KING BLOOD'OG III is looking for Hobtor


King Blood’og III wants Hobtor Mine. How much is it going to cost?


Vektor was surprised. King Blood’og actually came in peace. And wanted to buy the mine. Strange.

Vektor looked over Urog’s main competitor and threat.

“It’s not for sale.”


King Blood’og III says, “I try peace. I try trade. But UtR no trade.”

King Blood’og III got angry and said, "UtR says old ways over. Says now trade replaces raids. But really UtR says Brezans stay in their place. How Brezans get what they need when UtR no trade, no sell.

Only solution old ways…

Old ways work for Mak Lal’tor. old ways only ways. Brez go back to what it was. When life was simple, and power was in hands of those who could take it."

King Blood’og III left the meeting. He would come back after the attack and see if the UtR changed its mind. Maybe the UtR will sell when it costs too much to own.