Happy Holidays from the DR Team!


Happy Holidays from the DR Team!

No matter what you celebrate, we hope this holiday season is filled with fun and good times. I’m sending my personal love and well-wishes to everyone on this holiday season.

We also hope to see you this year at Running Gagg at Geneseo University in January. I will be running events all weekend, including the big end of Glacial Wastes adventure, where the players will have the choice of sealing away Warmonger once again, or annihilating him now that he is trapped in a Quall N’drone Body.

As a Holiday gift every PLAYER will get a 1 time Holiday gift of 5 Points for the character of their choice. (to clarify its one 5 Advancement point bonus for a single character. no matter how many characters people have, they may only apply this bonus to a single character.)

We hope this little bit of joy will bring you some holiday cheer and get you closer to those abilities you wanted to unlock for your character.

Much Love,

B.G. and the D.R. Team

P.S. If you come to Running Gagg this year, you will gain a one time 10 advancement point bonus for the character of your choice. We want to keep that holiday feeling going through the New Year!!


Looking forward to RUnning gag this year. The events look like lots of fun. Happy and safe holidays to everyone :slight_smile: