smash it simply enough, while I am getting on in years I think I can handle a messenger robot.

Seriously though, it is rather obvious that Candidate Roren has a very specific audience he appeals to. Generally Warmongers and bigots, sadly these aren’t so few in number. Our plan is to appeal to those who are tired of war, tired of wasteful conflict. How many wars have ravaged this world in the last decade or so? From here in the southern lands, to the Northern Kingdoms, to beyond the stars as well. This world has known the horrors of war that even the healing powers of the leyas cannot fix. Yes we have the power to bring soldiers back from the dead to send them back into the fight but what does this do to the mind and heart of the soldier? He is now a disposable tool that can be sent back into horrific war again and again, I guarantee you that there are EEF soldiers have fought and died in multiple wars and are being prepared to be sent into more as we speak. How many of your own tribesmen and women have died fighting in wars?
Perhaps some battles were justified and necessary, my cousin fought against your tribe on multiple occasions, while your tribe preformed very well against our forces there were usually some deaths, how many were brought back to life only to die again? Your people won your freedom through sacrifice but then were forced to fight other conflicts which took their toll. They fought against other Gangs, tribes, Mirror Universe armies, Warmonger Cultists, Demons. They fought bravely and skillfully but many still died, only to be brought back to fight again."

Resugent made a gesture to signify everyone in the room “I am not guaranteeing that Candidate Grimaldus can stop all wars, sadly in the future there will be reasons to fight. What he is offering is unity, having all species within the colonies stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. Learn from each other, learn their cultures, their interests, their strategies. Why did my cousin’s tactics fail to stop the Olgog tribes from gaining their freedom? Because the Church of One preached a culture of isolation. They condemned everything that was different and refused to learn from other cultures. Their bigotry and hatred caused them to view everyone else as animals and monsters unworthy of teaching us anything. Candidate Roren is the result of such policies, he doesn’t want to learn from you, he wants to use you for resources and military power. He doesn’t care to learn from you or share his own resources.
Candidate Grimaldus was forced to learn, I showed him the truth of the Church. Then he made his own decision on how to move forward, to leave his bloodstained past and start anew. You know that he has fought many battles and has learned to respect the Olgogs. He now realizes that the only hope for this world is to unite all species and by standing together then we can insure the peace of the planet. That is how we will defeat Roren, by bringing different cultures together we can overcome the bigotry of the minority.”

Resugent paused for a moment then chuckles “My, I am getting very long winded in my old age, perhaps that is why my cousin asked me to help talk for him.”