Message to Lalder of the UTR, from Godart of the Lucky Fate Squad


Written or dictated:

"Dear Lalder,

My name is Godart and I personally invite you to the launch of our gang’s spaceship on Isle of Mag Buskt. Why? I’m under the impression that you are a spaceship enthusiast. You might enjoy this. Even though we don’t like your statist control freak policy of sticking you nose in other people’s business (where it doesn’t belong), I’m not a petty gog. I bet don’t like us either or know about us. But, I’m the Boss of my gang and they need to practice some love and tolerance. Everyone needs some lessons in this including me. Also, most likely this event would be a great chance for “haters” to cause more problems and the gang understands need for “non-haters” to come together to show support for a good cause. Which this is for everyone gog and non-gog alike.

Enough of this happy touchy stuff and come on down to discuses the times in a non-blow stuff up way.



Lalder responds "I will accept the invitation. Either myself or one of my will be there.

I have two warnings to pass on. First and most important and having nothing to do with this. Your group was near one of the most feared and thought to be exstint beings. They are called Neliffs and they serve the Warmonger as far as I know. I would not trust any interaction with the Yyan Giants as that has been where they have been found. I do not know how close, but in the area at least. They are like the Qual N Drone except there is no benefit for the host. They implant a larva into the host and completely control them. And the Neliffs are master’s of Illusion as well and eat Annihilation waves for breakfast.

Back to topic. I do not want to take away from you and yours hard work. But I fear its Launch is not well thought through. I fear you do not understand what you bring on all Olgogs. Your spaceship launch, without the proper diplomacy could cause the Iron Republic to take notice, and even worst invade the south, the Olgog Lands. There is a treaty between the EEF and them that only approved ships maybe in orbit. Even ships that get to high, but still in space can draw them. I tell you this from experience and I do not wish your crew to die. My incident was stopped because I had direct communication with the EEF before my ship got to high and resolved it peacefully.

You can take this warning as my controlling side and I can’t help but try to prevent the deaths of millions, so I give it. Remember you have been working with an Olgog you has managed to offend all of the colonies and is an outlaw in Tla’loc’al for the murder of thousands. OtO might promise safety, but he is not in good standing with the parties that matter.


"Dear Lalder,

Yeah, yeah I get it. Don’t piss the EEF or IR off. I’ll make sure someone gets a hold of them to make sure no one drops a nuke or fires a death ray down here. Don’t want to be that guy who messes things up.

Neliffs? They sound bad but my only experience with them was ok but creepy. Not that I got up close to one nor did they get close. I guess. Maybe? Qual freak me out and so these guys just sound worse all the time. What would you me like to do? Get some medical exam or something? I don’t have these urges to enslave anyone.

Anyhow, I’ll see you here.



Lalder response "Have someone from Unit 817 look at all of your members. Especially the ones that will be aboard your ship. They can detect the neliffs or any other mind control. I know others that could, but I figure the holy undead would be a good neutral party rather than one of mine who could do the same.

But in doing this, I would do this on the Down low as if there is someone infested with the neliff, the neliffs will move if they feel they are being outed."