The Ka Gor Tribe


The Ka Gor have much stone and marble pulled from the Ruins. We will send it anywhere you need and leave it there. We do not require delivery to your tribe’s home for obvious reasons of trust.

In exchange we do need Animal Pelts, and we will trade many heavy blocks that make many stone axes in exchange for a pile of Mal’ie hides or Mak Hoblok hides.


Special Offer for GulTor’Uf only, Trading Obsidian for Pelts?
We will trade enough obsidian to make many Uf Kalok and many Gul Kalok. We ask for one hide for every slab of Obsidian (1 slab = approx 20 throwing javelin tips and one bigger shard of obsidian for swords n axes n stuff i guess).

We hope to trade fifty slabs for fifty pelts. will GulTor’Uf accept this trade?


OOC: I’m not 100% positive on how resources work, but If I have them its a trade. I also am working 60 ish hours a week, which is why I haven’t been on.

A small gog appears with a message, that the tribe will be heading to Tla’Loc’al for a moment to seek some knowledge from the Aufgogs. If you are able to meet us the tribe there, we will trade with you.