The beginings of unrest


In the cities of Absalom and Hebron there have been recent protests led by Olgog citizens. Small in number currently there has been a recent push to demand reparations from the Earther governor Lord Grimaldus for past crimes against the Olgog people. So far things have been peaceful but tensions are growing between protesters and local law enforcement.


The protests have grown larger leading to minor clashes between local authorities and protesters. Lord Grimaldus has remained silent on the matter and the disappearance of Ser Resugent has put people on edge. Local authorities fear that things will only get worse.


The protests had finally spilled out to full fledged violence with several security personel killed and several protesters killed as well. Riots were quickly suppressed but this sparked further violence. Paladin Captain Durandal has led his elite riders in increased patrols to try to put down any further dissent. However it looks like this new cooperation between Olgogs and Earthers is taking a sad turn for the worse.

Further compounding the situation is the return of the Nine. Little is known about the Nine however it has allowed the dissenting Olgogs to gather more support. Escalation of the violence is anticipated.

Lord Grimaldus has put out a statement asking for the Olgogs to cease their violence. He promises to refrain from using technological weapons as he doesn’t want to create an incident. Will this matter in the long run? Only time will tell.


As the weeks go by the violence continues to escalate with Olgogs clashing with security forces. The violence is on the cusp of becoming a full fledged rebellion if things continue. The rioters have armed themselves with traditional bone and stone weaponry ranging from spears, knives, and axes.
Olgogs that have been interviewed have declared that the violence will continue unless Olgogs take their rightful place as leaders of all lands south of the colonies, while Captain Durandal has demanded that leaders of movement accept that in the Provisional colonies of Absalom and Hebron Lord Grimaldus is the one in charge.
With the appearance of the Nine, more and more Olgogs have joined the fledgling resistance and it seems to be no end in sight for the violence.


Absalom is in full revolt. Hebron is under martial law, and daily attacks are happening perpetrated by racists on both sides.
The blood shed is terrible, but the violence has been limited so far to bladed weapons, arrows and rocks. A few Leyas attacks here and there, but nothing of magnitude. No bombs, no extreme attacks…yet.

But still to have knights and olgogs fighting in the streets have shattered the dreams of peace for many.


The Year 2220 would be marked as the year when Absalom went to war with its own people.


Lord Grimaldus was in a rage, these “Purebloods” had taken hostages and demanded that he step down and allow elections! His first impulse was to have the entire building blown up, perhaps they can use ninites or (with a bit of disgust) leyas to bring back at least some if not most of the hostages however Captain Durandal said that this action would only spread the rebellions further. Blast it all, Resugent was off doing something who knows where and now his dream of peace was turning into a nightmare.
You try to help these damn Goblins and this is the thanks you get! Perhaps Siedermann was right, Perhaps I allowed Resugent’s idealism cloud my reason. Then again it is doubtful that Siedermann could be trusted not to dispose of me when I outlived my usefulness. There are no good solutions, however it would be foolish to act rash, I need to see what I can do by talking first.