The Defense of Hebron (EEF only, unless invited by me)


Urog stared at the comm crystal. He was afraid of where this conversation might lead. He was weary from all the fighting in the last few weeks. One thing were gang brawls in the streets. Another were the battles of Simonsburg and Mt Rhug. And now another great battle approached the Earther settlements.

He activated the comm crystal that sent him to the EEF command.

“I am the Goblin King Urog of the Great Northern Army, Gang of the Uf Mag’og, and member of the United Tribes of Der’al. I wish to speak to the Olgog Shiro, the Ki’orn Mapel, or the high leader known as Strykker. I don’t understand rank or position in your army, something I’d like to change when the matter is less urgent.”


An answer came back shortly.
“Greetings King Urog, this it General Ma’pel. What matter do you wish to discuss?”


“General Ma’pel - the Yyan want death and march on your settlements. I think the town of Hebron is nearest to them, south of Simonsburg. The Great Northern Army wishes to grant assistance, but the last time we worked with the settlements, we were betrayed. Our allies in Tla’loc’al are working with the one known as Resugent, but we want to ensure cooperation and to help defeat this gor. It’s an Earther fight, but if we will hold true to our words, we will stand by you to defeat common gor. So tell us, what would you have us do?”


“We will be grateful for any assistance you offer. I can assure you that the EEF does not betray allies. I doubt you have much to fear from the former church of one settlers either in any case. They seem to have made an amazing turn around regarding non earthers. At any rate our plan is to push the Yyan back form Hebron and then bombard them with air attacks and orbital strikes until they break. Would you billing to work with us to push them back off the ridges flanking the town?”


“Sounds like a plan. We’ll sweep from the north in Simonsburg. Please make sure to tell the settlers we’re not here to attack. May our children tell stories of when olgog and Earther came together to defeat the Yyan, and remember us kindly for it.”


“King Urog, my own troops will be to the North of Hebron. My people believe that true bonds of friendship can only be created in battle. In many ways that was the true basis for the friendship my people now share with the earthers. May this battle serve a similar purpose between your people and the people of the colonies.”


“We will meet you in the north. We’ll be coming from Simonsburg. It may not be enough to defeat this army, but I hope we can help.”