The Tents of the Falling Star Homeforge


In Unen, Brez, Karov and Tla’loc’al tents have been set up for the K’iou of the Falling Star to barter for needed items. They have quite a few different specialty items.

They also have a few specific K’iou made items in all stores.

K’iou Hunting Crossbow: 7 Missile dmg

K’iou Shovel-axe: 5 (Half A.R.) Melee dmg, Lowers S.A.R. by 2 pts, Requires two hands to use. Can be used as a Bludgeon.

K’iou Miner Helm: +2 A.R. vs Melee dmg, Takes half dmg on called shots to the head.

K’iou Forging Gloves: Fireproof gloves. Cannot be damaged by chill metal or melt metal to a weapon held in the hands.

K’iou Hair rope: incredibly strong, fireproof rope, that can conduct electricity without burning up. A long coil of rope (Narrator discretion on uses in live games)

Each stand is run by a handsome and stocky K’iou Maiden.

Unen: Maira the Lesser
Tla’loc’al: Orunah
Karov: Ryn Nya
Brez: Aori Steel Smile.

They will only trade for Animal Hides, Gold, Zela metal, Live Animals, and Artifacts. They have no need of bone, stone, wood, food or water at the moment.


Ferrou, a female copper-haired the K’iou, entered the tent of Aori Steel Smile in Brez. “Greetings Aori Steel Smile of the Falling Star Home Forge. I’m going to cut it short because I have no patience to make this long. I have information about a plot to infiltrate the Home Forge. What are you willing to trade for it?”


Aori was enjoying the warm Brezan morning and gave a quizzical look at this Kiou that approached her stall.
“I am just a simple trader, not involved with security of the Homeforge.
I am also deeply offended by any Kiou who knows of a threat to the Homeforge and wouldnt simply share it with us as a member of the Children of the Falosini.”

Aori looked over at her stall and said, “I have no bribe for your information. But if you were to provide information that could avert an attack by our enemies I could reward you with one of each item from my stall.”

She picked up a commcrystal and spoke into it explaining the situation as it stood then she held if forward for Ferrou to speak into.


Ferrou smiled, and whispered into Aori’s ear before talking into the comm crystal, “No need to be offended, I was going to ask a favor to make me look good in front of the olgog… you can keep your warez.”

Speaking into the commcrystal, “Ok, so what we have is a plot to infiltrate the home forge by a no longer serving Warmonger’s Dead. For what purpose, who knows, but I know they’re hiring mercs to map the territory. What I wanted to do is figure out what they want, problem is they won’t tell us until we have maps. So it was my thought that your security forces allow certain olgog into the forge, show 'em around, confuse them, let them map everything wrong. And when they try an actual infiltration, we can nab 'em and see what they’re really up to. But that’s just my plan. It’s really up to you all what you want to do… just let me know how I can help.”


The voice on the other end of the commcrystal replied, “How will we know which Olgogs are these hired mercs and which are a genuine threat?
We can prepare a fair amount of changes to our tunnel now that we know of the threat. Put Aori back on.”

More whispering back and forth between Aori and the voice on the commcrystal. Then she held it back out and the voice continued, “Preparations are in place for this infiltraition and mapping of our secure holdings. They will suspect nothing out of the ordinary.
When the infiltraition is finished use the artificed flare crystal that Aori will provide you to signal all infiltraitors have left.”

Aori passed Ferrou a small green and yellow crystal that glowed with light and fire leyas.


Ferrou nodded to Aori. “Thank you.” She took the crystal. “And my favor, so that you can think about it, is that I will soon be coming to you with an offer for a trade. I want to negotiate the trade, just you and I. Afterwards, when I bring the olgog afterwards, all I want to do is look like I negotiated a great deal between us. We’ll fight, we argue, we’ll make a big show, and at the end of the day, I get a fair trade. I just want to make it seem to the olgog that me and my friends are indispensible. No need for answer now, but when I return this crystal, we can talk about it.”

She winked at her fellow K’iou, and without waiting for a response, hid the crystal in her robes and walked out of the tent, looking satisfied.


Vayde Greneller got off the skiff as it landed near the edge of Tla’loc’al thanking Lurtor for the ride.
He said, “I appreciate what you told me about my da. He was a good man. He will be missed.”

“They might still find a cure for the Reavers…a way to turn them back,” said Lurtor, “Don’t give up hope yet.”

“This past week digging back out from the collapse in the merchant district gave me the time I needed to grieve. The airskimmer mine carts you described, how soon could you start delivery of them. I’d have to work everything out with Orunah but we could provide you our usual supplies but we would need to work out how quantities of how many of each item for each airskimmer.”


Lurtor thought for a moment, he wasn’t sure of the value exchange but the K’iou did have some things that they needed.

Lurtor says "We can start producing the mining carts this week. We only need to decide on the dimensions and weight they can lift. With that, based on the Civ Skimmer I showed you, we should be able to build about 3 to 4 a week. Depending on need we could build them faster too, by assigning more gogs to work on it. How many do you want and how quickly?

For the trade cost. We could use some of the Gloves, Helms, and the K’iou Hair rope, and will take some of them as payment. But I was wondering if we could get some Zela that would be enough for a few swords. Also we do have use for metal. Though few of us can shape it, we do have some ability there."

(OOC I’m not sure what the value is. The metal is to take the need off the alchemist to create the metal I have been using. Also wouldn’t be bad to have more material to build shelters and buildings with. Lalder can shape metal, and I’ll have him artifice the ability soon for the Olgog smith.)


Vayde Greneller started to laugh, then realized the Olgog wasn’t joking and quickly apologized.

"You seriously want large quantities of Zela metal? That might be possible, but not for artifacts we could trade the Aerie for…
Zela is rare, and we have one of the few active mines on Refuge.
Unless you want to try and deal with the Delabans up in the Earther Colonies, you simply aren’t going to find Zela as pure on the market as what the Falling Star mines.

BUT most of the Zela metal gets earmarked for shipment to the Falosini Army, or to the WarCouncil of S’vana for use by other communities of the Children of the Falosini.

Zela is worth more than gold or platinum. I don’t know if your tribe really has anything I could turn a profit on for the risk in shipping out the Zela to a non-approved client.

Now if you want to set up a steady trade 4 Skimmers for 40 Long Ropes, 10 gloves and 20 helms, we can definitely do some business on that?"


Babi Yaal showed up to the Maira the Lesser.
“Greetings and the salutations.” He said tipping his hat to the Kiou. “Da Bruskti are looking for a special project, maybe you help.” He said hopefully.

“Da ting we need is 5 sections of da mighty rope with hooks on da ends and down the section.” He said holding out his arms to show how long the hooked sections needed to be. "And one last ting, da middle needs to be wrapped and secured with a ting to prevent it from conducting electricity to da holder.

“Dis a ting we can do?” He asked, “I have artifacts to trade for 5 of these tings. Lets talk price.”

(OOC: Babi Yaal will offer through bartering any combination of, hopefully as diplomat for the tribe he is proficient enough at bartering to not get cleaned out:
1x piercing of insect leap
18x studs of animal sight
15x painted rock charms of protective aura
20x kolgul bone necklaces of ice shield
20x yaal woven bandanas of easy breathing))


Lurtor says "Sounds good. 4 Skimmers for 40 Long Ropes, 10 gloves and 20 helms. We will deliver those weekly here.

What could I do to trade for enough zela for one sword?"


Or’na, the young gor’ab of the Venerable tribe of yagogi’al the Og’ab entered the trading tent of the Falling Star Homeforge with a sack of goods in tow and a warm smile. She began with a wave and saying, “Greetings honored Ryn Nya. I have come here for important matters, and the hopes that your help can stop more senseless bloodshed. The Yagogi have gained enough zela to make either 5 Zela swords or 10 zela spear heads or 50 Zela arrow heads. The smithing of 2 swords is important to Yagogi’al personally, but the rest needs to be made into cuffs for binding prisoners. We would of course like to hold on to whatever is left so that we may come back as a repeat customer of your great servies. We could have easily had our Mag’ol, Zhya Gog’mis provide the weapon smithing, but Yagogi’al wishes to establish a solid trading relationship with the homeforge and for you to know that once again you may count of the Yagogi for support. The Yagogi enjoy the established relationship and privilege of being the only local tribe of having access to zela. This is something we would like to keep the way it has been. What would you be looking for as payment?”


The first shipment went through without a challenge. Then the diplomatic problems occured (remaining trade deal on hold until the matter of the Kiou vs Olgog war is put aside.


Ryn Nya looked at the yagogi nomad. She knew the Homeforge had clearly said no aid to the Olgogs after the incident of the Teardrop Hammer.

Then again a pledge had been made to provide the swords to the Yagogi.

She was a simple tradeskiou and always felt she was stuck dealing with challeges.

She said, "You may have already gotten your wish Or’na. The Falling Star has already cut off all trade in zela with the Olgogs after the recent theft. Only the tribe of Mag Daron are an exception.

However we still owe your tribe a thank you. We could give you two of the swords, four sets of Zela handcuffs and one set of zela leg cuffs with the amount promised the Yagogi. What say you?"


Or’na was greatly excited that the exchange was to go so smoothly. “Noble k’iou of the Falling Star homeforge, behalf my tribesgogs I would like to offer our most sincerest thanks for honoring your pledge. We have looked to work alongside the Mag Daron in their quest against Mag Der’al and those that took Glog, so we can find answers to the Teardrop Hammer. This zela gifted to us will hopefully lead to capture without bloodshed. Once again, Master Yagogi’al the Og’ab thanks you deeply and please feel free to contact us if our assistance is needed.”

Or’na will give the deepest of bows, taking her large olgog form below the height of the noble k’iou before her. She will collect the gifts and make her exit back to the Yagogi campgrounds.


Maira says, “A fair deal for such a service would be one of the shapeshifting piercing and 10 bandanas”


Babi would pull the artifacts out of a shadow cocoon. “Done and Done!” Babi imagined the rapion riders would enjoy the weapons.


Vata’log had a shadow cocoon bag and the opal badge with her. She approached Maira the Lesser. “I know tings between da tribes and da homeforge aren’t da best. And da tribes are to blame.” She quickly added. She wouldn’t be surprised if Maira denied her request outright, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

In Brez they are opening up a museum of da history of the gogs, problem is, we have no ting of dat history left. It gone like Yi in da wind." She said with a motion of her hands as if she let go a handful of sand.

“Does da homeforge have any of da art of our peoples? No artifacts, if da gogs of the past gave you a weapon or artifact for safe keeping. Dey do so for a reason and da tribes aren’t ready for dat. But any art, any of our history dat exists still. We wish to put it in da museum so we can learn from it. I can make da trade worth your while.” She noted.


Maira the Lesser smiled when she heard they needed art not weapons.

“My people have retained vast vaults of artwork and lithics done during the Mag Auf period in Tla’loc’al. A large stone carving of the Auf Mag Council could be transported safely along with full animal hide traditional clothing and robes of the Mag Auf period.
sadly we do not have much that predates the Genocide.”


Vata’log’s eyes could barely contain her elation. This could help her people rediscover themselves. “Can you arrange dis ting?” She asked taking out the bar of silver.

She also thought of something she was curious about. “The Or’Lur say you got the hammer back. I thought it couldn’t be removed, how did you get it off Glog?”