The Expedition to the Glacial Wastes (Limited Posting to 4 Winners from Running GAGG)


[The four winners of Running Gagg may post to this thread with questions about Glacial Wastes special Game. The new sections for that game will be added soon, but first the big 4 must choose which player character they will be using for this exclusive adventure.]

The Merchant House of Borvis and the Academia of Chooru have begun announcing a joint expedition past the Nightmare Moors to the frozen lands to the North.

Ancient maps were downloaded from an old colonial scout ship revealing an extensive Glacial Research Facility that the Earther Government built decades before the first official colony was established on Refuge. It is rumored to be a storehouse of ancient technology, a wealth of blue prints and schematics, and one of the few fully functional EEF production facilities dating back before the Fall of Earth.


But the rumors are all this talk of wealth is just a front for what is secretly a joint EEF and Northern Kingdoms expedition to find the missing body of the ascendant Doomwyrm called End of Days.

During the recent wars in space, there are stories of a Kasanthian Captain Axis recovering the body of the near-dead dragon, and hurling it through a temporal wormhole.

In recent months, the EEF has tracked back the crash site of the doomwyrm’s body deep in what is now known as the Glacial Wastes. The body is suspected to be buried somewhere under the site where the Glacial Research Facility was built.
The plan, set up a base camp either in or near the Glacial Research Facility. Discover why the facility went dark over 2,500 years ago, and see if the End of Worlds’ body can be recovered before the forces of Warmonger reach her first.

Of course most civilians think all of it is hogwash, and the only true part is that the EEF will pay top dollar for data recovered from the site.

The expedition organizers have been upfront saying that Uth Raids, attacks by rogue Giants, and by Icewryms are all threats that the travelers will be faced with. Along with sub zero cold, the dangers of frostbite, and limited food supplies, they are asking for the most hardy of paid operatives to ensure this mission is a success.

Unity and Kasanthian reps have asked to come along, and rather than face rogue elements trying to thwart them, the organizers have allowed business people and scientists from both groups to come as long as they leave their armies at home.


Only a single character can join this?


Yes while the character will be able to bring along Npc style allies from any faction or group they may have previously had in their screen name, the first three missions of Glacial Wastes will be focused on specific single characters.


When do we start?


Once all 4 players respond to this thread with the character they will be using we will be able to move forward into the first part of the Special Game.
I suspect at least two more players will post by monday afternoon.

Our webmaster will also be adding the additional sections soon.

Eli McGraw now locked in for the Glacial Wastes! 3 to go!


(OOC I will be using Lurtor on this mission)

Lurtor always found his roles interesting. Now he was representing both the EEF and Fort Lendill. Now that he has his apartment setup, classes scheduled, and progress on his text book, he was ready to go. Making sure he had the gear that he needed.


The Introduction Part 1

While Lurtor and Grim were stuck traversing a dangerous and unexpected path, the rest of the Expedition’s Representatives found themselves with two options for scouting ahead and laying claim to their piece of this new and possibly prosperous landscape.
The path by sea they could choose was a boat ride from the independent Port Unen down the coast around the Bay of Holys, eventually around the Penninsula of the Sea Kings. The journey by sea is dangerous in its way, but it will also be charting a new merchants route to the Lost Colonies.
There is fast money for the Earther merchants in using the Hovertrain to get to the Lost Colonies but Olgogs and Others were not welcome on the Hovertrain past Tla’loc’al station. As a result a Sea route would open up the Fallen Star Homeforge and the Coastal settlements beyond VofV control in the Lost Colonies.
This path is for 6 wood and steel freighters loaded with cold weather gear and food supplies and both players can choose will they help or hinder their fellow players.
This path has three major challenges:

Challenge 1: How do you defend the vessels in the Merchant Convoy from attack by Olgog and Cambion Pirates?

Challenge 2: How do you get past the VofV Robot Armor pilots patrolling the Coast near the Lost Colonies? (Diplomatic solutions open)

Challenge 3: Where do you want your 3 vessels to land (name the nearest location on the Map touching water)? (Cannot enter the glacier frozen bay or the freighters will get crushed in the ice flows)

(Map will be posted this evening)

(Only Eli and our other winner may post to this intro mission)

Intro Mission closes on March 4th at 12 Midnight EST (or sooner if both players post.

Grim and Lurtor may not post to this portion as they are taking the dangerous land route)


Challenge 1: Lies. First off… Unen is a war zone at this time. Departure point for this trip is set at Isle Mag Buskt instead. He informs Lord Mag Buskt what’s going on and ask the Busktis for a escort pass the Sea Kings or at least not to attack his worthless fleet. Eli will owe him or them a favor for their trouble. Eli McGraw also spreads a rumor in Port Unen and other ports of a merchant ship laden with loot and slaves coming from the Northern lands (Fast Talk 3, CHA 4). In reality it’s an armed warship man by the 99 Gang who are out to collect on debt he owes them (long story). Eli feed them a line that he’ll be staying in Port Unen. They’ll go to Port Unen and hopefuly the pirates and the invaders from another dimension will crush 'em. With most of the pirates (hopeful) after the bait, it should be smooth sailing to VofV’s coast. Eli will try to hook up with Krodnok(?) before that point.


Challenge 2: Fear. There are something called maritime boundaries. They extend 10 to 20 nautical miles off the shore. We’ll be sailing 50 to 200 nautical miles off the shore (see the map). The Lost Colonies do not have an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) that extends beyond the shore. Our vessels are not military and they have no authority in open water. Eli will send a message to the “brothers” to tell 'em to leave him alone.

Any hostile or annoying acts will be considered an act of War. While that doesn’t mean much since the EEF would never OPENLY wreck their shit, Eli McGraw still got some friends in high and low places. He will make life a living hell for the Lost Colonies’ leadership. He is Dusk’s home town boy done good. Wouldn’t take too much doing to cut off that trade between them. Hell with that… in a year or two Eli could raise an army of the damned to wreck 'em. If they need examples, he provide some. Eli has a history of doing crazy and getting shit done.

Any helpful or kind acts will be considered an act of Friendship. That would be magical for VofV. He could make it so that they would get the respect they need. At this point, most people assume these guys are another flavor of the Church of One. Eli is an Earther who knows people that could change that around. Better image equals better protection. It also equals better trade because somethings just break and you can’t replace it yourself. All that everyone has to do is to be respectful. Eli has a history of doing wonderful and getting miracles done.

Take your pick wisely.


Challenge 3: Hate. Where to land on Vima? Between the Nightmare Skinners and The Last Citadel of the Yyan Empire. South-east of the Glacial Research Station. See where those two mountain ranges are? That spot. Eli McGraw will drive a Doro Winterize Tracked Pickup Truck (covered bed) with his supplies and setup a forward base further inland. Multi trips and what not. He brought a lot of shit. Lies, Fear and Hate, the three freighters (assume they all got though - they all had a pickup truck on each), will stay where they are at until he comes back or radios them to bug out. Unless that’s too far ahead for this mission.


Eli has now safely arrived in the Glacial Wastes. Please look at Glacial wastes for 2 threads added for Eli.




Our forth player missed the boats leaving so a new method of travel will have to be chosen.
2 routes are available. Take the remaining 3 freighters on the same path as the McGraw expedition.
Or take an AAV/other flying method across the Nightmare Moors.
If the flight method is taken instead you face these three threats:

Threat 1: attacks by Uthvelor Falsewyrm riders

Threat 2: sneak past patrols by Boriel’s Slaver Airships

Threat 3: escape hunting Icewyrms.

Pick by sea and face the previously described threats or go by air and plan an answer to these threats.


Nuria didn’t care much for, well, whatever was going on in the Glacial Wastes. What she did know, however, was that a place called the ‘Glacial Wastes’ had to be cold. And whoever lived there either had to be immune to the cold, or they had to be really skilled with Fire Leyas.

She should be able to learn some new skills. She hoped…

She watched as crews loaded equipment and supplies into three freighters. These were supposed to be heading down to the same location three other freighters had traveled to just a few days earlier. Some expedition for research. Or, something.

Seemed like a good way to where she wanted to go.

The workers put the last of the supplies onto one of the trucks, closed the doors, and walked off to help load the other two trucks. Nuria grinned, and slowly, silently, snuck towards the back of the truck, carefully opened the doors, and hopped up, closing the door behind her.

Should this convoy come upon serious difficulties on the way, Nuria will reveal herself and assist. But, if she doesn’t absolutely need to come out of hiding, she won’t.

Once they arrive, she’ll sneak off the truck quickly, and get away from the new arrivals.