On to Fertile Pastures


Uhryu (Bill)

I personally don’t care, except it seems other tribes care about it. Think of it as a way of buying into this game.



takes out pipe, smokes some of it

One of these days, we are going to speak on how I have been acting as a messenger and not hunting.

sneaks off


Orz’ad glanced back and forth between the speaking Olgogs before responding “The plan is for a group of my companions and myself will join with your citizens and work together to protect them. My people primarily have shadow leyas but have some water leyas as well. We can create a shadow dome over a portion of your city where your people are located. The dome will absorb the energy of the Flamewinds and the ice mixed in will also help from the superheated air. Now if you have people who have knowledge in water leyas they can help in the strength of the Dome. My people are primarily skilled in Shadow Leyas, so if you can help with water leyas and perhaps air leyas that would be good.”


Uhryu (Bill)

That sounds like a plan, I know several gogs of my tribe that can aid with water, myself included. There are also a few gogs that can summon minor elemental to help us too. This sounds like a plan.


Orz’ad nodded, “I will contact my people and we can head over to the Ruins of Karov. We will meet up with your people and begin the preparation. When your people are safe we can speak more, after all the saving of lives is of the utmost import.”


Uhryu (Bill)
I look forward to it.


Og Alma watched the construction around the new Shadow Dome with concern.

To her such a construction was an anathema to the Nomadic Karovian way. But Bill seemed intent on changing the Karovian ways. Bill had helped her tribe and she was pleased to consider him an ally.

Seeing the creation devised with the help of the Vampires of Wintermute pained her deeply.

"You will ignore my words as you choose. Such is the way of things. One cannot force another to listen. One cannot force another to understand.

This Dome over Karov fills me with concern.

That your tribals have embraced fear in their act of giving up their names fills me with concern.

That you attacked the Vampyrs of Tor’Lallur made sense. They were cursed and all Uhryus have sworn their life to prevent the spread of Vampyrism and Undeath.

But now you ally with Blood Drinkers from the North and make a Dome that blocks out the sun?

It is time for you to be honest about your desires Bill of the Green Pants.
This Dome does not seem to be about the Ferals retaining their own ways.

If you say you simply wish to build a new society seperate from the Karovian way then I will honor you as an ally and neighbor.

But to say you want to bring together the Karovians with these actions contridictory to the ways of the Gor’ab and the Uhryu and say it is the Karovian way will simply turn off other Karovian tribes.

You have made yourself a proponent of peace, focus on the goodness you can do. Make that the GulTor’Uf way, but in doing so you must convince your own tribals not to embrace fear."


Turning towards the Herald of Wintermute,
"This Shadow Dome will spread the rumor of this place. When the Gor’ab of other tribes learn of such a dome being created by the Vampires of Wintermute the Gor’ab will begin their hunt…

My own tribe is allied with GulTor’Uf and will not hunt you to be clear.

But Karov had hundreds of different unaligned tribes."


"Quartermaster? What was your name before it was Quartermaster? Quartermaster is an Earther term not an Olgog one.

I would prefer to address you by your true name not your work title.

I agree what you faced at Rapi’og’s hands was without conscience and without mercy. It must have been terrifying, truly terrifying.
But Rapi’og wins if you embrace that fear.

If during any of the yearly Karovian Conclaves your old Uhryu Yi’ru, any of the subordinate Uhryus or your Gor’ab could have asked the Uhryus to find a new Mag’ol for your tribe. Had Rapi’og refused to step down he would have been considered an enemy of all of Karov. The other Gor’abs would have liberated you.

But instead your Yi’ru tried to fix things on his own.
Just as your Uhryu Bill did.

One who calls himself Quartermaster, Why did you not gather the rest of your tribe together? Why did you not as a group overthrow him? He is but one gog and you were many.

Because you embraced fear, which you must not do.

You continue to embrace fear as long as you let Rapi’ogs actions deny your true self."


Og Alma put her arm around Bill’s shoulder and a hand on Quartermaster’s chest.

"Do not embrace fear.

Rapi’og no longer rules your tribe. Now Bill leads you and will do so until another chief is chosen.

But one who calls himself Quartermaster, I place you in charge of an equally important task.

If Bill fails his role or another rises up who tries to oppress you as Rapi’og did, you must gather the tribe and together depose the oppressor."


Herald responds to Og Alma “I do not wish to fight your Gor’ab, one of the reasons why we are here is to give people a new perspective on undead. We wish to show that like the living there are good and bad among us. Our nature doesn’t make us evil, we wish to dispel that belief. Would it be possible to speak to other tribes and try to convince them that we do not wish harm to them, or do you believe that they will ignore my words?”


Uhryu (Bill)

Alma, In this past year I have seen the most good done by the Kul Gul rapi family, they have provided water throughout karov, and the other greater regions. They are vampyres, should we hunt them just because of what they are? They strive to do better and help others, and have accomplished something no other tribe has in recent history, alleviating concerns about water. They have done this with respect to the local tribes, and often did there work without alerting tribes that may not understand what they are doing. Kul Gul rapi family has done this just to help others, with so little of that in these lands I think we should learn to accept those who do good for what they are and not condemn them for what they are.

The herald of wintermute, has shown his actions to be good. I don’t know his intentions, but he does seem genuinely willing to help us so we can become better. As with the kul gul rapi family, I am willing to work with them. They have shown nothing that makes them different than any non vampyre gog at this time.

This dome, with wintermute, was suppose to be a temporary task, one that we would hold with the leyas until the flamewind season is over and then take down. The season after we would be able to build better protection. At least, that is what I wished to do. As you know, we talked about sustaining this dome for the season of the flamewinds and that’s it. Obviously, this did not go to plan, and is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing, now that we have gogs that will be able to help build and reinforce the caves that would otherwise be sustaining the dome, but a curse because it cuts us from the sun and our view of outdoors. We should build while we can, during the flamewinds and once it is done, tear down this dome that became permanent.

Alma, I must thank you for reminding me about the Gor’abs. I think it would be best to send out a few gogs to the other tribes, and invite the gor’abs to watch and observe those here to see that they aren’t doing harm, and that some vampyres are not the demons we generalize them to be.

OOC: 10 UR maks ( that survived the attack against rapi’og will be sent)

I know most of our conversations have revolved about what I am doing here, and I understand your concern about our ways of life. The tribes with me are wandering tribes, and they don’t like staying in one place except during the flamewinds. There are other tribes that gathered around us, from Brez, Unen, and Taloc’al that we were trying to help. These tribes live primarily in one place, and this city would be a place for them to stay, with food and water. The intention is to have space so any karovian tribes can come and use it during the flamewinds, as we are now.

After the flamewinds, for Gultor’uf, It is a hard choice. I have spoken with the elders of the tribe, and some want to build this city for all and others want to wander the sands.
As we recently lost the paths we walked, Hunter has been wandering out to speak with others, noting places that we might be able to make new paths, noting were other tribes go, so that we don’t tread on there lands. From a realistic standpoint, it seems like there will be a small group of GultTor’uf preparing this area for the next flamewinds, and others wandering. The tribes that are here with us, I would guess that they would all wander, as most came from karov. The others that were around us and followed the trail of tears, well im surmising most of those will settle, as they come from places that settle.


The Herald would bow politely to Uhryu (Bill) “I thank you for your kind words and your trust. I shall do my very best not to betray it. I do have an idea if you will permit me. Wintermute is not just a city of the Undead, we have many citizens who are as alive as the two of you. With your permission I would like to bring a small group of them here to work alongside the workers that I have already brought. If others can see how well the living and the undead can work together, how they can live side by side in peace and respect surely they will start accepting us. I of course will only do this with your permission, these are your lands Uhryu and I will respect your wisdom in this matter.”


“I leave these decisions to Bill,” Og Alma replied to the Herald of Wintermute. She knew little of the Northern Kingdoms but knew more living allies would be a good thing.

The Dome is exactly as you described, a double edged blade. It hurts and helps.
I will ask the Wild Gor’abs to send obsevers. I cannot promise they will like what the Herald’s Undead do here. But I can ask them to at least come and see and make a decision after meeting with you.
But be careful…the Wild Gor’abs demand respect and will give little in return if they feel slighted or offended."


Uhryu (Bill)

Nodding to Herald, That would probably be good. That way other gogs can speak to ones who live in your society, to get a glimps into it. Just have them know that they should be careful around the Gor’abs that come to speak to them. Our cultures, by tradition, clash and showing that some vampyres are good will have difficulties.

Alma, I will do what I can to not slight anyone. I have learned much from many tribes and I don’t see why the ones that come would be any different.


Two gogs enter new Karov, and are ushered towards Bill.

Greetings, I am Watatsumi and I am skilled with using water to power things. I have heard of your great works, and wish to offer my aid.

The next spoke. I am Seiryuu, and I am skilled with Slyvan technologies, I wish to aid you in your task to build a great city. I believe that my skills can help you with this en devour

Unknow to all save Seiryuu, Watatsumi , UrLur and OtO the primary reason Seiryuu and Watatsumi were there were as spies.


Uhryu (Bill)

Welcome! And thanks, help in creating this city is always needed. Let us know where you are from and we will build houses for you.