Lord Resugent desires to trade for water and knowledge of farming.


Lord Resugent left his tower with four Squires and a wagon, they headed for Tla’loc’al. From what he understood they were masters of developing farming within the Goblin Lands and their wealth in water and other resources were unmatched…plus he really felt that they would be easier to make deals with then Brez. As he approached their boarders he would stop at the edge and search for patrols. When he found defenders he would surrender himself to them and politely request to be taken to Lalder as an offical representative of Lord Grimaldus.

“The towns of Absalom, and Hebron are towns that both Earthers and Olgogs do and will live in peace together. We are in the process of changing them from simple tent towns to permanent locations, it is hard work but we feel that more locations where our people can live together in peace will bring us all together. As we develop we wish to learn from you and how you survive in these harsh environments, we know that your people are unmatched in their knowledge of farming and water gathering and wish to learn from you. We have very little to trade for these things as we are just starting out. We can provide some of our excess metal weapons and armor, but as we are now cut off from Dunesphere we don’t have much to spare. We are trying to develop some glass work, perhaps some glass art, or glass arrow-heads could be traded? While useless against armor they can be used against unarmored targets, by breaking inside the enemy’s bodies these weapons can prevent healing. Sounds rather harsh but honestly we don’t have much and we are trying to figure out what to make with our very limited resources, we have sand, stone, and bone. The only other thing we can trade is our knowledge of Light leyas. We are probably one of the biggest collection of light leyas users in all of the Goblin Lands. Perhaps you might be interested in that?”

Lord Resugent would wait patiently and kindly for responses, hoping that they would heed him.


Auf Lalyan heads out to meet with Lord Resugent. Auf Lalyan says “Lalder is often out of Tla’loc’al in his work for the UtR. I can act in his place.”

Auf Lalyan listened to Resugents request. Then she smiled and said "I think we can help each other. While we do know some Light leyas, we do not have many teachers so it has been slow to teach Light leyas.

Also we wish for your settlements to grow and succeed. We need those examples of Olgogs and Earthers working together. Simonsburg is a good start as well as the trading post. But we need more settlements to show the benefits to Earthers and Olgogs alike.

I will send 10 tribesmen and 5 Apprentice Aufs to each settlement. They will bring our farming kits, leyas artifacts created to help in farming in this land. The Apprentice Aufs will help with your water issues. They will either help create some wells and/or create some water leyas artifacts to create the water needed. If you have 5 at each settlement who would be willing to learn water leyas, they will each them water leyas. This should start the process of allowing the settlements to be self sufficient. If your people are willing to use them, the farming kits are yours.

What I ask in exchange is that our help is let others know of our help and that those I send to help are eventually taught Light leyas. Also, allow us a spot in the settlement for someone in the tribe to stay, keeping communication going. We hope this will be the start of building long term allies and friends."

OOC the Farming Kits contain:
Wooden Ring of Tunneling, Change Earth (at 3 successes each)
Disease Dowsing Stick - Using Earth and Healing together to locate diseased plants (Locate and Healing Leyas together), and Speak with Plants to get how the plant feels.
Waterskin of Create Water, purify Water, Cure Disease - THis is to tend and water the crops while removing any poisons or diseases. Keeping the plants healthy and inter keeping the gogs who eat it Healthy. (3 successes each)


Lord Resugent nodded politely at Auf Lalyan. "A pleasure to meet you Auf Lalyan, your terms are acceptable. We appreciate your tribe’s generosity in these matters. While your citizens are in our towns we shall assign those willing to learn to accompany them and learn from them. At the same time we shall prepare instructors to teach your people Light leyas to go where you wish. Also while we are constructing the towns we shall be sure to make a place for members of your tribe to stay in comfort whenever they wish to be there. Currently each town is just a collection of tents so it will be a while before we can construct a more permanent settlement. We lack the skill in the leyas of your people so we are constructing everything by hand, our people are determined however to carve out a new future free of the Church’s influence. We look forward to building our friendship.

As for the Farming Kits, our people would be proud to use them as long as your people show them how to."


Auf Lalyan says "Then the kits are yours. The tribesmen will teach your people how to use them. I will send the gogs right away. If you wish, we can send you back in Lur Union fighters with them, though the horses might not like it.

One thing of note, our farms tend to be underground. This protects them from the horrible environment and the flamewinds. So with the farms, and through the use of the tunneling rings, we can also make reinforced underground bunkers.

But at some point before the rainy season or the flamewinds, you will want to build permanent structures. Though we are better at underground structures, let us know if you wish our help there. Lalder can create the City wall when you decide where the boundaries should go. And we can use earth leyas to form buildings."

(OOC This was my planned response to help build these communities as fast as possible. (Even sent a message to Narrator of my intent last night.) I just saw Delurs post, so I toned my offer down to just an offer of help when requested to leave options open for Delur’s trade. But if Asked, my tribe would help build. But the more helping the better too. I don’t have the resources to build the farms, cities and make everything look great at the same time.)

(OOC Not sure if we need another thread for the actual building, but i will make the tribesmen and Apprentice Aufs to be there, and that I gave the Farming kits to you. Each town will get 10 Tribesmen with Kits, 5 Apprentice Olgogs riding in 1 Lur Union Fighter, and 2 Civ Skimmers.)


Lord Resugent smiled at Auf Lalyan "Underground farms would be just fine, this is one of the reasons why I came to you to ask for assistance, you know the best way to feed people while protecting the crops from the heavy rains and the flamewinds. The farms we have now have some protection from the heavy rains but we do lose a decent amount of stock from them. We haven’t had much trouble with the flame winds due to the location of the farms but they are always a danger.

As for underground bunkers, and more permanent structures we would happily accept your aid for them in the towns of Absalom, and Hebron. These towns have our most open minded individuals who are ready to live and work next to our Olgog neighbors and friends. The communities around my tower and the Fortress Isaias however are taking longer to adapt. A lifetime of hatred cannot be forgotten in such a short amount of time. However we hope in time they will come around as well. For those communities we will construct everything ourselves.

We look forward to working with your people, as for the ride back, you are right, the horses and carriage wouldn’t work well on your craft so we will head back on our own, however we thank you for your offer."

(So for the towns of Absalom, and Hebron yes on everything :slight_smile: Underground farms, bunkers, and city walls when the cities are ready to have them.)


(Please advise building location of Absalom and Hebron to Narrator so they can be added to the main map)


Auf Lalur’ab sends a message and a crystal to Lord Grimaldus and/or Resurgent. It says "We have been working on the underground bunkers for your settlements, but I’m not sure if they will be enough. Our forces are stretched very thin. We can ground the leyas in these shelters. (ooc General 1 Grounding Ward ). Do you have any tech or abilities to deal with the Burning air, or recycle the air to keep it breathable?

Do you have any ability to supplement what we have done? "