Learning About the Faiths (Yirhug's Journey Part 1)


After the battles, Yirhug has learned so much about the tribes of Der’al. The Dead Unit that protects his home in Drewsport would once have been his enemies but instead he respected them. The social contract that the people of Drewsport shared between Pirates, Dead Soldiers, Immutables and Earther civilians was impressive to his impressionable mind. He felt it could be spread across Der’al if the Olgogs were only open to it.
Then he realized that he didn’t really understand a single thing about the faith of the Shield of the Redeemer, the Church of One, the Drummers of the Thunder Gods, or the other faiths practiced in Drewsport.

He decided it was high time to expand his frontiers and learn all he could about other faiths.

How to do it?

He would invite worshipers from any faith in Der’al to come as long as they came to teach peacefully and not hurt anyone.

The Mission:

Explain the major tenants (beliefs) of your character’s faith. Goal 1

Explain who your founder of faith is, and how your character feels about that founder. Goal 2

Explain what your major holy site is (if there is one). Goal 3

One Post per player. First player doesnt get an extra post.

This mission will end on 15 November, please only post until 8 pm.


Yawgmond looked upon the building in which this meeting was to take place. It appeared to have once been a large ship, but was now set much farther inland than the docks of Drewsport. No longer did it carry passengers and cargo across the seas, but now housed them on dry land.

He snapped his attention back to the mission at hand. He hadn’t come to Drewsport to look at buildings. He was in town, and in front of this building, on an invitation. Yawgmond had come to Drewsport to spread the word about the Devotion.

Looking around the lobby where he was sitting, there were a few chairs set up in a semi-circle against the back wall. The only chair occupied at the moment was the one he was sitting in. There was a small gathering of civilian 'gogs near the front of the room, who had gathered to learn about the newer religions in the lands.

There weren’t any other representatives that had arrived yet, but after an introduction explaining this gathering, an Olgog named Yirhug has asked that Yawgmond talk in the meantime.

“Well then,” he said, standing and moving to the center of the semi-circle of chairs. He lowered the hood of his cloak and put his hands behind his back. “Hello, everyone. Right now, I am going to talk to you about the Devotion. It’s a new religion that has recently started attracting followers. Right now, we have a church in Simonsburg, but i believe that, depending on how this meeting goes, we’ll be looking to expand, and get ourselves set up with a church here in Drewsport.”

Yawgmond paused. “The founder of our faith is an Olgog named Krodnok. And he isn’t necessarily the founder of our faith. Just a focus…”

"You see, Krodnok isn’t like you, in the strictest sense. Krodnok doesn’t technically live. He’s a Dead, and was once in the service of the Evil known as Warmonger. Once he broke free, he wandered for a time, not sure with what to do with his existence. Recently, within the last year or so, he has dedicated himself to the eradication of the Warmonger and his minions.

"Those of us who count ourselves among the followers of the Devotion, followers of Krodnok, believe in him. Of the things he can do. We believe in what he will do. And that is all the Devotion requires. To believe in Krodnok. To believe in Krodnok is to believe in his cause. And his cause, is to see to it that the Warmonger is removed from existence.

"There is a contingent of warriors, soldiers who share the same beliefs as Krodnok. and who have dedicated themselves to taking a more, uh, direct stand against the Cult of Warmonger. Those who number among his soldiers are volunteers. And those he has freed from the Warmonger, who seek to put a stop to the atrocities committed in the name of the Warmonger. While we do not actively seek more warriors, volunteers are always welcome.

“Faith is all we ask. There is no request for donations. We do not seek more warriors. All we need is faith. Belief in Krodnok. Faith in his cause. Those who wish to join the Devotion, see me after this gathering. There is a prayer that we speak, once a day at dusk, that you must learn. For those of us that need to think about it, who need to mull it over, once you make up your minds and wish to show your devotion to Krodnok, we have our church in Simonsburg that you may travel to to learn this prayer.”

Yawgmond waited, and watched as the 'gogs in the crowd whispered to each other about the things that he had just said. The crowd grew quiet once more. He spread his arms wide in front of him, and he continued. “In Krodnok we put our faith, our belief, and our devotion. To us, there is no higher cause than his.” He let his arms drop, and he bowed his head. He turned and returned to his seat.


Yeung Ling was posted in Drewsport. He had a mission. First, keep an eye out for irregularities. Second, to take care of the ‘toy.’ So the tall man in dark robes was standing, minding his business, when a gathering formed of people talking faith. Yeung’s dark eyes narrowed as he removed his dark hair off his forehead, revealing skin that has seen much of the sun it its time. He was tempted to join the conversation, but did not want to give away his true intentions. Yeung Ling was a well learned man, so he knew how to hold his own in a conversation about faith. He grinned stupidly, knowing that his desire to speak about the Church of Shadows would get him killed but would make for hilarious conversation.

He calmly waited his turn, careful not to interrupt anyone. While of course, he didn’t want to engage in religious argument, he couldn’t help himself, to some extent, refuting at least some of the major religions on Refuge.

“The world is filled with violence. Violence feed’s the world’s negative energies, one that cannot be counteracted by the actions of any single creature, being, or person. There are races that would subjugate the universe to it’s will, nations that wish to establish their dominance over others, and faiths would would bring darkness into the world and have us be their slaves. This violence, however, cannot be counteracted with violence. No, only love, compassion, and empathy will overcome these forces. But everyone can be redeemed. They must be given the opportunity, and we must love them as if they were our brothers. Defend them with honor, and show them honor above all else. We must peacefully meditate, bring our energies together, and make ourselves grow strong with love and harmony. But above all else, we must accept others as they are, show no hatred, offer no war, and understand them for what they are. Only by seeking this knowledge will we become enlightened, find ascension, and become one with the universe. Do no violence, accept and learn from others, and show compassion to others, even if they don’t deserve it. That is the way of the leaf, and how we bring balance back into the world.”

Yeung Ling paused for a moment before continuing. “There are a great many folk you can believe in, I’ve studied them all. The Lord Azrael, Joseph Blank, Matthew, a Pope, Lord Falos, the Qual N’drone, or even Camarel… all hold power, and all are worthy focii of devotion. But I say this, I do not put my faith in a single being. Beings, no matter how powerful, or how knowing, all serve their own purposes. I believe in myself, and what I can do for others, not in an entity to save me or fight someone else for me. Individuals tip the scales, one way or another. Serve others, and let that love serve you back. Love, not hate or war, overcomes all. I do not have any forbears, and I don’t claim my philosophy has any divinity. But it also means I can practice it anywhere, do it with anyone, and no single place or person defines my actions. Forgiveness transcends origin, purpose, or location. Redeem the ill actions of your brother or sister, and there will you find your salvation. One love, everyone, one love.”

Yeung Ling smiled at all those gathered. He would have offered his name, but it was better if he did not share who he was. Good ideas are better without a name, otherwise, he’d be no better than Candy, Morgoth, and other faiths who became cults of personality as opposed to serve a greater purpose. He smiled, ironically, knowing that few would be able to tell his true belief in his speech. However, he hoped he’d inspire some to do good deeds, and ignore that whole “let’s pray to kill” thing that often lead to the path of Warmonger. He wondered what his friends would have thought of his speech, as he waited to hear the next in line.


Khalid Phoenixkiller looked at the veritable pup who called together the meeting.

He knew a red fur when he saw one, had even led them into battle a long long time ago.
Now this red fur was walking the path of the Bladed Sun? Khalid didnt expect him to survive long.

He needed a little help and he would need allies, and Khalid knew just the rogue Quall Queens to contact.
It would take a little convincing and Khalid almost felt bad for any easily impressionable youths in the audience.

"Ahem, please hold your boos until the end.
I am here to speak of the Cult of the Horned Dog.
Our goal is largely a noble one. I believe that most people deserve at least an extra hundred years of life. They deserve to live without pain, without sickness. They deserve constant love and attention and positive reinforcement.
These are the tenents of the Cult of the Horned Dog.
Achieving oneness and finally achieving enlightenment of the distant shores.

No one loves s deeply or lives as fully as a Horned Dog practicioner. But choosing which faction of Horned Dog worship to follow. And that means finding the proper Dimension Walker to follow.

A dimension walker searches the distant shores for worthy beings who should be given the choice of becoming a Horned Dog.
Each faction of dimension walkers serve a different Quall Ndrone Hive and are considered apostles of the faith.
The dimension walker is at the right hand of the Quall Ndrone Queen.

The founder of the Cult of the Horned Dog under that name was…myself. Before i joined the group it had no true name and the Dimension walkers were free agents.* I organized them across hive lines and had them work together between allied hives.

And helped them destroy rogue hives from the inside out…

The holiest site of the entire Horned Dog cult no longer exists. It was the obsidian temple of the Progenitor Queen which was destroyed by missile barrages during the Siege of Refuge.

There are rumors of a “hell” a place of punishment which exists only in the Hiveminds’ collective unconsiousness known as the Temple of the Rogue Hivequeens but i have never seen it myself.


Kolgol entered the room, accompanied by an imp servant who padded along behind him, carrying a large bag of supplies. The little creature had a hell of a time lugging the overly large bag around, and it cursed in an alien tongue. Silencing the imp, Kolgol glanced around the room, making note of who was there, and settled quietly into the back to listen to those who were speaking. When Khalid had finished his speech, Kolgol walked to the front of the room and cleared his throat.

“Hello. I am Aufgog Kolgol, of the venerable tribe of Ka’Rhug. Some of you may have already heard of our faith, it is a secret by no means. We call ourselves the Children of Kalok, and we are no more than that. Kalok is our creator, the patron deity of our tribe. We believe that it was he who appeared in blazing radiance to lead our ancestors to the volcano we now call our home. This action saved us from the harsh winter of Auf Kol, and gave us defense from our enemies, living and dead.”

“The Tenets of our religion are quite simple really. For starters, it is required that one wear a brand on his or her body to symbolize faith in the fiery One. This is done based on how devoted one is to the religion, and can range from a small mark to a complete face brand. Secondly, it is common policy to burn the bodies of the deceased after they have died. This is typically done in the temple of Kalok, located conveniently at the top of our volcano home. Note, this means that resurrection is strictly forbidden. To reanimate a corpse is to steal a soul from Kalok’s warm embrace. Lastly, you are required to spend 2 seasons of the year in service to Kalok. Whether it is serving in the Black Legion or simply keeping the temple clean, you are required to serve.”

“You may wonder, ‘who started this religion?’, ‘How do you know this Kalok exists?’ The answer is; nobody. They are beliefs that have run in our tribe for generations. However, it was only some years ago, when the Krato worshiping section of our tribe left, that I put these tenets into solidity. We know he exists just as the Church of One know their god exists. It is faith that creates and fuels him, just so with Kalok. As to the holy places of the Children of Kalok, it is anyplace where Kalok’s radiance bursts through the living rock to meet the open skies. Commonly put, Volcanoes. None more so than our own, Mount Rhug. Thank you for listening to our beliefs, and I hope it has enlightened you. May you walk in Kalok’s warmth and shun the eternal cold.”


The giant blue skinned cambion felt uncomfortably tall as he stood alongside the Olgogs and other faithful.
He was an assassin not a missionary but felt this planet could always serve the balance better. He cleared with throat and said,"Greetings I am Rogarth who once served the Druid Council of Lestastral.
I have done many things in my life but some of my proudest moments have been serving as a Balancer.
The Balancer faith proposes that all the universe is balanced between Good and Evil, Law and Chaos, Order and Disorder.
Every sentient chooses by action not thought do they push the balance in one direction or another.
When true Balance is reached both Good and Evil become tools for the universe to direct the actions of sentient minds.

There is a place for both good and evil in the universe.

The balancer believes the most malignant force is neither good nor evil but senseless warfare.
In senseless warfare the good is perverted and the evil is weakened to normalcy. All die all are ravaged and the sentient mind recoils in horror.

In our desire to stop senseless warfare there are times when a Balancer will assassinate a single specific being who threatens to create warfare to feed the Warmonger. We do not view this action as good. It is an evil that we live with every day of our lives.
When we die we must suffer the deaths of all those we eliminated over and over again. In experiencing their pain and fear we atone for snuffing out a sentient mind.

Balancers must expose ourself to all elements and equally understand the pain and benefits they cause.

Our only holy site is the great Tree which holds the Druids council on the Prison Dimension of Lestastral.
And our founder was none other than the Dimensioncreator who calls itself the Balance who is the worldstuff from which the prison dimension is formed.

We do not judge sin because the only true sin is serving the Warmonger. All other lesser sins are signs of the shortsightedness of the sinner.

I am a killer of men and gogs and countless other beings. But in serving the balancer i seek to achieve a greater future for all"

Rogarth had not spoken like this in ages and stepped back with a deep breath.

He then added, “The benefits of the Balancer are great but so is his or her burden. No freedom no self guidance and yet full freedom and endless choice. It is the hardest path to walk because all will view you as enemy. All will view you as danger to their leadership and governance and no home or nation will be open to you. Balancers are wanderers and only can keep the family they create.”


Sir Mag’Nrs was working in Unen to treat those hurt in the Pirates War and establish the ministry tent provided by those that he saved, when he heard news of an invitation to peacefully discuss faiths of the der’al. Der’al that was something he heard recently, it meant the world, the actual translation was all inside the great cave of the sky. The Olgog language was full of insightful ways of viewing things, and the young dark paladin was surprisingly excited picking up any pieces of his own cultures language from his short time while in Unen. This was just the first step in his pilgrimage of self discovery, but first must come his duty as a Morgothian and make his way to this meeting. While away, he left in charge the first people that had accepted his Morgothian sigil and assisted in aiding to help others.

The young dark paladin olgog entered the meeting hanging out by the wall in time to hear some of the other speakers. He was somewhat impressed and inspired with this Yeung Ling, but did not really consider it much of a religion and more a belief system. It seemed on par with the self worshipers, making his mention of Candy all the more ironic. Yeung Ling definitely an interesting fellow, was similar to others train of thought and reminded him of another of the Morgothians (not sure if it’s Yueng Ling or Ying Ling). He did his best to restrain himself when hearing the drivel of the dimenion walker and Kalok, seems like they speak of the same creatures to warship without knowing it. They spout the faith of monsters that wish to use the populace was a food source and as hosts, but no he would say nothing to discredit them. This meeting is meant to be peaceful and people can worship whomever they wish. Then there was the famed balancer Rogarth, who spoke great truths with a heavy heart.

Then the floor opened up, now was the opportunity for the newly appointed paladin to fulfill his duty and promote his own faith.
“Greetings to worshipers of the many faiths of der’al. I am Sir Mag’Nrs, a humble paladin of the Morgothian faith. As a Morgothian, we believe in honor and power as the most important things in life. We are often known as dark paladins, as a product of our mastery over nightmares and tough reputations. I have grown up serving brave paladins as a squire of the faith and am now a paladin myself, searching for my own answers. I have heard tales of paladins traveling to distant shores, and even witnessed paladins of multiple species working together, that normally would not even stand together. They have done this in service to the founder, our Lord G-d Morgoth, and follow the strict code of honor that he set. It is known that Lord Morgoth freed the peacebringers from their enslavement, and I believe that it was the Lord Morgoth that came to save my people during the genocide by the Church of One. It is for this reason, that I willingly accepted the mantle and have joined the ranks of the Morgothian Paladins. Now in command we follow the word of Morgoth’s heir, Lord Starsmith. As a paladin, it is like a wandering brotherhood of those that you can depend upon to fight with you for honor and the status quo being set right. I know that in these lands we hold dear to the Ruin of Morgoth, which lays at a crucial point between the Northern Kingdoms and the Colonies. I have heard tale of the greater presence of our forces, living and protecting the Dimension of Lestastral. I thank you for hearing me speak, and wish the best for all representatives in attendance.”


(I apologize that this is coming in so damn late, the Narrator said i should definitely post something up, but I am foregoing any rewards for the mission. Needed to represent on the religion front!)

And then there was a large rumbling as if a herd of mal’ie were being chased, from within the meeting shadows of a large furry creature could be seen in flashes as the herd scattered and the rumble came to a stop. Then it became frighteningly apparent that the creature was making it’s way to the meeting place. A musk spread about so thick that everyone could smell the stink of wet fur. The large beast’s shadow cast before the entryway, and without any hesitation popped in a tiny but familiar looking bastard. Scout, as most knew him across the planes, had a certain appeal for making an entrance. Those gathered could easily spot that the bastard’s hair was slicked wet, but that definitely did not account for the musky smell from his entrance. He began speaking with a natural easygoingness of any bastard; his hands playing almost as if they have a mind of their own as they rolled a number of joints of the most aromatic fragrance, flicked open and closed a fine zippo lighter and twirled a small ornate harmonica between his tiny by daft fingers.

“Hey all, it is great to see you … or just Rogarth. I guess if we’re having a discussion of faiths it’s good that the rest of you are all here. Sorry for getting in so late, I just heard word of the meeting while passing through the Gob… these GREAT lands. I came running from Unen, and boy are my legs tired. Anyhow, for those of you who don’t already know who I am, my name is Scout. I work with the Cult of the Tsoga, I’m considered part of the pack. We started as brave soldiers during the K’ias Wars, who took suicidal missions that forced us to never return home. We looked to the apex predator of Refuge, the native tsoga with powerful jaws and claws for hunting and whose warm fur can endure any climate or water temperature. We broke ourselves, becoming known as the beast faced warriors who were never to be trifled with. We followed the leader of our pack, known only as Black Claw and he was pretty damn cool. Afterwards, it turned out that many of the soldiers never died on their missions, but now had nowhere to return home. Black Claw and his hottie mate got us all together, a new home north of the Northern Kingdoms was forged for the beast faced warriors to call their own, it is the Aerie of the Tsoga. Here we have continued our efforts, weeding out the evils and injustice within societies. The tsoga were formed to fight against the K’ias, but now actively challenge the vampyrs, bandits, less-than-just rulers and lets not forget the Qual N’drone. So in conclusion, I wouldn’t really trust the word of someone that follow the evil qual n’drone; Morgothians can generally be d-bags and speak with forked tongue, but Rogarth and the druid Cykis are AWESOMMMMME. Wow, so that must be the balance here! Tsogas rule and I think that’s everything I have to say about that. So umm…would anyone care for some cheese?”