Jemison Posts - More construction projtects.


Manufacturing Row and the Green houses.

Lurtor looked at the area he had set aside for the manufacturing area. He had plans to start producing the materials they needed. While he was still gaining the strength in leyas to complete what he wanted, he had to change his mindset. He needed to use use the skills and knowledge of those around him.

But for the start, he could get things going and then artificed some tools to allow others to help if they lacked the leyas needed.

First, with the help of some of the aquamancers, they moved the snow away from the area. Next taking out the Krato belt and hammer that was artificed with lots of earth leyas.

With these, he Built up warehouse sized buildings. They needed a place to refine the ore they mined and a place to make the glass they needed to create for the green houses. Now he needed windows for these buildings. From him study materials back at his apartment, he had looked up the process of creating glass. Now he took out the paper and started to work out the artifacts needed to do this process.

He first created a few molds of difference sizes. These he artificed with earth and Fire leyas. The earth leyas was to change form. Dirt and sand could be placed in here and would change form down to a sand that would be then melted by the fire leyas to form the glass. He tried to follow the instructions to create strong glass.

Next, The glass would be put into a stone frame. That held 2 panes of glass. As he and the others that helped him worked through this, they would be creating the glass used for the windows of the warehouses. Once that is done and perfected, they would start producing the glass needed for the greenhouses.

Finally once the windows were covered, and a door was attached. Lurtor would artifced some heat stones to keep the insides of the buildings warm for workers.

Lurtor would look for an earth mancer and a good leader out of these helpers to see if someone was talented with this be put in charge of this process so he could move on.


While the setup of the glass production was underway, Lurtor had the area for the Greenhouses being cleared. The first Greenhouses would be smaller until he had some steel to work with. He would reinforce the Columns so they could be as small as possible But he didn’t want one buildings destruction to cause the loss of too much supplies.

This first larger green house would also be an area where the method of doing the growing could be worked out. Larger green houses could be used to raise animals after a layer of Grass is grown.

Finally, as the glass and farming is worked out, Each of the small homes will get their smaller green houses to help grow the food for that family per Tal’al’oon’s idea that he was working on.

Lastly, those green houses where light leyas would not hurt the occupents, The glass of the Green house would be artificed with Light leyas to bring in more light for the plants to grown with. This wouldn’t be done for all as their maybe some vampyres that this would harm. But done where possible.

From here, they would need to do something with the ore.


Lurtor was not a miner, and he would track down someone who knew this better than he did. He would again go back and look up the instructions on how to separate the ore into useful materials and if possible look for someone who can take charge in this.

Lurtor would also see if Technomancy could help separate the materials by checking to see if Fort Lendil had any special processing techniques documented.

Lurtor would create any artifacts needed to help separate off the junk from the ore and then the fire leyas containers that could melt the ore to allow the material to be poured into molds. Then this material could be shaped by earth leyas or other methods into the form needed for construction.

At first, the desire was for the iron and steel needed for the raw building materials.


Twenty technomagi from Tal Han’on had arrived in style, proudly wearing their “loyalty collars” as they called them. Led by Markuss Bro Dee, an Olgog Razor Wheel rider and former buddy of Prince Cha’ain of Fort Lendill, the Technomagi decided they really wanted to help with the Green Houses.

Their insistence that they do it the old fashioned way with their hands and tools was rather inspiring to Lurtor and he joined them. The two main green houses were built within a week, and they all retired to the Cold Draft for a drink.

The Technomagi seem happy to water and care for the plants. It seems peaceful for the veterans of the Border Wars.


As the need for food production is a top priority and the Warcouncil had given these Gracious Seeds to Lurtor and Grim. The Green houses would be expanded and expanded to create areas for these seeds to be planted. If usable, Underground areas lighted with Light leyas will be also formed to allow layed areas to grow food.


Additionally Lil was providing Jemison post with some special seeds. Additional Green houses will be built for these seeds to increase food production.

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Jemison Post now has an entire GreenHouse district devoted to food production. Currently using both Lil’ye’ahn’s agricultural upgrades from Fort Lendill, and the Gracious Seeds give by the Warcouncil of S’vana, the GreenHouse District is growing all the natural plant based foods for Jemison Post. Vitamin deficiency and malnutrition due to not enough veggies have ended for Jemison Post and McGraw Harbor nearby

As long as the GreenHouse District is maintained and protected, this will keep Jemison Post healthy.