The Ancient Evils may be locked away, but the Primal Descended are now in play!


The Primal Descended are cursed beings like Vampyrs and Bandits and Warmonger’s Dead. They are permanently changed from their original species and race, but they are still mortal creatures like they were before. They are NOT demons. Becoming a Primal Evil is a new punishment awaiting those characters who truly are selfish and evil. Be warned and beware, the trap of becoming a Primal Descended might woo you based on benefits, but that will show you munchkiness if you do.

Evil swings this way and that, and actions have consequences. Too often characters sit back and destroy planets and dimensions with barely restrained glee. Expect the Balancers to be swift in ending you…


What about Immutables and how do they fit into this? Also, who’s a Balancer?


Just as Immutables cannot become Vampyrs or Bandits without using Djinni blood or implants to make them non-immutables first.
A descended immutable would gain no benefit from that descended status until they use constant djinni blood injections or other methods. Then they would skip right to being a Primal Descended.

Who is a Balancer? A wonderful question. The Balancers are an ancient order of assassins from the Prison Dimension of Les’Tas 'Tral.