Special trainings (ooc)



Greetings to all players. Starting this week:

Just as in artifacts and the learning leyas sections, here is your opportunity to learn and track your tribe’s special abilities. Please read all rules before posting, and help me in helping you. If posts are not done properly, you will receive a private message asking you to repost before getting any answer.

Basic Rules:

  1. Special trainings do not directly interfere with a tribe member’s ability to do missions, although student can only do missions in the general vicinity of lesson.
  2. Student learning new special training must be tribal or elder, not juvenile unless with Narrator discretion, e.g. a juvenile working towards meeting the specific qualifications to be able to be taught training, and will cost 1.5xthe normal learning time.
  3. 1:1 ratios One tribal member to teach another a new training
  4. Training teacher or student cannot overlap with learning leyas, new learning is one or the other.
  5. Characters must have qualifications necessary to learn special training (I will do my best to keep people to what they need for learning, and try working around to make sure learning time is not wasted)
  6. Failure for a character to stay in the area of education, stops the learning process and learning is put on hold. If learning does not resume within 1 weeks time, knowledge is forgotten and special training learning would start from the beginning. e.g. If teacher goes on a mission, and student does not follow or vice-verso, learning would halt.
  7. Weeks elapse on the Saturday after the mission for that week close. e.g. If Week 4 missions close this Friday, then Saturday begins Week 5 for training.
  8. Once the week elapses, no changes can be made to training.
  9. Deadline to post for a week’s activity is the same as for a mission, 8pm Friday.

Addendum: This section should NOT be used for raising attributes or skills, that is being left as rewards for missions. This thread is designed to make tribals more unique in comparison to other tribes.

Learning times:
Cost of New Special training is 5 points - 1 weeks time ( for juvenile, 1.5 weeks)
10 points - 2 weeks time (for juvenile, 3 weeks)
15 points - 3 weeks time (for juvenile, 4.5 weeks)
20 points - 4 weeks time ( for juvenile, 6 weeks)
25 points - 5 weeks time (for juvenile, 7.5 weeks)
and so on from there…

NOTES: certain special trainings (for example Master Annihilator, Blood Dance and Addicted to Addiction chemMancer special trainings) require narrator approval.

Posting Format:
Ability name, Qualifications and Cost:
Teacher Name(title), LR, and Location of education
Student Name ( title), List of stats that meet the qualifications
Wisdom of the Ages,WILL 6 and INTELLIGENCE 6, 5 Points
Brezgog(Wander Sage), LR4, Brez
Tla’loc gog (youth Ur Tor), WILL7 and INTELLIGENCE6

and the response will come back-
Week Learning Began:
Current Week:
Weeks Elapsed:
Weeks Left:
Week Learning Began:17
Current Week:17
Weeks Elapsed:0
Weeks Left:1.5 weeks
Status: Will have learned at the start of week 19

Cheers and keep up the great story!


Couple of Questions (Clarifications and options):
Does this only count for abilities listed in the special Abilities sections, or highlighted in Green in the goblin lands book?
Does this allow for Attribute Raising?
Does this allow for Skill Raising?

Does the teacher have to have the ability? For example, if I want to learn Ranged Shot +2, does the Teacher have to have Ranged Shot +2? Or The teacher must have Tough as Nails in order to teach another Tough as nails? Or Something like GunSlinger which I only have one character who is really good with Guns.

I ask about the attributes as for Wisdom of the ages requires Int 6 and Wisdom 6. I have characters with Wisdom 6, but none with both Wisdom and Int 6. (Forget the fact that very few of mine would be able to get this in roleplay).

For skills, I would like to increase skills or get skills. The example for this is Tor’ab has 10 Ur Rhug apprentices that he is trying to teach to fight like him. Mainly I have done this currently with Leyas and missions so far. As I have no way to get them skills like stealth, Blades, or Hand to Hand. And does the Teacher to student ratio be One To One as well?


Clarifications, Yes this goes for the listed special abilities and highlighted green windows listed as new special trainings. I needed to correspond with the Narrator to find out specifically how this would all work. This unfortunately does not compensate for raising of attributes or skills, but I have already been in contact with him about different possibilities.

As with learning leyas and artifact creation, the teacher must possess the ability to be able to teach it. This may mean negotiating deals with other tribes for desired special trainings. So in any of the question examples, yes the teacher would need to have Ranged Shot +2, Tough as nails or Gunslinger. The student in turn would need to possess all necessary qualifications to be able to learn the new training. The teacher student ratio is still 1 to 1 and cannot be overlapped with the learning leyas section. This section is specifically for TRIBAL USE ONLY.

Thank you for posting up to ask the questions that others might also have been wondering. I hope this helps to clarify any misunderstandings, and I look forward to working with everyone to further their tribes.


Flesh and Spirit Dweller, 5 points
TEACHER: Glog, LR 4, training in Or’Lur tribes barial chamber.
STUDENT: Ka’lal the Quick


Week Learning Began: Week18
Current Week: (Tues) Week 18
Weeks Elapsed:------
Weeks Left: 1 Week
Status: will have learned Tues 3/11


(Mission results Might be only thing to interfere with this. I will change it if it does.)
Quickdraw, 6 pts
Teacher: Lallur,Karovian Alchemist, Training at Tla’loc’al or Near Homeforge. Lallur will travel to Lurtor.
Student: Lurtor (VLAD Agent)


Sorry but I need some more clarification. If I have a totem student that has selected a specific totem and accomplished everything; can that character teach the totem abilities or can she just teach her specific, Mighty Yadol totem. Just for future reference, if I wanted a character to be trained as an Aufgog in training would I have to learn from any Aufgog or the specific Elemental Aufgog? this was something I needed to know for my tribe.


Regardless of my questions wanted to try posting this up:

Totem Animal L1, 20 points:
Der’ LooDol (female tribal), LR1, and Yagogi campground oasis
Ol’Yyangog (male tribal), Leyas rating test vs. T#7

Totem Animal L1, 20 points:
Onigor (male tribal), LR1, and Yagogi campground oasis
Gor’ Lallur (female juvenile ur’mak), Leyas rating test vs. T#7


It would be preferred if you learned from the same totem or element as you want to learn.


Totem Animal L1, Ol’Yyangog
Weeks to complete task: 4
Week Learning Began: 18
Current Week: (Weds) 18
Weeks Elapsed:--------
Weeks Left: 4
Status: In process, will have learned Weds. 4/2

Totem Animal L1, Gor’ lallur (juvenile)
Weeks to complete task: 6
Week Learning Began: 18
Current Week: 18
Weeks Elapsed: -------
Weeks Left: 6
Status: In process, will have learned Weds 4/16


Rune Caster, Champions of Asgard, Devotion level 1, 3points
Sribe, LR4 GulTor’Uf camp
Student: Adept of GulTor’Uf


Please check private messages, there was a message sent to you regarding the training you selected. Thank you


Please check private messages, there was a message sent to you regarding the training you selected. Thank you


The training of Adept is on hold until the leyas training is compliet


Withdrawing Special training for LurTor for now.


Ka’lal the Quick, Fleash and Spirit Dweller
Weeks to complete task: 1
Week Learning Began: 18
Current Week: 18
Weeks Elapsed: -------
Weeks Left: -------


(Not sure if this is like learning where both parties must post. Let me know if Krodnok needs to post as well and if I did this correctly )

Starting Week 19
Gunslinger, 10 points.
Krodnok, Krodnok has Gunslinger, Simonsburg.
Lurtor (VLAD Agent), No listed requirements.




Lurtor will learn Gunslinger from Krodnok.


Thank you for the speedy reply

Lurtor(VLAD Agent), Gunslinger
Weeks to complete task: 2
Week Learning Began: 19 (Sunday, March 23)
Current Week: 19
Weeks Elapsed: -------
Weeks Left: 2
Status: In progress, will have learned (Sunday, April 6)


Totem Animal L1, Ol’Yyangog
Weeks to complete task: 4
Week Learning Began: 18
Current Week: (Weds) 18
Weeks Elapsed:--------
Weeks Left: 4
Status: In process, will have learned Weds. 4/2

Has this officially been learned?