Planning Thread Post2220: EEFer Allies


[Post 2220 Mission 1 Begins]

Caravan Camp 702 was on the road between McGraw Harbor and the Glacial Research Station. It was one of many new camps the Banking Guild had set up as safe zones for travelers hoping to forge their destiny in this new region.

The camp was seven tents. Four large tents set aside as a trade hall. Two pavilion tents set aside for the guilders and the Caravan drivers to rest. And the last tent was more of a round yurt, and run by Guilder Muin.

It was here that word first arrived about the White Fur ambush.

[Any characters here probably have business either in McGraw Harbor or Jemison Post, but lucked out on hearing this report while present.]

The radio chirped, and a young voice came through. “This is Max Deveros. My Strider is barely functional, and we are pinned down by White Fur Olgogs. They are making hit and run attacks on our position, but with at least five feet of snow deep around us, they are coming from all directions.”

At the main table Guilder Muin was standing next to a tall Earther dressed in a patched EEF military uniform. He looked at him concernedly.

“Hey Moose, I know you want to help the EEFers but I am sure they have support troops inbound,” said Guilder Muin.

The Earther he called Moose, seemed livid, “Guilder, I want to thank you for the gig out here, but that kid sounds like a Rookie. And if he is desperate enough to call out on an unsecured line, it means EEF High command told him to do so. Which means support is not on the way.”

Guilder Muin seemed concerned by that, “Why would the EEF not send support?”

“The EEF is fighting the Sea Kings out at sea,” said Moose, "Every able bodied soldier is probably in battle out in international waters. And let’s be honest, since the Glacial Research Station got downgraded from a Black-Site facility to a Blue-Site Facility, all the real military stationed there got pulled out.

Probably the only reason a Rookie like that is out on patrol."

Guilder Muin said, “I cannot help you…you know that.”

Moose said, “But I got pay owed to me, and maybe I can hire on some of the folks hanging around this caravan camp to help out?”

Guilder Muin smiled, and lifted up a bag of ghaz coins, “Now that portion I can help with…”


Sitting at a table off to the side was a figure dressed in a voluminous gray cloak. Looking up, he said “I can’t help but overhear. If you’d like I would be willing to help you. My name is Nameless Finality. I am on a pilgrimage to see the world and was passing thru this region.”


Moose replied, "Welcome Nameless Finality, that is an intimidating name. But I guess I’m happier to have you on our side.

I have a bunch of frag grenades and flash bangs. My plan is to strike one side of the Rookie’s location, and cut an escape route for the EEFers.

I’m not as interested in killing Olgogs as I am in just driving them off and saving the EEFers.

Any suggestions on how we can drive off the White Furs?"


Lurtor enters the room and appoarches Moose and Nameless and says "I’m a Lurtor. I can help and bring out your crew. I’m good with getting in and out with as little killing of the Olgogs as possible. As this is a border dispute between the EEF and the white furts, I don’t want to be seen as attacking the white furs and escalate things. So I will stay out of sight as much as possible.

I can create a shadow portal to a safe location and drag them through if needed. What I would need is just to keep the white furs busy as we extract them. So as long as we can get in, I should be able to get us all out. Then they can regroup at better location.

I offer these tips, White furs can move through snow without being detected. Thermal is about the only way to see the white furs while they are in the snow. They are all watermancers. So firewall and leyas will get knocked out quickly. Individually they are pretty weak, but there is over a million of them on the peninsula. So best not to escalate this as right now this seems to be a test. Its best to clear away the snow. Also, they are lead by an illuminated now. So any of the sea kings forces could show up, though we haven’t seen much of them since the grand battle."


Moose asked, “How do we move away the snow?”


Dirk McGee walked into the tent. He wore a Duster Coat, cowboy boots, and denim shirt. He apparently didn’t care that the temperature was well below freezing. His brown hair was falling out of his stetson, staring out of dark brown eyes. He stood 6’0 tall, and didn’t appear to have a care in the world.

“Did I hear something about moving away snow, in the middle of a tundra wonderland? You don’t. I’m Dirk McGee, and if I do nuthin’ else today, then let it be that moving snow is a terrible idea. But I’m here for more. I’m here to help.” He nodded at Moose, nodded at Nameless Finality, and smirked at Lurtor.

“Let me guess, that was the olgog’s idea.” He looked at Lurtor. “When dealing with aquamancers who move in the snow as if it were grass, then you either make it hard for them to move and waste their time, or you use other elements to your advantage. Throw up a wall of shadows, or air shield. Yeah, that’ll be better. Confuse 'em. Or better yet, poison clouds…literally choke 'em.” Dirk fashions a reclining seat in the ice using water leyas. He then makes a foot stool and pops his feet up, hands on his chest, waiting for more bad ideas.


Eli McGraw was picking his nose waiting his tracked truck to get fixed. He been stuck at this camp for a day or two. Bored. Eli could have said “Hell with it.” and left on the tracked bike in the back of his track a life time ago. But in this life a truck cost a pretty ghaz. And the truck had booze. Lot’s of it. Then white fur ambush happen.

“Look. If I murder these guys in the face with hot lead, will it get my damn truck fixed faster?”

“You guys come up with a plan. Make it a good one. I’m going to shoot these people eaters with bullets and more bullets. It will give you some time to strike harder. He who strikes first, strikes last or something like that,” Eli smiled.

Turning to Lurtor: “Here’s a wakie talkie. Give me a heads up so I can get out of the way of any mayhem.”

To Moose: “Don’t drink too much booze.”


Lurtor says "Please do what you can for the distraction or to prevent their movement Dirk. I’ve seen a wall of Shadow work well for that, though it was wrapped with other leyas too. I’ll be busy pulling the EEFers we are trying to rescue out. I could do that that would be much quicker if I did not have to try to restrict the white furs movements as well.

I still feel that we will need to be quick before they decide to escalate even further.

Oh, btw, is there someone who can get a trusted message to the trapped EEFers not to shoot their rescuers? I would prefer not to have to fight them to rescue them."

Then to Eli, Lurtor says “I will try with the radio, but those in my hand don’t tend to work great.”


Moose laughed and said, “It seems we got our distraction in Mayor McGraw’s drive by. I hope we can make the most of it. Somebody should probably watch his back right? Just in case any of the White Furs try and get into his vehicle.”

Thinking hard Moose asked, “If somebody can ward the area against Water Leyas, the White Furs wouldn’t be able to move quick anymore right?”

Then he grabbed a handfull of snownuts from a nearby bowl and started chewing loudly. He chomped through a second handful before saying, “Dirk, that wall of shadows could help keep them back from charging. You also mentioned poison gas clouds, which would probably trap them good if dropped on them once the shadow walls keep them back. But the concern is the winds. The high winds might push the poison gas cloud towards are allies too…any idea how we can counter that?”


Lurtor says "I like the Water Leyas ward. I’ve got an idea for that.

As for the gas, If someone could layer a wind wall next to the shadow wall that would protect friendlies, but I don’t have enough Air leyas strength to do that myself."


A rather tall Kiou dressed in raider mail and a large Great coat walked in. Looking around, she saw Lurtor and approached. “Spymaster Lurtor, Milord Grim sends his greetings and wishes me to remind you to be careful to not escalate any tensions on the border. He has sent me out to represent him in any ongoing matters. My name is Lady Sarphin, First Guardian of Jemison Post. I have my instructions from Lord Grim. If you could catch me up in the players in this situation and any other information on it you may have i’ll be on my way.”


[Mission 2]

After a few drinks of celebration, a cloaked Interplanetary Gunship landed outside the tents. The ramp landed down with a thud and out walked an angry looking EEF Colonel in a military dress uniform.

He strode into the tent and walked right up to Moose.

Moose instantly gave a respectful salute.

The Colonel said, “Interplanetary Gunship Captain Marthan “Moose” Monroe, you are hereby put back on active duty. Project:Darkside has need of a covert op with your piloting skills. And we need your team.”

“Colonel with all due respect, you better update your files because all my team is dead. That’s why I went on leave from active duty,” Moose said not breaking his salute.

The Colonel said, “That is fine, we are moving your operation to the opposite coast. Gather anyone you trust, and you can hire on more irregulars when we get to the Tarrisian Free State where we will be organizing your irregular strike force.”

Moose said, “Sir with all due respect, this operation sounds like a VLAD op. Not legitimate military.”

The Colonel said, “Project:Darkside had a contingency plan in case the Colony General was annihilated. One of those steps is getting a rapid response team to situations. You will be leading that rapid response team, and that Gunship out there and four EEF Gunpods are yours to use as you need.”

Gathering those that would come, they arrived in Tarris in less than five hours. They set down outside a Caravan Post run by friendly Borvian Merchants.

The Caravan post was on a beautiful Tarrisian Beach miles and miles north of the operation zone. In fact it was literally two countries away, with Borvis in between.
With that said the Tikki bar was vintage old Earth, and the drinks they sold were cold and a few lerne coins each. When they walked in, Moose flipped a ghaz to the barkeep and told him to keep the drinks flowing for his ops meeting.

Moose smiled at everyone, "I want to thank those who came from the Glacial Wastes with us. Even more so those who served with me to save those EEFers.

We have a few choices here. We could help the I’tashis or Help the Sea Kings. Both are technically our enemies. I would like to hear some pros and cons from the team."


“Someone said free drinks? Specialist Medic McGraw reporting for duty!”

Eli McGraw walked in, gave a salute and sat down at the bar. “Say we help the I’tashies. You know, the enemy we know is better than one we don’t know, you know. I got air quote Peace Lords end air quote for neighbors back where I live and would like to keep them friendly. The Sea King are getting their butts kick left and right without our help.”


Lurry, with his helmet off takes a drink and says "What ever hurts the Sea kings. They are bad for Business and are definitely the worse of the two. If the sea kings were to get more of a foot hold on either side, they will eventually be the EEF’s problem. Actually, this could be the opportunity to reduce their hold on this shore.

I would also not like to get involved in any civil war has I heard talk of. Civil wars and rebellions are messy and could spread. Unless your an arms dealer over here, civil wars rarely help you.

hhhmmmm, a Pro of helping the sea kings. The only thing I could see is making both sides weaker. But if you break down the I’tashi’s too much, they might break into civil war, and I think I mentioned how I feel about those. Or the I’tashi’s could call in for reinforcements from another kingdom and escalate things or get taken over by a stronger force… hmmm.

I prefer targeting any of the sea kings over the other I’tashi’s. Less messy.

(OOC do note, Lurry does not look like Lurtor, he is Lurry, the Earther trader and agent that helped save the EEFers.)


Moose enjoyed a drink as he listened to Eli and Lurry’s ideas. He put his glass down and noisily began munching on a handfull of gru’ie grain snacks.

"Specialist Medic McGraw, Lurry, it seems like helping the I’tashis restore order will help prevent a civil war. Even if we cannot drive out the Sea Kings Beachhead, we could do some good work taking the Illuminated Leader of the Sea Kings stationed there out of the battle.

His name is Pharoah Qory Kal I’tash, and we have some information about him."

Moose pressed a button on a handheld projector and displayed the Illuminated Lord.

Moose said, "Illuminated names tell you a little about them. The first part is their given name. Qory. The second part is their societal rank. Kal is Lord, Pharoah, God-on-Earth, King, Queen, however you want to translate it. The last part is the location they are associated with. I’tash. Qory Kal I’tash.

We have to handle this situation with care. There will be a lot of rogue elements in this chaos, and refugees looking for protection. We have to decide how we are going to deal with rogue elements. Do we kill them, do we stealth our way past them, do we set traps for them. This is our first operation as the EEF’s new Rapid Response Team. We may be RRT but our enemy won’t know that."

One of the mercs, a gal with an eyepatch, dressed like a duskan gunslinger. She tipped her hat and said, “Moose, we may be RRT, but we are really just DRRT. Darkside’s Rapid Response team. You and I and everyone in this room knows that we are stepping on the VLAD Agency’s jurisdiction.”

Moose looked up and said, “Agent Love, I hope that VLAD doesn’t put us in the DRRT. Spy vs Spy gets confusing pretty quick. Our Job is to keep the peace until a new Colony General is appointed by the Colonies.”


“Our RRT Teams will have to arrive on the beach, and our Gunship is not rated for battle against the Sea Kings. We are going to need to either use the Gunpods to get in, or hoof it in from the closest allied landing site. Or we could drop in offshore and swim in,” Moose said, “There are two moments when the Illuminated will be available for capture. Once when he addresses his workers at dawn. The next is at noon when he blesses the midday meal. In either case he could be captured or killed.”


Lurtor says "Illuminated are tough to capture, so I suggest we knock him out fast. Then we can have more intel on the sea king activities. That information could be priceless. I say we get him at Dawn. People tend to be slow in the morning.

To do this, We should go in unseen. If it becomes a fight, that illuminated will be tougher to deal with. Once we have him knocked out and secured, we may also want a distraction to help make our way out. Then, Hopefully less guns a blazing, but looks like those here can handle themselves. In an emergency, I could teleport us out, though I hate to rely on that.

For the sea kings, loosing their leader should disrupt them and be a moral issue. That should then cause an additional distraction, and the enemies of the sea kings will over take them. And we get the prize of knowledge of this illuminated."


“Gunpod not rated for battle? Alright then - just let me jump from it. Wink, wink,” Eli slyly said. “When I mean me, I mean a dummy. I got cunning distraction thanks to Eli zero point five. Stay here.”

Eli walked back and brought a steamer trunk out. He opened it brought out a very crude life size dummy that sort of, kinda looked like him. If you squinted your eyes.

“Arts and craft served me well,” Eli beamed. The left arm of the dummy fell off. “I going need more glue and thread…”


Lurry says "We could add something to that distraction. Maybe from the dummy’s shadow we put some charges to explode before it lands. That would draw attention there. I have a few leyas bombs.

Then we come from a different direction. Our actual attack will have to be quick.

We could use more help for this. But either way, I think we are best served with getting him alive or at least most of his body that we can resurrect, but do it before someone else does. That is the tricky part if we let him be killed."


“Sounds like a plan. Uhm, who are we going after again?” asked Eli.

“Pharoah Qory Kal I’tash. Sea King head guy along with Overseer Crimson Heart. Pay attention mayor cheese,” said a cheerful female voice from his coat.

“Right. Thanks J.J. We’ll drop the dummy and I’ll focus on Crimson Heart with hot lead while you guys take on the Pharoah ho ho ha.”