Mt. Sandspire and the Citadel of Mt. Sandspire


The mountain seemed to have much larger amounts of sandstone than the surrounding quartz that made up much of the nearby mountain range.

At the top of the mountain was a hole going deep into the top of the mountain. From that hole issued a nearly constant spire of swirling sand. Like a sandstorm held in position it was quite a sight as travelers approached the mountain.

It seemed hard to believe that such a magestic spire could be naturally occurring, but none knew about its origins or its cause.


At the highest point of the mountain was a shining citadel, its shimmer fully from the wide glass windows, and beautiful glass statuary. Exquisitely carved sandstone was accented by glass statuettes.

The entrance to the Citadel was carved directly into the mountain wall. Approaching it, there were obvious symbols of the Twin Falcon Tribe, and ancient K’iorn tribe said to be honored by Lord Falos as his own personal protectors.

Two K’iorn soldiers dressed in ceremonial glass armor with crude looking rubber gloves. Both carried flaming spears held at the ready.

[Currently only Nuria has access to Mt. Sandspire. She may choose to bring any players she chooses to visit this site.]


There was an army of IceGuard now surrounding the walls of Mt. Sandspire. What had been an easy walk in was now only available by aerial entrance. But Crackler Watt was there on the high balcony looking down and trying to figure out what his next move was for the defenders of the Citadel.


[Eli, Grim, Lurtor and Nuria now have access to this thread]


Lurtor felt he was too all over the place these days. Good thing he could teleport and fly.
After Lurtor got there and flew up to the top. Lurtor said "Greetings. I will help you defend this place as I do not wish them to have hold. But the head of this spire may owe me a conversation down the road. We worked together before to prevent the warmonger from gaining a hold, I guess we can do it again. They don’t look like the wanting to talk away the conflict.

But I’m not sure of these beings. Since you are in and they are out. I can create a storm of lightning around that army. Do a bunch of mass damage around them to soften up them. Or at least make it miserable for the army outside. I can also take pot shots at them as well.

Someone else may have to work on the defenses of the Spire. Maybe a nice flame wall around or something. But that is beyond me."

does anyone have other ideas?"


Crackler Watt looked at the Olgog in disbelief, “What sort of strange Olgog are you?? Tell me how do I know you do not serve Pelonious IceGuard.”

Vadim stepped out holding a wide cape that cast an even wider shadow. He said, “Calm Crackler, Lurtor is an…old friend.”

“Good, then we can begin preparing for that plan,” said Crackler motioning to a nearby K’iou to carry some orders downstairs to the battle.


“Fire,” Nuria replied. "Lots and lots of fire. Wouldn’t that be a good idea against ice creatures?


“And firepower,” Eli added as he walked out of nowhere. “Neck shots for the boss and heads shots for everyone else.”


Eli says, “Me and the swiss miss are going help ya take out Pelonious. If I can get some backup from my colleges, that would be great, because I think ice giants can only be slapped around with fire or energy based weapons.”

“I’ll go sneak up on Pelonious…”

“Ha, Ha and Ha,” taunted Buffy.

“…really, dear? I’m the only non-OtO immutable around for miles. I’m immune to the steam attacks because of it.”

“They’re going to step on you and punch you.”

“Got a nano shield.”

“You’re still going to get killed.”


“What am I going to do if you eat ice? Shoot a nanite in your ass?”

“Yes.” Eli threw his sniper rifle at Buffy.

Buffy was thoughtful as she checked the ammo. “I got your rifle and my rifle ready.”

“Just think happy thoughts if you shoot me missy.”

“Sunshine and lolly pops all the way down.”


(Week 10+)

The celebration of their victory had been a lavish affair. Vadim and Crackler Watt had spared no expense, even breaking out a cask of Ath Wine, the last they had brought out from the prison dimension. As Nuria, Eli, Grim and Lurtor had feasted in celebration of the win against Pelonious, they heard many a tale as Crackler Watt got deep into his drinks.

Tales of the Elemental Holy Wars hundreds of years before on the Prison Dimension. As Crackler Watt spoke of the mighty Airship fleets of the GreyFalcon Armies. Of their grey carapace armor, and their magi cannons and magi lances, and Lurtor and Grim couldn’t help but be reminded of Warmonger’s Dead in their own past battles. It seemed Warmonger hadn’t invented that thematic nor the tools himself, once again pulling from what already was available for his uses.

Crackler Watt even spoke of Vadim’s bravery against the undead armies of Vul. Telling tall tales of Vadim fighting sword and magi cannon on the mast of an airship against Kaeleoch Boarding troops, while commanding an entire fleet via commcrystal.

Vadim sighed and leaned in saying, "I am sorry, poor Crackler is a little into his cups and he always talks of the good old days… He is taking Nereel’s death better than I expected. I think he is feeling hopeful. We have the UnderWyrm, we have you as allies.

I do not think Warmonger has a chance."

One of Vadim’s GreyFalcon bodyguards leaned in and said, “Sir, should we prepare the Ath Revenge?”

“Yes prepare the airship,” slurred Crackler Watt with a smile, and a snort, he had already finished a trio of casks of Mushroom Wine in the past hour.

Vadim said, “It took much to build an airship here, with such limited tools. But we succeeded.”


Lurtor says "I would love to see this airship. My Elders built and designed Airships. Though his were made using wood, stone, and leyas as they have that in ample supply. "

Lurtor then ponders for a few seconds and asks Vadim. Lurtor then asks "Vadim, you seem to have the opposite problem I have have. I have access to many trade routes and even suppliers I could buy from, but no one to sell them to. I doubt there is much I couldn’t acquire. And you have a lacking of materials, tools and supplies and no one to buy them from. We could have another chance to workout something beneficial to both of our people.

If you want to give it a try, we could have our people work out the details."


Vadim smiled saying, "Yes, a challenge is that our settlement must remain hidden, so we cannot take shipments directly. But if Jemison Post was willing to host our supplies, I would have Crackler Watt move to Jemison Post and handle our shipments keeping them hidden from prying eyes.

What I can offer in exchange is meat, Giant Boar Steaks and Giant Auroch Steaks that my Vorin hunters bring us from the dimension of Dokrice. We can provide enough meat and lard for 250 people each month.

Is that fair an equitable?"

Lurtor was surprised considering many of the K’iorn and Vorin of Refuge spent a good chunk of time vegetarian. It seemed these GreyFalcon K’iorn were very, very different than their Refugian cousins. These GreyFalcons seemed happy to hunt the majestic giant beasts of the distant dimension of Do’krice and eat their flesh with abandon.


Lurtor says “I accept. I have started setting up a market place for this to help this out. Many will need to purchase goods and hopefully this will expand options as we all grow.
I will make Grim aware of this.”

After the meeting Grim will remind Grim of this offer as it will help them feed more of his nation. Every little bit is going to help.


[After Glacial Wastes Finale]

Mt. Sandspire had become a strong trade partner with Jemison Post. As a result, there was an influx of travel into the region, with many adventurers trying to explore the area around Mt. Sandspire.