Scribe Searchs For A Teacher


The rune caster Scibe searched far and wide for a teacher to help him learn Fire and Shadow leyas. To what ever tribe that taught him offered his skill in artificing and to teach one member of their tribe the skills of a rune caster (must be in a area that hasCoA in it. also no undead.)


OOC: not sure on has CoA

The adept of Gultor’uf welcomes any exchange of knowledge.


(It would mention it on the first page of your area in the GL book.)

“I will of course need to test your chosen in single combat, with plain swords or axes.”


OOC: assuming CoA = Champions of Asgard. Only appear in Brez and Tlalocal and I’m based out of Karov. I will continue this if you want.


OOC: As it is not a normal religion it just means that your tribe member will be how it is introduced . As long as there are no problems in the test than we can move forward. It will take 3 weeks to train your tribal due to there being 3 lvls


Adept looked on and stated. “I have little to no experience with swords or axes”. Manifesting a fire sword, he continued “This is the only swords I have on me, as my skill is with the leyas, I can continue with this sword, or If I can borrow one of yours I will use it”


Scribe raised an eye brow from behind his sunglasses.

“You have no skill yet you would still fight me? To others that would be foolish. For us it shall start you first leason. Only the brave and strong make it to Valhala, remember for this will be your life from now on.”

OOC: we have a deal. I will start training you tribe member today. any artifacts that you want him to make can be posted in my trade thread.


Another Post could be seen though out the lands, causing many to wonder how a bastard is able to get such things out at the same time while not even being there.

“Looking for a teacher of the Troubadour arts. Only have minor knowledge and seek to expand if possible.”

(OOC: Level 1 looking to advance to 2.)