The McGraw Expedition Harbor (Glacial Wastes Week 1)


This settlement is a natural bay on the coast of the Glacial Wastes. It is surrounded by dangerous rocky cliffs, making it one of the few naval staging areas for miles in either direction.

Currently the harbor has two vessels in it, the freighters Hate and Fear.

[This thread is for Eli McGraw’s first settlement along the south eastern coast of the Glacial Wastes. The banking guild has set up three wooden long houses. One is a designated office for the banking guild. The second is Eli McGraw’s current lodgings when he is in Expedition Harbor. The third building is an Academia School for educating new citizens.

Once this settle adds 30 additional citizens it can be renamed by Eli McGraw.

Eli McGraw may post to this thread to add elements to this settlement. Limitations will be set by the Narrator in response to the posts (limitations like how long certain plans will take.) Remember that all resources have to be flown in or shipped in via water.]


OCC: Let’s keep the name. Who are the unlucky people who survived this trip of Sin? Eli “Logical” McGraw got bossing around to do.


Olim Antwerf, was hoping to become the local leader of the Banking Guild expansion here in the Glacial Wastes. A heavy-set man with thick jowls, and thick mutton chops, he wore Tsoga Fur lined boots, coat and hat. His pants were layers of growling hide and mal’ie leather. And he chomped incessantly on a pipe carved from onyx in the shape of a Dragon’s head, he muttered to himself.

On the table in front of him was all the supplies, gear and workers who had survived the trip, and the sea kings attacks. Finally he sat back with a smile. He had succeeded in bringing more workers and material safely through than either of his rivals Ms. Pioroti or Guilder Elkin. Elkin had full EEF support, but hadn’t brought many civilians for the building projects led by Grim and Lurtor, in effect they had a skeleton crew relying on two powerful Leyas Users.

Ms. Pioroti had just reported in that the Nuria Expedition had lost all ships to the Sea Kings army, and had arrived with little more than Nuria, her driver and the Banking Guilders.

Olim Antwerf was way better off. He had Eli McGraw, and McGraw was already setting forth to claim sections of the Facility. Olim relaxed in his chair thoughtfully for a moment.

[Survivors include Banking Guild Ally Olim Antwerf, 2 Immutable Technicians (F.S. 3 but Science & Tech Repair of 5), twenty hard workers (F.S. 3, but has Mason and Woodworking skills at 4s, can be named at player discretion, Leyas User Unconscious (Berzerker) Fire 2), ten support crew ( F.S. 3, currently assigned to cooking food, and cleaning equipment Leyas User Unconscious (Berzerker) Fire 2), and one Merchant House Foreman (F.S. 4 Profession:Master Builder 5) named Malcolm “Bubba” Fillmore who can assist in directing workers.

These workers do not count as Citizens, they are hired to build the town and then move on afterwards towards the next building project.

Currently from the freighters they have enough wood for ten one story buildings.]


… damn it, where’s the robot? I’m not reliable, am I? Plan E then …


Eli McGraw: “Y’all need to make this place more defensible. I want you to construct 5 buildings for logging. Space them out so they’re not fire trap.”

Olim Antwerf: “You think that is necessary in this climate?”

Eli McGraw: " 'ell yeah I do. Want basements in every house if possible. Cellar doors would be nice."

Malcolm “Bubba” Fillmore: “Might be problematic boss. See what can be done.”

Eli McGraw: His face twitched at the word problematic.

Malcolm “Bubba” Fillmore: “What do you want done with the rest of the wood?”

Eli McGraw: “Hexagon wall around the camp with entrances north and south. Have the boys and girls dig ditch around the outside and put something sharp in them.”

“Olim, I want you and the techs and the support crew load the rest of the stuff off the ship. Set up lamps and what not along the inside of the wall facing out. Need 'em bright enough to make nightmares sweat. Have 'em think of ways to defend the place.”

Olim Antwerf: “Understood. Fine plan,” he smirked.

Eli McGraw: " 'ell then partner, happy you think so. Also, we you 'ave time and (you will have time) take a couple of volunteers (like an Olgog) and scout around the area. See what’s useful and what’s dangerous. Be polite to the natives, pump 'em for info and stay away from things that look familiar but unknown. Ain’t supposed to be anyone else here but us, them and the EEF."

Olim Antwerf: “I… get you,” he sighed. “I’ll use the other truck - the one that didn’t get sunk by the storm.”

Eli McGraw: “Cheer up. You might loss some of that baby fat.”

Olim Antwerf: “Ha! You might lose the beer gut too.”

Malcolm “Bubba” Fillmore: With a roll of his eyes, “Zug, zug boys,” Malcolm got to work.

Eli left and they all got to work.


Now there were reports of someone named Nuria coming this way along with Alphine. Olim chuckled. Today was a great day to rub the salt in.


Work is now underway on the additions commanded by Eli.


The Cursed Storm

The Cursed Storm struck the coast with a resounded fury. Not only did the wind blow, and the thunder shake, but as the storm of the century rolled in to McGraw Expedition Harbor there was an aura spotted only by the Leyas Users.

They were also the ones to die, in the most horrible ways. Some died quickly, their rapidly boiling blood cooking their brain within seconds. Others died slowly, blood pouring from ruptured vessels, and from the ears, eyes and nose. The most unlucky simply had the blood in their lungs boil, cooking their flesh, and leaving them a painful death of suffocation.

The night of the Cursed Storm would forever be etched into the memories of the explorers at McGraw Expedition harbor. None knew for whom it was worse. Was it worse for those who were cooked alive, only to be restored to life the next day? Or was it worse for those Immutables who sat there helpless, watching it happen, unable to save their friends and love ones or do anything to stop their torment?

The reason for the Cursed Storm is unknown, though rumors point to an attempt by the Grim and Lurtor expedition to push back a Sea Kings vanguard fleet.

All dead Leyas users have been returned to life unharmed.

[It is up to Eli if he wants to demand answers about what Grim and Lurtor did to his people]


Yeah, Eli going to want to know what’s going on. Until then…

If Olim Antwerf make chocolate brownies in his pants yesterday, it was left to wild speculation. Moral was down but not out at the camp. He got word that the expedition in the glacial research facility was going “just great”. Which meant that things were not going great. Also, there was word that the Sea Kings were on the move. It was time to call in for “further info” and help.

He made a radio call/crystal call/written letter deliver by vorpal pigeons to the Lost Colonies and the Fallen Star Homeforge to…

  1. Figure out who or what is sailing in those areas.
  2. Drum up people and supplies for the settlement from them.
  3. See about getting armed escorts for anyone coming this way.
    OOC: More specifics when contact is made.

Also, there needed to be a reason why anyone should move and set up shop. This meant sending some people out to explore the flora and fauna. Whatever could bring profit seekers and researchers would be just great. Along the way it would be helpful to see who the neighbors are and how they get along in this area

Eli Begins his exploration of the Coast near McGraw Expedition Harbor
Olim Antwerf, Eli McGraw and Backroom Deals with the Lost Colonies

Also, there needed to be a reason why anyone should move and set up shop. This meant sending some people out to explore the flora and fauna. Whatever could bring profit seekers and researchers would be just great. Along the way it would be helpful to see who the neighbors are and how they get along in this area

two new threads for these dedicated topics


So far no reply has come from the Fallen Star HomeForge.

You may need to get your settlement a bit larger for them to consider it an actual market.


Tal’al’oon arrived at the harbor and requested to meet with Eli. If granted an audience he would say, “Honored leader the smiths at Jemison Post with to offer their services to construct tools, armor, and weapons to meet your settlements needs.”


Eli raised an eyebrow. “Jemison Post, huh? What brought you all the way out here in middle of nowhere to talk to little old me? Not sure what I could do for you.”


Tal’al’oon nodded in greeting, “Wise leader I have heard you are looking to expand your settlement. To do so you will require strong tools. For your people to defend themselves against the threats in the tundra they need armor, springshots, and munitions. I am the springsmith of Jemison Post and I represent myself and the k’iou smiths from Mt. Vir in offering our goods and services to construct the tools, armor,and weapons you require.”

Tal’al oon would motion to the hover truck he arrived in, “Also my esteemed companions in the banking guild wish to offer their services as teamsters to transport any goods you wish to sell or persons who wish to visit Jemison Post.”

(OOC: All prices for goods and services would be fair. I as a player have no idea what would be considered a fair price for the goods and services offered.)


He gave a small chuckle, “You don’t need to kiss my backside. Just call me Eli and this is Mr. Antwerf here.”

“Charmed,” Olim stated simply.

“That’s mighty nice of you. Not sure what the cash we have laying about at this time. Currently working on a way to make this place worth visiting and perhaps livin’.”

Eli sat down in his chair and put his boots up on his desk.

“When I got some time freed up, how about I give you call and see if want to go explorin’. Betting there is a lot of neat people, places and things to see. Would you be up to it?”


Tal’al’oon looked sheepish, “My apologies err…Eli. My blessed teachers addressed everyone with an adjective, a positive one whenever possible. I can certainly refrain from the habit if you worry its flattery with ulterior motives. The smiths would be happy to fulfill even small orders for their goods. I hope that the settlements here can jump start trade and commerce, idle hands are the tools of warmonger.”

Tal’al’oon thought about the possibility of exploration, “I would certainly like to see more of the area than just Jemison Post. I do not think I could act in any official capacity with regards to the settlement but I am curious as to whats out there.”


“Good enough. Stick around for a few days. I got some light scouting want to do around the coast. Give your friends a call. Sure it’s going to take some time. While you wait, I’m going take a quick scout (OOC: Trying not to get eaten). After I come back, why don’t I take you out to see these stones I was told about,” Eli causally said.

Olim raised his brow, “Another mouth and hand then? Alright. We got seven and a half months left of food left.”

“It’s settled. Make yourself at home. I got a some explorn’ to do.”


(Week 10+)

It was amazing the difference time could make. What had started as a few structures half frozen with a handfull of ships in the bay, was now a fully realized Harbor town.

McGraw Harbor had multiple buildings now including a Banking Guild office, a diplomatic building for the Valley of Vegalia people from the lost colonies, and several multifamily structures and individual homes. Almost all of them were made in the pre-fab plasteel that was mass produced in the Lost Colonies. Wood was hard to find, but that didn’t stop the bay from being filled with small fiberglass or plasteel hulled ships.

In fact there were now docks with workers loading and unloading shipments. Iron Ore coming down from the Ikuz Mine was loaded on boats, while trade goods, food and building materials came off the vessels.

The buildings were embelleshed by carvings done by Zaphophiah and Sonnah of Jemison Post who would come by once every two months to do custom work as part of Tal’al’oon’s negotiations. They always left McGraw Harbor with payment in trade goods and food instead of coin and brought it norh to Jemison post to spread the wealth around.

McGraw Harbor was not a militant settlement, and if it weren’t for the armed OtO and Lurtor clones wandering everywhere, one might wonder how the town defended itself. But with the Freeloaders district armed to the teeth, it seemed the rest of McGraw was not too worried about attack.

Keeping so many immutables warm was starting to cost them though, and Eli McGraw himself saw that the supplies of fuel for heating was running dangerously low. He would need a new solution to keep so many Immutables warm in arctic temperatures…


…which unfortunately he didn’t have easy solution. Honestly he had no solution, yet.

song: Machine in the Walls - The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth OST (


Crown of the High King’s Favor:
Eli McGraw ask Children of the Falosini to help build a Airship Depot


The Freeloader District:
Eli McGraw attempts to make a Charisma 5 test with a Cha 4 and Fast Talk 3 to access the Freeloader Blackmarket.

“I got long term plan to keep this place warm and feed. It involves some Gracious Seeds (already have), Pigs or Cows or something better, Building Materials to make this work, an Airship and opportunity for profit!”


Eli turned to the K’iorn Dra’koon, Aelsian, and asked about an Airship Depot. Aelsian looked confused at first until Eli explained what he meant by Airships.

The K’iorn Dra’koon laughed and said, "You are confusing the Children of the Falosini with the Northern Kingdoms, my Earther friend. The Children of the Falosini as a culture do not use these Airships.

Yes there are Falosini Lords who have built their own flying castles and flying vessels. And yes in the ancient days of the K’ias Wars, the Children of the Falosini would often ride aboard the Sylvan vessels of the Sylvan Empire.

But for example, we are ruled on Refuge by the WarCouncil of S’vana. The WarCouncil does not build any airships, nor own any airships. In fact the only airship depot in S’vana lands is owned by the Merchant House known as the Dra’koonis and the airships that fly into and out of it are all owned by the Merchant House Borvis."