On to Fertile Pastures


[Does GulTor’Uf relocate to the Ruins of Karov along with the ferals, forgoing the nomadic lifestyle to create a settlement to defend against the Flame Winds?
Do they relocate with the ferals to the Southern Feral Lands along the trail of Auf Mag’lal to continue their nomadic existance in the shadow of Krodnok’s Flying Armory?]


As the Dust Storms swirled through, the tunnel of safety around the Ferals ended and their long travel was over.
GulTor’Uf had sent a tribal to greet them. A group of feral leaders moved to the meet with this caretaker.


*Currently near the ruins of karov with the tribe of ALMA


There is much to do, as the ferals begin the explore the shattered stone and remains of the Ruins of Karov. Unlike Brez, there was little of the city aboveground to speak of. Instead tunnels and warrens were there to be opened and explored. However most were close enough to the surface to put them dangerously close to the Flamewinds that whipped through the area on a yearly basis.
To the Ferals who had been used to the open deserts and plains, this was a confusing place of pit falls, and bone sand.
But Bill could see the potential here.

Across from him stood Og Alma, Uhryu of the Tribe of Alma who had given friendship to the survivors of the GulTor’Uf. She was a beautiful olgog and her visage was marred by her concern for the Ferals now living in the ruins. Food would be in short supply. Though thank the Kul Gul Rapi that water now even flowed here.


The kindness that Og Alma has started to pull Bill out of his depression, that he found some others that share the same concerns and willingness to help has strengthen his resolve.

The seasons of the flamewinds come, and we have many in Karov that are without homes. While I would love to form a govenrment, I think it is more pressing to prepare for the upcoming flamewinds. If you can help us speak to the other tribes, we should be able to work together and form the foundations. This should protect us from the flamewinds, all we would have to do is block off the entrances and dig a little deeper. If we map out the cave systems here we could connect them with each other as the flames pass overhead.

When they pass we can start working on rebuilding the City. I envision a city, with crystal walls to protect us, with a dome that can close over top to protect us from the flamewinds. Water passing through the middle of 7 main avenues of the city, where in the center is a place for young to play councils to be held. Where food is grown on the abodes of those who live there, ensuring that all have enough to eat,even in times of drought.

But to start, we need to work on the foundations, and I believe that would be speaking to the other tribes around here and preparing the caves, gathering food before the flames come, and gathering as many that we can that had their homes destroyed.


Og Alma looked sadly and said, "The remaining tribes of Karov currently feel the GulTor’Uf is leaderless.
A new Chieftain must be chosen before the other tribes will respect or court you.
They must be of the bloodline of the Mag’Ol tribe. "


Rapi’og died without leaving behind any children. There is no one of our tribe that has the bloodline, this primarily being an effect of Rapi’og’s personality.

What are we to do, when no of us have the blood?


Og Alma looked sadly at Bill.

"Then your tribe would be Disbanded in the Karovian way.
Your members would be split up at the yearly gathering near the Oasis of Karov.
And a new tribe would be formed under a new Mag’ol with a new name and new members.

If you follow the traditions of Karov, it would be the end of GulTor’Uf."


There is some time before that happens, and until then we must persevere on.

As Uhryus, we must do what is best for all the tribes. If the Mag’ols are just, they will see the wisdom in this plan and aid us, seeing the virtues of this plan. If the Mag’ols are unjust, they will only speak to blood, and then why should we wish to follow them? If there are leaders without the blood, and yet do good for there people, elevating all tribes they come across, aren’t they worth following? And if it happens that wer are dissolved, may others see the good works we strived to commence and complete them


Og Alma recoiled at Bills words, "You are talking about ending the Uhryu way.
Uhryus tend to spiritual matters, Mag’ols lead the tribe, Gor’ab punish the wicked.

What you describe is an entirely different form of government.

If we follow leaders without the blood we are no different than Unenese and Brezans. We cease to follow the Karovian way."


Perhaps instead of Just, I should have used reasonable.


“Reason is often at odds with tradition,” said Og Alma slowly, "Though you have done much for the ferals, gaining their trust and support, and gained the support and trust of my tribe, what have you done for the Karovian tribes at large?
What could I present them as reasons why your tribe lacking a cheiftain is good for the Olgog peoples and not a threat to their way of life?

The Karovians have not needed an overarching government for the last two thousand years except the yearly gatherings. And at the gathering bartering is done, families are formed and people celebrate, laws are not made.

To simply say that here is GulTor’Uf who has created a new form of government will not draw these tribes to your side. You would need to counter the talk of GulTor’Uf the tribe who has lost its way with some other narrative backed by actual good works.

Many tribes have heard the Yagogi speak poorly of the GulTor’Uf since the Unit 7756 came to your aid. Maybe if you mended these fences with the Yagogi a pathway to talks with other tribes of Karov might reopen?

The Yagogi do not like the Krato and Quall servants any more than the GulTor’Uf do. It is spoken of how the Pit Mongrels to the south conspired to kill the Uhryus of GulTor’Uf. Maybe this would be a place to start…"


"Alma, I’m tired. I’m tired of seeing death to gogs that just want to live in peace, away from this warfare. I’m tired of having to run this tribe, as the Mag’ol should. I’m tired of trying to speak sense to others, it is the hardest thing I have done.

I wish we had a leader, that would take care of the tribe, ensure that food is around. That the needs of the tribe are looked after. Since coming to this tribe, it has fallen basically to me, as Rapi’og would rather fight and drink.

It took some time, but there is a structure inside our tribe, where we are able to survive and even prosper a bit without good leadership. For a time, Rapoi’og seemed to start to take up his mantle of leadership, but it seems it has come to late. Somewhere he fought Gulal, and failed against this brezen. Then he fell back into his old ways.

I don’t expect you to present that my lacking a chieftain is good for all olgog peoples, but I would hope that you would see that it is better for our tribe. And hopefully that would be enough.

I fear that these other groups will trample the tribes that don’t join them. I have seen this with the ones you call ferals. They ran from their tribes traditional grounds to seek out our tribe, where they felt they would be safe. I fear this will happen to our tribes soon, if we don’t do something.

The Yagogi were decent neighbors, until recently. Their tribe seemed to inadvertently train another tribe to steal from others, I don’t know the details except they were attacking tribes in our traditional hunting grounds, said they were Yagogi, and then ran back into the Yagogi traditional lands. We spoke to them about this, and asked for their help. That didn’t happen, though.

Unit 7756 offered us help, specifically with the 30 raiding gogs. And they did, very well. They scared everyone and cleared the land. And after, they retreated harming no others, even when Yagogi attacked them and final deathed members of their tribe. This bothers me to no end, if any tribe tries to leave the battlefield now, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were attacks on the retreating people even if it was under peace because Yagogi attacked Unit 7756 in this manner.

I don’t know if speaking about the Pit mongels will matter, I believe they are part of the Ka gor tribe. This tribe is part of the Der’al collective, and based on the people that took our uhyrus, they have made an alliance with the UTR.

shakes head

There is so many things, and I just don’t know what to do"


Og Alma took a stern look at Bill, "First step Embrace your true name. Your name is not Uhryu.
Uhryu is a title. To just call you Uhryu is to make you less of a person.
People know when they hear of Bill of the Green pants, that he is a protector of the Ferals. When they only hear the title Uhryu, they think a gog is hiding his true self.

Allow your tribals to retake their true names, the names of their souls. Speak from that soul to the Yagogi and meet with them seeking compromise.

Send your tribals out to aid other tribes in need of help. Let them introduce themselves as true gogs, as individual souls worthy of respect and individuality. Let each tribe meet a true member of your tribe who they can befriend. Compromise and seek the way that allows all to join together.

Visit your enemies in the UtR, seek each out individually if you want respect. See if you can find a middle ground.

Before you go among the Yagogi you should know that none consider the Yagogi as training ferals in raiding. Raiders came to their lands, as they came to many lands. The Yagogi forged a non-aggression pact with these ferals, as many Karovian tribes did. If you visit with them judging them for these choices you will find your hopes of alliance burned to ash before your first words are spoken."


A figure in a black cloak with purple trim walks up to the Olgogs talking, he wears a silver mask emblazoned with the image of a calm faced Earther. He bows slightly in a respectful manner. He waits for a break in the conversation then speaks “Respectful greetings, I am Orz’ad, I am one of the bodyguards of the Herald of Wintermute. I am also acting as an envoy when the Herald is otherwise occupied. I was invited here by one called Quartermaster to speak to Uhryu about an offer to help protect his tribe and the ones they protect from the flamewinds. You seem to be deep into discussion however so now that I have stated my purpose I shall wait here until you are done or I am addressed directly. I apologize if my interruption is considered to be rude, I just wanted to state my purpose and not just stand next to you in a way that could be believed to be awkward.”

After saying that Orz’ad would take one step back and wait patiently.



upon approaching with Orz’ad and hearing Og Alma complain about the names

This with the names again? When will gogs let our tribe live with our ways. Why are you always judging for how we cope from Rapi’og.

I am one of the oldest members of this tribe, I remember Rapi’og’s father, and when he was born. Growing up, Rapi’og damn near worships physical strength, using it freely on other gogs of our tribe. Seeing this his father and our old Uhryu, Yi’ru made a deal to have him learn in Brez hoping he would learn to be a decent gog. The though was that with the stronger gogs of brez, he would see that his strength isn’t everything.

Our Mag’ol was old, and his body joined the sands as his mate and the previous Mag’ols before him. Rapi’og came back, and took his place as leader of the tribe.

The next few weeks were the worse of my life.

We were informed we were property, and that is how we were referred to. Property, give me your food. Property, go get me water. Any objections or stating our names and we received beatings as punishment. Yi’ru saw that this was getting out of hand, and challenge Rapi’og to Rapitor. Rapi’og swiftly defeated Yi’ru. Rapi’og ripped Yi’ru’s lower jaw off, ate it, and then broke every limb. He tied a rope around Yi’ru’s neck, and then proceeded to force march us across the sands. FOR THREE DAYS

At the end Yi’ru was still alive, I don’t know how. Rapi’og then exiled him, he told Yi’ru that he is never to be part of Gultor’uf again. That is the last I saw of our old Uhryu. Next was the attacks on other small tribes, Rapi’og would seek out the other Mag’ols, defeat them, and then declare the Mag’ol exiled from all tribe, lording over their broken bodies. He left them for dead, and when the gogs he impressed stated there names they were beat, told they were property.

All this until Uhryu gesturing at Bill arrived. I don’t know who sent him, but many gods were thanked that day. Uhryu showed up, and when Rapi’og started to be belligerent Uhryu defeated him. It was the first time that we seen it happened, we though it was a fluke. But then it happened again, and again. Life got better, but we were still referred to as property.

We learned this fear, we learned that names were bad, if we had one we would be beat.

Uhryu organized our tribe, gave each of us specific duties. From that, we started calling each other by what we did. Rapi’og didn’t beat us for that. Those became our names, our true ones. These are the names that protected us from harm, those are the ones we will keep

Looks at Bill

Uhryu, this is Orz’ad. He is offering to build an ice dome for us, and show us how to sustain it.

stomps off to see others of the tribe


Uhryu (Bill)

towards alma

Please forgive him, he has taken the recent events harder than most. I believe one of the Ur Maks that died was his closest friend.

*to all here *

Welcome Orz’ad, we were just discussing what to do. I would like to build a city out here on these ruins but I would need 6 of the strongest earth leyas users. I don’t believe we have time to find them though. Please relate your plan to us



sneaks up (its a habit)

Uhryu, Krodnock offered a place to stay, but I declined because they didn’t have space for the other tribes.


Uhryu (Bill)

Greetings Hunter, It’s nice we have gotten so many offers, but from the sounds of it these people from wintermute have the best plan so far. I would be unable to get the gogs I need to create the walls we need, but they will build an ice dome and show us how to sustain it. We would be able to start rebuilding this place during that time under this dome.

I need you to do me a favor, can you go speak to the Yagogi tribe for me? Og Alma relates that it should help the reputation of our tribe.



Since when are you worried about reputation of our tribe?