RoberCon at Binghamton NY on September 26-27


Hi everyone.

Looking for more Dark Refuge fun?? Then join Nico and Justin at RoberCon on September 26th. It’s in Binghamton. Like, not far from anything else we do!! :slight_smile:

Justin will be runing a character creation demo at 10am - noon.
Nico will run a Dark Refuge session at noon and a Time Shredder’s session at 6pm. These two events will be linked, but in a way you may not anticipate. While neither of these campaigns are focused on Goblin Lands (or are they?!?), seriously, you’ll be hanging out with Justin and Nico! (Why do I refer to myself in the third person?).

The convention is being run by none other than Brian Keller of Windmill Games and he has a killer line-up. Come down, hang out, meet cool folks, play a little Dark Refuge. Or other games.

If you think you might come out, drop a line below. Look forward to seeing anyone that can make it!


I’m planning for 2.5 people coming


Hey everyone, one more week to go! I am looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Anyone else coming?? Free hugs from me if you do!!!


Ummm…yet again, Cuddle me bitch


I’ll take pics of you two cuddling