The Mirror Crystal Menace (TS:GL3 PreGame Week 1, Caused by GL 1&2)


This alternate future was created by Lalder and Rapi’og during their trip to the lands of the Djinni in the year 2218 A.R. It spun off with their rivalry and mutual disdain as both mobiled more and more troops against each other. In this alternate timeline their evil traits were amplified by the power of the Djinni.

Most of Refuge has been devastated by the war between the Crystal Dome of Karov, the UTL Carrier fleet, the Northern Kingdoms, the EEF and the Lost Colonies. The EEF came into the war on the side of the United Tribes of, while the armies of the Dead Dome of Deldoroon and the Northern Kingdom of Wintermute showed up on the side the Crystal Dome of Karov.

In the safety of the Crystal Dome of Karov, the WarChief Rapi’og ruled with an iron fist. All his subjects are named for their task, and little more than property. He is a tyrant counselled by the dark Uhryu Bill, who is known to regularly beat both the WarChief and every citizen below him into submission just to get his way.

Was it any surprise that such a government was happy to add to a war that would culminate in the nuking and destruction of much of Refuge’s surface.

The other side was far from blameless. The constant public humiliation imposed by this evil Lalder on both this Uhryu Bill and this Rapi’og eliminated any hope for diplomacy. Instead the Karovians were pushed harder and harder by the Tla’loc’al forces.

Constant attack by UtL Fightercraft and bombardment by Carrier craft might have driven back the ground forces of the Crystal Dome of Karov, but they were video excuse enough for Deldoroon’s five families to mobilize the entire VofV Commission against UtL as a “Grave and apparent threat.”

Was it any shock that this evil Lalder looked the other way with a smug grin when his ally unleashed Kalok the Volcano in the heart of Vegalia killing everyone and destroying both Domes of Doyest Vesk and Deldoroon. The battle that ensued between Kalok the Volcano and the Spirit of the Nightmare Lord of Deldoroon raged for days.

But Kalok had fed heartily, and its influence now spreads across the entire planet Refuge and beyond.

Now this evil Lalder has learned that his rival WarChief Rapi’og has found a way to our dimension, and is seeking a way to pass between timelines with the entire UtL Carrier Fleet. He won’t allow his rival an advantage over him, and it might just destabilize our own timeline.

In the Crystal Dome, this evil Uhryu Bill has beaten The Savage OtO into submission and is using this power armored Champion of Mag Buskt as his own personal kill team. Without Rapi’og to impose his tyranny, the Karovians are up in arms, but each time Uhryu Bill has redirected their anger towards their other enemies. In this timeline the elder of the Ka Gor tribe was destroyed, his tribe scattered. The Yyan giants were subjugated by Bill’s own pet Dark God, Krodnok the Undying. Each time, Karovians died in droves, but the goals were accomplished. And without the Ka Gor to act as the beacon and amplifier of Ar’yay’s Love on Refuge, few pit mongrels-turned-Olgogs returned to these lands.

The Olgogs are still a scattered peoples. But some claim if Uhryu Bill and Lalder were finally to destroy one another peace would return.

Others say it is a farce. In open combat between Lalder and Bill would bring combat between Kalok the Volcano and Krodnok the Undying. And in such a fight, Refuge itself would be torn asunder.

Little do any of them know, a museum in the Goblin Lands holds the key, a rip in timelines where the Djinni powers held open a way to see what happens…

[Currently open to Lalder and GulTor’Uf, and Narrator. Kolgol may post to this mission as Kalok only, and is currently in league with the evil Lalder of this Crystal Mirror Universe. Krodnok may only post as Krodnok the Undying his Greater Evil version from this Mirror Universe in league with evil Uhryu Bill]


In the room with Lalder was Lurtor, Tor’ab and his Aufs. He was very happy with the progress that had been made with few finding out. His enemies thought he was in a stalemate because of these demons and gods. But that was only partly true, he was upgrading his fleet and the knowledge of his tribesmen.

His fleet has been expanding at a rate not seen by olgogs before. But it was his recent upgrades that will make the difference.

Lalder says to Lurtor “Have you finished teaching the elders, artificers, and top members of the tribe?”

Lurtor says “It is done. I have taught them the leyas I learned on that ship.”

Lalder says “Good” and then looks to Tor’ab and says “Have the Artificers created the needed weapons for the troops?”

Tor’ab responds “Yes between the Shifters claws, these new weapons, and the new Leyas power armor, they should be very effective.”

Lalder continues “Very good. Auf Lalyan, what is the status of the ships”

Auf Lalyan says "We have upgraded all of the main weapons to the fighters, destroyers, and carriers. The fighters can now drop these EMP Bombs to wipe out the earther tech. And while our ships have both Leyas and Technomatic weapons, these emps will now stop our ships even if caught in the blasts. Also, each pilot was also trained in additional shields. The Earther Orbital strikes are no longer of concern as any attack will be directed back. "

Lalder smiles "Olgogs will be protected. The food grown will feed us, the ships and these weapons will help protect us from those who wish to destroy Olgogs. And this power will act as a deterrent to those as well. We will not attack first on those who leave us like most of the earthers. But it is about time for those who do attack to learn not to.

And as to that. I’m concerned with Rapi’og, and what weapons and or armies has he found to try and attack us with. There is no peace with that Olgog alive. We must find him."

(OOC Per discussions with Narrator, in this Timeline, Lurtor did not find his purpose in protecting others, only his tribe. So he passed on his knowledge of Technomancy and has quietly and secretly been teaching elders, who then taught specials others (aka artificers). It is a very protected secret. All magi cannons on the fleet have been upgraded as well. While not completely relied on, Technomancy has been used to enhance defences and weapons while still the base of the weapons and ships is sylvan and leyas tech. Of note, Lalder is versed in limited Sylvan tech as well. )

(OOC Narrator, if I got anything wrong here please correct me. Hopefully I got across the idea correctly.)


The addition of Technomancy sped up their production tenfold, by a month, the entire fleet of carrier craft now numbered one hundred, each with its compliment of Lur Union Strike fighters. The Mirror Crystal had been brought to Lalder of this timeline during the capture of the last active GulTor’Gor terrorist cell in Karov.

Only the Crystal Dome of Karov remained outside Lalder’s grasp, its violent GulTor’Gor seeking to unlock a weapon of Unity design they found under their city. Lalder knew he couldn’t trust the GulTor’Gor to unlock technomancy…especially after seeing how it revolutionized his production facilities and means.


Lalder stood proudly before the assembled armies and with Technomantic video recorders sharing it with the entire fleet.

"Many wonder why we have prepared for this new campaign. With the GulTor’Gor pushed back to the Crystal Dome and the Iron Republic defeated in this solar system it seems we could step down and return to our work tending the fields and gardens.

But we cannot. Unfortunately my mistake led to a grave threat to countless alternate timelines. I once trusted Rapi’og and it led to the creation of this crystal. And with it the GulTor’Gor have spread to another timeline much like our own.
But we will save them from the GulTor’Gor. And we can even help save them from the Iron Republic.

But we must act quickly for our timeline will soon be in jeopardy if the GulTor’Gor raise allies in that timeline…"

There were cheers from the assembled UtR troops.

Lalder thought, "And this will be a perfect testing ground for Kalok.

If he can repeat his attack on the Lost Colonies in this new timeline then we can test him out on Mars.

Have him wipe out the Iron Republic leadership in a single attack.

Then with GulTor’Gor gone and Rapi’og in custody like the criminal he is they would return here triumphant. And unleash
Kalok in a final attack on the Iron Republic military installations across the known space.

Lalder settled his mind knowing that if he could just defeat the Iron Republic in the end his olgogs would be safe. They would be safe to live out a beautiful existance with flying farms and living cities. It would be a paradise.

But Lalder was beyond traumatized by the Orbital attack those years ago on his home land. And he would never allow the Iron Republic to repeat it here…or elsewhere.

And once Kalok was fully powered he could defeat the Warmonger.

Lalder had the perfect ace up his sleeve if Kalok tried to revolt.

Lalder saluted his troops and they saluted back and began to board their carrier craft.


[caused by week 6 Mission TSGL3]

Shaterwing was wrapped in technomantic chains, binding both rider and mount.
Urog’na looked down at Bill and Naeil, seeing they were equally bound. The Rehsedian Smith had never seen material like what bound them. It was like a mixture of metal and liquid and moved with her, getting tighter and tighter when they struggled.

It had been an unexpected and masterful attack.

After the flash of yellow light, they had found themselves here… wherever here was. A bombardment by fifty Kalokian Guard armed with Magi Cannons had cut them all down. Luckily the Kalokian Guard had been ordered not to kill them, and all three including the Dragon had been taken prisoner.

Once they had returned fully to consciouness the trio and the dragon were being moved via airship. Urog’na recognized the airship on which they were aboard as one of Lalder’s Destroyer designs. It had been significantly enhanced with forbidden Northern Kingdoms technomancy. As they stood waiting in the hold of the ship, they were under constant surveillance by floating robotic Eye Spies. Each was designed to look like a patient Olgog’s head nodding in agreement. But their obvious robotic design and ability to float above the floor was quite off putting to those under their watchful eyes.

Urog’na felt the Destroyer shift and the wall to the hold began to open. The opening wall revealed only for a moment a view of a massive carrier fleet that filled the sky from one end of the horizon to the other.

UtR Carrier craft were assembled in arrow formations, each formation having four of the stoney dreadnaughts surrounded by a veritable cloud of Lur Union Strike Fighter aircraft. The Formations were supported by a pair of Rhug’na’ru Hindengor Super Zepplins which each had their own compliments Rhug’na’ru Biplanes, upgraded with magi cannons along with their .50 Cal Machineguns and deadly rockets.

At the edges of each formation was a small Unenese Airship similar in design to the Kul Gul Rapi’s Kalok Fraytur. Bill’s Leyas sight could clearly see the Nightmares swarming across and inside the tarps that covered the deck of these small frayturs.

Then a carrier moved into position, allowing the destroyer to dock and covering any view from inside the hold. Waiting inside the docking area was the mirror crystal Lalder himself. He walked right up to Bill and said , “Good to see you. I’m please you are far more heroic than the version of yourself who has spread evil across this timeline. Giving up your own life to save both those in Karov and UtR lands shows you a gog of strong moral character.
Its too bad you didn’t kill your own spoiled upstart Mag’ol Rapi’og before he brought all this torment down on both our timelines. If only you would have beaten him into submission on the night he snuck aboard our expedition to the land of the Djinni maybe our timelines would still be seperate. Maybe he wouldn’t have tried to ruin our relations with the Djinni.”

“It seems that in this mirror crystal timeline, Aufgog Lalder, you do not understand that nothing positive will come from dealings with the Djinni. They will always set it up so they are entertained by your pain and your suffering. It is the core of their nature,” said Uhryu Bill, “And a creature will always follow its deeper nature.”

The Mirror Crystal Lalder grew angry, saying, “As always, Bill, no matter what timeline we face each other, you are sure you know better.”

“As are you, Aufgog Lalder,” agreed Bill from our timeline, “I am learning it can be hard to see another’s point of view.

Especially when wise Gogs like you and I are sure we are the right one, and if the other side could only just come to our point of view all would be right with the world.

We are both so busy trying to force the other to our side of the field, that we may have both missed the best path in the middle of the field which was exactly between where we both stood unmoving…”

Naeil quoted a saying one of the Earther drivers from Deldoroon always used to say, “The Wise one is the one who knows that he knows nothing.”

The Mirror crystal Lalder glowered at Naeil for her interruption, “Nothing? But I know how to create fleets that can travel the stars. I have spread the power of the Olgogs as far if not farther than Earthers spread their own. And I have done it in but a year with little more than stone, bone, wood and obsidian.
And maybe a few deals with the Djinni and sending my Lurtor to learn the forbidden technomancy…but these were done to reign in Kalok, and to stop the expansion of the evil that is known as Krodnok.
To free the Olgogs from the Iron Republic and anyone who would stop the United Tribes from reaching their true destiny.

For a long long time, the Giants, then the K’ias, then the Falosini and now the Earthers have kept us down and little more than desposable slaves. But you know that will never happen again.

As long as I end the threat of the Djinni Crystal by delivering both timelines broken pieces into their hands, your timeline will stay seperate from my own. I will have won, Bill, and you and Krodnok and the Earthers and all the others who wanted to stop the rise of the United Tribes will fail.”

Urog’na interrupted, “Even in our own timeline the UtR is not all good. It has done evils in its name. I have witnessed them. What is it you are raising up Aufgog Lalder? Are you sure it is as good a thing as you think it is…?”

“All new governments have a bloody period as they consoldiate power. Your timeline will just have to be sacrifice so my own timeline might survive unimpeded and triumphant,” said the Aufgog as he turned and began to walk away.

The trio and their dragon were dragged along behind him, through the carrier until they reached an expansive bridge.
Here there were podiums showing all the different tribes that had given their fealty to the United Tribes. And each had sent a representative.

Urog’na nearly choked seeing Glog at the podium marked for the Or’Lur. But this Glog was fully green furred, with two extra arms. One held the teardrop hammer fused to his body. The other had an alchemical device in the form of an arm, but whose hand ended in a large sprayer. It seemed like it was an attachment to direct and control and weaponize the cursed goo of the Teardrop hammer. Urog’na knew this was not their Glog, it was the mirror crystal Glog.

Glog said to Lalder, “My own Gol’ols have tracked and captured the rogue astronaut who tried to warn the Iron Republic about our expansions.”

“Finally what has it been over a year?” asked Lalder.

“Yes, but we captured him and we captured his shuttlecraft Goblin Ur’sa 1. This immutable olgog put up a fight, but he was little threat.” said Glog pointing at a cage made from the same technomantic tendrills that held Naeil, Urog’na and Bill.

Looking inside the cage, Naeil could not believe her eyes. It was Godart, as he had looked, all proud and strong, back when they had been working on the Rocket Ship project.

Around them, the leaders of the Mirror Crystal Fleet began to laugh cruelly at them all.

[Mirror Crystal Fleet Podiums remain for Kul Gul Rapi, Urik’s Outcasts, Gangs of Uf Mag’og Ol’Lur, Yagogi, Rhug’na’ru and Ka Rhug. Each player is encouraged to describe the uber evil version of the diplomat to the Mirror Crystal Council. They may even take part in planning. Lalder may use an evil version of Tor’ab for this thread. Narrator will control evil Lalder. Remember that this is the one opportunity to show how evil and how badass your tribe would have become if A) there were no consequences and B) every device and cool thing you wanted to build actually got built exactly as you planned it.
All diplomats MUST support Lalder’s plan to attack our Timeline, but they may each desire to conquer different places and should discuss it in this mission.)
Godart may control Naeil, but mirror crystal Godart will be controlled by Narrator for this thread]


Naeil: She was really starting to hate getting capture. First time was shame on the you. This was the second time so it was shame on her.

“Evil laughing - cute,” Naeil stated dryly.

Turning to Godart she said: “Before you ask: I’m from a different reality.”

“Really, how far did you get before they captured you Godart? Did the EEF and the Norther Kin’ die or something? Come on!”

“The IR should know that Refuge is a F cluster. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Falo and the Quall would give pause to their disagreement to… honestly… I had an idea this place was messed up by things coming out of it. Being here confirms it.”

“What happen here Godart?”"


Godart looked more confused than scared, "Umm the EEF is gone Naeil. The United Tribes destroyed their Vampire General and then Lalder’s agents tricked the VLAD leadership into a trap.
I was hoping to get off world and reach the last EEF outpost lightyears away in the Draco Constellation, but the United Tribes carriers are space capable.

Their Kalok demon is holding Mars hostage as well as ever other habited planet. He can just look at a planet and make it ignite in flames. Scary stuff.

The Northern Kingdoms are gone Naeil. One of the Itashi Alliance nation states called Wintermute sided with the Karovians against the United Tribes army and the United Tribes went city to city with Kalok. Now it’s just a volcanic wasteland up there…

The Iron Republic isn’t coming to our aid. The Falosini and the Quall have decided to let the Humans and the Olgogs sort each other out. They will wait until a victor is declared before getting involved.

The Sylvan Warloech council has already made a treaty with the United Tribes so their own Children of the Falosini settlements remain safe and protected by the United Tribes…"


Naeil: She shuddered. “Did anyone hear that mournful scream of doom? Anyone? Just me? Ok.”

She turned to Lalder and looked at him. “Why? I’ll say this again: This place is messed up! How did you jerk offs get so evil? I mean you guys know you’re evil right?”


Tor’ab says “Evil, no. We took action to stop all the other races from enslaving or slaughtering olgogs as has been don for generations. Our olgogs will be safe, have food, and will prosper”


Naeil: “Right… there would be an evil version of Tor’ab here. Damn it.”

“Look, I’m not sharpest blade in the diner set nor am I good with with words. I’ll try to put this simple terms so we all can understand.”

“The action you took on other the races and factions is called genocide. Genocide is more than bad; it’s evil and insane.”

“Your life is based on the death of everyone else!”


Tor’ab says “Its only death to those who threaten and/or fight against us. The Sylvan Warloech Council and their children choose not to fight or threaten olgogs and we have peace with them. But others didn’t and that is how they got themselves destroyed. Its pretty black and white actually.”

Tor’ab’s look was that of a true believer, especially when he looked over at Lalder.


Naeil: “Yeah, it’s only death to those who oppose you. I’m sure that every earther and child of the falosini down to the non-combative was fighting you. Call bullshit on your laziness and foolishness.”

“You’ve got weapons of mass destruction pointed at everyone’s nut sack! How is this black and white?”


The diplomat in the Mirror Crystal council for the Venerable Tribe of Yagogi’al the Og’ab was that of the tribe uhryu, Zhgog’ol Maklur, who had taken over the tribe through strength of will and force. Here, the normally pacifistic Maklur was bloodthirsty, with robes stained with the blood of enemies, even those from within the tribe. His robes more of a battle mail, with impressive ornate pieces and a belt bristling with various powerful weapons. He carried the gnarled zela battle blade of former tribe leader, Yagogi’al taken through brute force, which upon taking his place at the podium he plunged into the ground and affixed the zela chains to his pets. Here in the Mirror Crystal, Maklur’s pets were the maimed epic generals of the K’ias and annihilators of the normal world, and the weapons on his belt were once pieces from them.

MAKLUR cleared his throat to speak up, " No, no little one. You’ve got it all wrong, we got together and took notes from those that rose up before us. It’s not genocide, such an ugly word indeed. No, the way to rise up was enslavement and then convincing those that are against of their better judgement. Death is not the way, but being wiped from existence has such a way of getting people to see your way. Zela has always been such a precious tool, and it makes the kias into just another precious tool."


Naeil: “What?”, she squealed out to what she thought was BDSM freak show.

(OCC: Kinky.)

“What you said made assbackward sense! Who are you?”

She mocked the gog, “We took notes on how to be like the Church of One. Death is not the way but let make people dead anyway. People are tools!”


(OOC: yes chains that burn the flesh, and render the wearer powerless, oh so kinky. oh baby!)

“Tiny insolent creature, you’re hardly worth the time being kept as a prize. I am Zhol’gog Maklur, chief uhryu and head slaver responsible for dethroning our gor’ab, now in command of his venerable tribe, the Yagogi. I would jest that something already annihilated your brain, or wiped your memory. Have you no history of Refuge? All of the great races have enacted his plan, whether the Falosini or Qual’ N’drone have implanted or birthing races to be their servants. The Kias have rose out from under this once already, though their former masters did not have the zela supplies to keep them at bay.
AGAIN, it would seem that your really don’t understand how things work. Death is too easy, one can be brought back from that. Being winked out of existence, now annihilation is a real threat. It’s cute that you think we looked towards the puny earthers. Maybe it’s times that someone here put a muzzle on you like the mutt you are behaving like. This council is for the ENLIGHTENED, don’t stain it with your filth.”


Urog’na had sat there, looking at Glog, drowning out the others. Then she looked to Lalder.

“Did Glog ever tell you what happend at Bartsport?” she said, her eyes hard with resolve.


The Mirror Crystal Glog smiled deeply at the memory, scratching his chin absentmindedly with the TearDrop Hammer. The weapon gleamed in a way that made Urog’na feel ill in a spiritual way but the feeling passed like smelling an ill wind.

Lalder said, “Yes there was a key lesson there Im sure. It was…Glog help me with this one. Something about how when Olgogs work together the effects can have profound consequences?”

Glog quipped, “That Seidermann and the rest of the Warmonger Cult pawns that make up the Church of One are better off flash frozen than wrecking havok on Olgogs?”

Lalder gave a restrained chuckle.

“That all tools can go out of control if not restrained properly,” finally settled Lalder as his hands gripped a nightmare hide wrapped package tightly.


“Which is why we find ourselves facing this threat represented by your rogue timeline,” said Lalder, "The Djinni are unfortunately still beyond our control, but they threaten our near perfect order with the threat of the GulTor’Gor and their allies in your dimension. Now Urog’na you could help us end this danger to your people and our own.

A criminal army led by the evil Rapi’og has fled into your timeline to build up an army and unleash terrorist attacks on my people’s timeline. But with your timeline’s Uhryu Bill captured and contained here, the entirety of Karov will give in and surrender to my carrier fleet and Rapi’og’s GulTor’Gor will be quickly found.

But you could convince the Glog of your timeline to have the United Tribes of your timeline support our purge of the GulTor’Gor. Once we are sure the GulTor’Gor and every single follower of the Greater Evil Krodnok is wiped out, we will withdraw and help your United Tribes seal the wall between our timelines."


Naeil: She gives Lalder the middle finger. “You mean the witch? Hell no. I… think there is no way we would trust you. Your actions speak of hypocrisy and falsehood and… your pants is on fire!”


Tor’ol Gogkiller, rebel leader and master of a K’ias Ziggurat arrived back in the Mirror Crystal dimension. His last moments had been facing Auf Lalder, Carrier vs Ziggurat. And at first he didn’t know who had won.
All he knew was that he was once more home.

He returned to the Crystal Dome of Karov, and was greeted by the Uhryu Bill with news. Both Auf Lalder and Glog of the Mirror Crystal had been utterly and completely destroyed. Final death had been their fate, and the fleet was defeated by the other timeline.
With the United Tribes forces defeated, Refuge faced its first days of peace in years.

But Tor’ol still felt such sadness at the death of his beloved, Witch Gogkiller. He brought her body before Uhryu Bill and before the leaders of the Yagogi who had chosen peace instead of following their Uhryu into war.

Both Karovians were focused on forging a peaceful future, Though rumors that the evil Yagogi Uhryu had survived still plagued them with doubts.
Yet at Tor’ol’s insistence they began the Ceremony of Flesh and Spirit in the traditional Karovian fashion.

[Thread is currently only open to GulTor’Uf and Yagogi’al]