Setting Snares for the enemies of the tribe


Og’Na the gatherer has many snares made from rope woven from the sinews of the creatures killed by the Ka Gor Tribe. She began instructing the younger tribals into the making of these simple snares using bone, and stone and sinew.


Now that all of their territory was well trapped, the Ka Gor tribe was ready to teach the younger generation the next step in preparation. Og’Na began showing the children how to infuse common stone with fire Leyas. Working the stone until it turned into a red gemstone capable of exploding with great heat.

They began filling ammo pouches sewn of Quall leather with them. As the youth worked they made a game of it singing and smiling. It was this way the tribe would be prepared for battles to come.


–[Defensive snares now protect all approaches by foot to the Ka Gor Tribe’s Pit. Production of Worked (working lvl 4 fire) Leyas Fire Bombs has now armed the entire Ka Gor Tribe (juveniles and standard with 6 Firebombs apiece). These are single use weapons. They can be tied to a stick to use as an explosive fire tipped javelin. ]–


Og’Na was so proud of the children and their loving work for the tribe.

So pretty she thought, but their fur would grow wet and their caves would soon fill with sick children once the season of Auf Kol was upon them. They needed animal hides, both for bedding and blankets. The Leyas would keep them warm for short periods of time but depression and illness would spread as concentration failed.
Plus hide scraps were used as binders for spear tips and other tools. Hides would be needed soon. She wondered if little Uf’Na had succeeded. …


With the extra water that now flowed freely from the barrel of the Kul Gul Rapi, the Ka Gor could sculpt many Ka Gorna statues that adorned their pit and the ruins surrounding their pit.
All were given water to drink and were happy.

More water would be used to create fields which once seeds were gotten might bloom into maklal


Og’na and four other tribals were working hard sewing the hides liberated by Uf’na.
As they did so they sang ancient songs of the Ka Gor’na and began to work the supple leather.
Each stitch was so fine perfectly done completely by touch. It wasn’t until the blankets glowed with fireproofing that the Ka Gor tribals could see it. They relied on their nimble hands to maintain a tight stitch.

With the increasing freezing rains at night the hides would keep them warm and dry.


Gobbog formerly of the Kolgul Militia had never felt as good as he did since the queen helped him expand his consciousness. Now with the quall larva in his head, he could reach out psychically to all his new family within the hive mind. Living happy lives, in fields of gold and green on distant planets. Gobbog felt no pain, and a tooth infection he had for the past six months instantly cured itself.

It was great, and the Queen Ar’yay was may more benevolent a ruler than Yaog’s friends had been. Gobbog was happy to never see that witch Dyrisha Nial ever again.

But he pondered his living quarters in the Pit and found they could do better.

Gobbog said to the bull Pit Mongrel, “Gorkaog the great, I think myself, and the other Horned Dogs could serve you better on the surface. A few good barracks would only take a few hours to build using the Leyas. I would set up a training arena in the center of the barracks building courtyard. I could grow plants and fruits there in small plots.”

“And what of Dead?” asked Gorkaog, “They come at night and day, and gun down little barracks with cannons. Then what?”

“Then we rebuild them,” said Gobbog, “And every night we have free training for Horned Dogs. They need practice anyway.”

Gorkaog replied, “The Elder is away so no permanent decision can be made. Go find Og’Na the gatherer, she will help you find good hidden place nearby for your Barracks.” He said barracks with the same tone he used for dung.

From the larval connection, Gobbog learned the Pit Mongrels did not have larva so were below the horned dogs in some ways. Here in the Goblin Lands though, pit mongrels were stronger and more willful. Gobbog didn’t doubt that Gorkaog could rip him limb from limb if driven into a rage.

He left the Pit searching aboveground for this Og’Na the gatherer.


Og’Na the gatherer saw the little greenfur wandering the ruins near the pit. She quieted the juveniles who stood near her and pointed, “Greenfur about to get caught in our trap.”

Gobbog’s leg was snagged by a set of bone hooks. He yelped from surprise but there was no pain. He kneeled down and pulled the hooks out one at a time. It left his fine military boots and camoflague pants ripped and ruined. Gobbog cut one of the bone hooks free realizing he could use it as a sewing needle. Now all he needed was some string and he could repair both.

Then he looked up to see a pack of youngling Pit Mongrels surrounding him.

Loudly he said, “I am Gobbog the Horned Dog and I have been sent by the Ka Gor’na to help the Ka Gor achieve greatness. I seek Og’Na the gatherer. I want to build a structure of great learning for the Ka Gor’na where they can learn military tactics.”

Og’Na stepped forward, “What good these military tactics? Ka Gor has fought Torkol for endless turns of the sky.”

Gobbog said, “The Ka Gor’na sent me to expand the learning, you wouldn’t defy the Ka Gor’na would you?”

“No…” said Og’Na quietly.

“Good, show me a place hidden from the Dead where I can begin building,” said Gobbog enjoying feeling like the big man in charge for once. Then he felt a chiding from the hivemind. He had no authority at all, and he better not misuse the authority granted by the Quall Queen in this limited role.


Og’na and the juveniles gathered sand from the deserts and brought it back in big bags. Using bone they formed frames. Flame and fire, created through the Leyas, melted the sand into glass in the frames. A Krato bone spear broken in a previous mission was recycled into three blowing rods.

Three juveniles blew the hot thick glass into a variety of shapes practicing.

Gobbog looked on with pride. Soon, they would have items to trade no one else was providing.
He would have to move quickly. Gobbog knew once he came to market with glassware and window panes, others would follow quickly.

Training would mean a lot of messed up glassware. Those losses were acceptable. They could steal sand as long as they wanted. No one was guarding it.

The messed up glassware was gathered up and shattered. Gobbog supervised his KGM Horned dogs in seeding the bottom of multiple trenches with the bigger shards. Smaller shards were gathered up for a future project.


Og’na wondered if the Ka Gor’na had inspired her new Warlord Gobbog.
While the Elder and Gorkaog were off in the heathen lands, Gobbog had them doing all sorts of strange things.

First came the glass blowing.

Then came the gathering of the dung.
The dung was rolled with fur into balls the size of a fist. Then they were rolled in broken glass and left out to dry in the hot hot sun. The balls were baked hard with lots of points.

Then Gobbog the terrible ordered them to make Quall bone sticks with smaller bones tied together with fur into cups at the top. He was very precise about the angle the cup had to sit. Og’na had never worked so hard in.her life.

No more singing and games, the juveniles were drilled day and night. Military marching, standing on two feet at all times instead of leaning on the front paws and loping.

Og’na prayed even harder to the Ka Gor’na that their love might return and the preparing for war would cease.


[Army of the True Flame gains new export item
glassware (bottles and jars only)
glass windows
glass spearheads - +2 dmg to bone spears, bone polearms and all javelins but shatters on Metal armor.
Glass Sculptures
Fetid glass Ammunition - 2 missile dmg, thrown. Or 5 missile dmg when hurled using a lacross stick or hyli glove. Causes Rot
does 4 melee dmg if stepped on and cannot be dodged if they are stepped on. Causes rot]


Og’Na wanted to roar in Warlord Gobbog face.

“How dare he ask such disrespect?”, she muttered over and over again.

She brought the exhausted younglings together. All morning they make glass. All afternoon they train in ranks making firebomb crystals in between training . Now all evening they would be fashioning the head to toe uniforms with Quall bone.

It was wrong but she taught the youth as she was commanded.

As Gobbog watched the children, he wondered what his options were for replacing Og’Na the old mak hoblok was getting rebellious. It might be time for her to die gloriously for the hive.

Gobbog felt a reprimand from inside his head. No potential hosts were wasted, he was reminded by the hivemind, every life is precious.


The ranks were ready and Gobbog was proud.

The Rapi or Claws of the True Flame were skirmishers. Pit Mongrels who could not get used to the RapiDol and were better in loose formation breaking charges before they reached the first formation.

The Dol were one step above the Rapi. Each Dol ranked soldier was given the RapiDol, the polearm topped with a claw to hurl leyas firebombs and other projectiles. They were the quickest learners among the Pit Mongrels.

The Gul were one step above the Dol. Each Gul ranked soldier had already been enlightened to the real story behind the True Flame. Each was a horned dog and had a Quall Larva in their head. They were Leyas support troops.

Two individuals bore the rank of Kaauf. One was the dimension walker. The other was Gobbog himself.

The Dimension Walker had been gone a long time. Gobbog liked it that way. He was in charge. Even the Pit Mongrel elder told him so.

Now he had a real military unit. Their uniforms of Quall Bone made it hard to know which were green furs and which were red furs. Only the Earther Horned Dogs stood out due to their different bodytype. Still Gobbog was careful.

Gorkoag could still turn the Red Furs against him. Gorkaog could ruin The Army of the True Flame.
And Gobbog would not allow that.

Patience whispered the voices of the Hivemind in his head. No hasty action. Violence begets violence and karma was a danger.


Og’Na stepped before the Elder and said,“My Love my Chief, the warlord gobbog has made us slaves to his army.”

The Elder bowed low and winked one sightless eye at her and said, “My sweet Og’Na i remember when you were a young maiden. You still retain your beauty. Trust in me. Gobbog will serve his purpose for the Ka Gor’na as all must.
Sooner rather than later, he will be judged.”


Gobbog had finally gone too far, thought Gorkaog. To dare to disrespect the great and mighty Ka Gor’na by using their skull as a helm.
What Gobbog considered fashionable, Gorkaog thought too close to the blaspheming done by the Pelebor who were known to do the same.

He rushed up to the elder.

“Gobbog is bad. He disrespect great Ka Gor’na. He make Pit nothing and make the Army Barracks center of faith.
Now he has us wear their bones and dance in their heads. What heretic fashion is this?”

The elder looked up from a pile of bones and filth. He said, "Gorkaog you make great alliance with Mag Daron. Kamis Firewyrm feels highly of you. You, Kamis and Mak’ka’na must return to Karov. GulTor’Uf gave a place to Mag Der’al. Both must die. Only Gorkaog strong enough to find all Mag Der’al in GulTor’Uf. No work with Gobbogs Army.

This holy quest for you. You must succeed."

“If the Ka Gor’na will it to do be so, then so it must be,” replied Gorkaog.


Gobbog stood across from the Elder. He shined his new medals and stood haughtily over what he thought was a Pit Mongrel in the dirt.

"Elder I have learned that one of your Pit Mongrels has put our alliance with the Der’al Collective in jeopardy.This cannot happen again.

I will not stand for it nor will the Quall N’done…er… Ka Gor’na.

Keep your red furs in line or I will personally execute them all."

Elder moved the bones in the dirt in front of him as if searching for meaning, “Warlord Gobbog your might is great and so is your wisdom.
I will make sure all Red Fur learn great lesson from Gorkoag and any punishment that comes to him.”

“The Army of the True Flame is a chance for the Horned Dogs to be treated as equals and without racism of others. Dont mess this up for us,” continued Gobbog.

“You right, you right, as always Warlord Gobbog,” said the Elder, “Bones say Red Furs have much suffering from Gorkaog’s acts.”

“You dont know the half of it. Irrespective of the Outcome, I will toss all your Red fur to the UtR and DC if another betrayal like this occurs,” threatened Gobbog though the Quall voices in his head said he could not and should not do so.

"Yes Warlord Gobbog,"said the Elder hiding his face and smile in the dirt, “Your will and will of Ka Gor’na is like law for us.”


Kamis Firewyrm stood over the strange pit mongrel Elder.
He knew the Children of the Falosini wished to kill all the Pit Mongrels. That seemed unnecessarily racist to him. Standing foot deep in excrement, surrounded by naked Red furs he had to hold his nose.

“You called me here?” Kamis asked.

“Gorkaog has been taken captive for granting final death to allies of the Mag Der’al, olgogs possibly infected themselves,” said the Elder while throwing the bones.

“WHAT??” asked the enraged Mag Daron.

The Elder didnt look up, he said, “It is a Greenfur problem.
If you want to do something, that will be on you Kamis Firewyrm.
My Makka’na will take you there.”


The Elder invited Og’na into his cave that night. He wined her and dined her. They made love under the flickering flame.

Then he slipped a poison root into her drink and she died.

He quickly did up her body as an Elder of the Pit Mongrels.
Then he left a message for her to be revived by the rest of the tribe and listened to as leader.

The Dimension Walker looked at the once young and beautiful Og’na. He was seeing the old hag she had become under his brutal rule.

He hated himself a bit for putting her between Gobbog and Gorkaog. But he had to do it, for the next phase of his plan to unfold.

The Flamewinds were coming and the Dimension Walker was nearly ready.