The Age of Warmonger 2220


Warmonger, the greatest of the ancient evils, master of worlds, annihilators of realities was wrapped like a worm around the annihilated core of a now dying planet Refuge. Inside the body of the End of Worlds dragon, the Warmonger decided to eat its Sir Stout avatar as its first act, and kill the planet as its second.

Everyone expected him to simply crash through the defenses of all enemies using his dragon form. But instead Warmonger had decided a slow death for his enemies was the right way to do it. As the planet died, his armies of Warmonger’s Dead marched from city to city killing and adding to their numbers, preparing to take to the stars and take on the Iron Republic…


Warmonger stirred for a moment, he could feel that someone had unlocked the Gorguldol on a Timeline beyond his control. He reached out with his mind, seeing which timeline it was.

His rage grew, the one Timeline he had been annihilated on Refuge. The one where the Ascended Beings had destroyed him at the cost of their own Balance! He laughed and his laughter annihilated the nearby moon of Sanctury.


Warmonger watched as the glowing being approached. It was a horrific amalgam of flesh. It was a bio-ship of sorts. Its outer hull retained in form by former Unity Members, and former fleets of fate members. Its thrust was powered by quall slaves onboard and its weapons were the bodies of E-strain variants melded to the hull. Its full form was one that would have inspired fear and madness in anyone who saw it.

To Warmonger it was nothing worthy of fear, and he smiled. A large draconic smile.

The creature approached and Warmonger uncoiled his draconic form.

“This timeline is mine and mine alone, creature,” said the Warmonger, “Who are you and how dare you stand before the Warmonger?”

The creature seemed to regard the Warmonger for a few moments.

“We are Neliff the Timeless. We have conquered time, and stolen the secrets of Chronomancy. All timelines now belong to us.”

Warmonger unleashed the entire power of his End of Worlds avatar form. The annihilation made the entire bio-ship disappear except a single Neliff who floated forward to mock the Warmonger.

“It is too late. You and your Descended will become OUR slaves. Neliff the Timeless has already won, and you have lost Warmonger. Hold onto this timeline if you wish. We have already begun to spread. We control the Fleets of Fate, the Unity, the Quall Hives and the E-strain. All hiveminds are ours. Suffer alone Warmonger, and know we will take your timelines away one by one…”


After the Neliff was gone Warmonger curled back up around the planet. He sighed, “Immense strength, and unlimited power mean little when you do not have a threat to bring your strength and power against. What is a Warmonger without a war…?”

Warmonger growled low, and summoned forth his 23 Qliphoh . At their lead was the Devil Bishop Kasanth Dannor, greatest of the primal descended and master of the Qliphoh.

Warmonger was terrifying before the Devil Bishop and Kasanth bowed low before his master. Since becoming a Qliphoh he could sense other versions of himself on other timelines.

Warmonger roared, “Devil Bishop I declare a new war. A war between timelines, where you will lead the Warmonger Cult against Neliff the Timeless and his Hiveminds. That is my law, and my declaration. Strike out, gather the Cults on many timelines and join them together against Neliff the Timeless.”


But my lord, Neliff the Timeless originates in the Forbidden Timeline, the one where you youself was granted final death? How would I travel there? I am a demon and all demons are banished away to the hell dimensions with no hope of returning."

Warmonger commanded, “You will be given a mortal form, returned once again to the form of a Primal Descended. But you will not be able to use any of your powers as a Qliphoth while there…”

“As you command my God,” bowed the Devil Bishop Kasanth.

Warmonger used the power of his avatar form to Time Shred, the Devil Bishop across timelines until he was deposited on the planet Refuge in the year 2220.