Glacial Wastes Mission 5: When the Quall attacked the Neighbors...who are Dragons...


With everything finally calming down, and Grim and Tiordane’s negotiations buying the Expedition at least a week of breathing room, most folks got back to rebuilding. But then the reports came in from the Aerie of the Icewyrms that it was under full attack by a Quall Horde.

Since the Doomwyrm Riders moved out, the IceWyrms and their allies have been exploring the other half of the Aerie. In its depths, Grim and Lurtor discovered a Falosini Sovereign youth infected with a Quall Queen Larvae. Held in stasis using an ancient Temporal Empire Stasis Chamber, the subject is unknown, but is obviously the target of the Quall attacks.


There are currently 40 Ancient IceWyrms, 300 Mature IceWyrms, 1000 Juvenile IceWyrms already involved in the battle against the Quall N’drone Horde. They are lead by IceWyrm General Kaiwaffen (H.P. 100, F.S. 15, 3 attacks, ancient IceWyrm).

They are arrayed against the Quall Horde of Ayxotoxya, marked as the Cult of Ayx (pronounced Aye Yex) on their banners. Two thousand Quall Soldiers, Seven hundred Flayers, Five hundred Pit Mongrels. They are led by Hivelord Deminoj, (who if slain will result in their entire Hive fleeing back to the plane of Fire from which they came).

Deminoj HiveLord is currently leading a force against the main western wall of the Aerie. He is seeking to melt through it with his praetorian guard of twenty Quall Soldiers, Fifteen Flayers, and Ten Pit Mongrels (armed as standard in the Core Book).

This wall has S.A.R. 200 and will lose 20 S.A.R. every combat round the battle continues for. When it hits 0, they will breach it and be into the vault area where the Falosini Sovereign Youth is being kept.

It seems there are three major options:

1- Attack and Kill Deminoj HiveLord. Take down the HiveLord and the rest of the Hive will flee back to the plane of Fire. Watch out for his bodyguards

2- Ignore the Dragons- They are dragons, they wanted to eat us last week, why help them now? But this will result in the fall of the Aerie of the IceWyrms to the Quall N’drone who will infect them with larva and breed more Quall AND the Quall get Horned Dog IceWyrms as riding beasts.

3- Give them the Falosini Sovereign Youth in Crystalline Storage in hopes they stop their attack. It seems to be the only reason for their attack. But then you release a dangerous Quall Queen on the loose…

Mission Rules

A player may act in response to the actions posted by another player in this thread, IF they have previously discussed a plan for this mission in a separate thread they choose to create in the forums.

A post should be under two paragraphs in length.


This mission ends on Friday September 30th at 12 Midnight EST.


Planning somewhere other than the Cold Draft? I know! Strange but you may want the help of the Dragon General

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plays song: Redfoo - Let’s Get Ridiculous

Eli “Immutable” McGraw prepared his gear inside the hovertruck known as Molly. Armed with sniper rifle with 10 zela shots(hands with strap attached), 4 heavy pistols(legs), nano shield (belt, 10AR vs stuff), double parachute(front, back), a bunch of flash bang and smoke grenades(arms, one Sea Kings Water-Proof Cauldron Bomb(getting a dragon to carry this, Does 30 Missile dmg, x3 dmg to ships, Area Effect), two Sea Kings Water-Proof Canister Grenades(arms, does 18 Missile dmg, Area Effect.), Sea Kings Water-Proof Satchel (belt) and nanite syringes. Plus Radio to contract the gang.

“You got my brain backup J.J. ?”

“Sure thing.”

“Good. If I don’t come back alive, which I will come back alive, have Molly here take you to back Dusk and get this backup to my wife. She’ll slap it into my body backup. That’s if you can’t find my body or what’s left of it.”

“Morbid Eli, morbid.”


“Well girls, have fun. See ya.”

Eli McGraw step out the truck as it hovered away from the westwall and the sounds of battle. He approached an ice wyrm name translated “I eat earthers for breakfast” or as Eli called him “Grumpy”. “You ready ready to drop me on Deminoj and make his day the last one he’ll ever see?”

“You bet you rotten Bagel,” Grumpy agreed hearty as he high five Eli.

The plan will be to have Grumpy fly high as he can over the battlefield and drop Bagel, I mean Eli, over Deminoj when everyone is in place. Grumpy will drop the Sea Kings Water-Proof Cauldron Bomb™ first on the guards and then Eli will jump (Profession: Sky Diver 3, Agi 6).

“Come back alive so we can have a nice breakfast!”

“Ha ha ha… uhm no thanks. I already ate.”

Before the bomb hits, he’ll aim, snipe the hivelord (4 attacks/round, Rifle Skill 6, Agi 6) until he get a hit and then drop all the grenades on the bodyguards. Pull cord and land. Then bang, bang and bang everything (8 attacks/round, Handgun Skill 7, Agi 6). Lastly Eli will slam the Water-Proof Satchel over Deminoj head (Hand to Hand 5, Str 5, Agi 6) and help his teammates do the rest.


Option 1:
Take down the Hive lord:

Lurtor would ask General Kaiwaffen “Please give the cover and distraction for Eli to make his sneak attack from the air. I’ll sing the song of frost to help your Dragons and hinder the Quall.”

Lurtor would still hand Nuria the Solder Model magi Pistol. Then prep an area to work from and to deposit the Quall Hive lord. With hopes that others can take out the Hive lord if needed when he arrives.

Following Eli and Nuria, his plan was to Sing a song of frost over the quall, adding to the Dragons efforts and slowing down the quall forces. Next, he would let Eli take his shot at the hive lord. Hoping the Zela shot stayed in the quall. Once Eli does his attack, Lurtor would open a shadow portal inthe Hive lords shadow to take him to the trap they setup for him. With the Zela inhibiting the quall Hive lord it should give him the time to act.

Lurtor would then shift the shadow portal over back behind the Quall lines so any that try to go through the same shadow that Lurtor pulled the Hive lord through will go somewheres else.

When the hive lord arrives, this is when he expects Nuria and any able dragons to strike the Hive lord down. So Lurtor will jump away, and position his own sniping position.

THe Infested Falosini fate will hopefully be deicded later maybe even allowing the scaple to be used to save it.

If the Technomancer crew is avialable, or a few members with the sniper cannons, position them so they can take out the quall attacking the wall to buy time.

Lurtor ((VLAD Agent) LR:6, Heal:1, Light: 3, Shadow:4, Air:3, Earth:3, Fire:2, Water:2, General:2, Shape:6, Summ:1, Troub:4, Techno:6) Adj: (Agl 6, Hlth 6, Int 5, Will 6, Str 12 (item), AR +10 M/M/E, Charisma (+4 Item), Profession(Spy) 6, Performance 4, Climb 4, Religion 3, Stealth 3, SoH 3, Leyas Recognition 2, Tech Repair 2, Tech Forger 3, Computers 1, Acting 1, Medicine/Healing 1, LCM 6, LCR 6, HtH 1, Pilot WG 3, Survivial 1, Diplomacy 2, Heraldry 2, Melee Strike +2, Ranged Shot +2, Rapid Throw +1, Duelist, Gun Slinger, Knifethrower, Quickdraw, Goo Warrior Special Training, Bladed Sun Devotion, Faith (Bladed Sun) 1, Path of the redeemer lvl 1, Shadow Assassin Devotion lvl 1, TimeShredded, Tough As Nails)

Vial of Djinni Blood.

Bone Rings: Animal Sight (4 Succ), Animal Smell/Hearing (4 Succ), (Catlike Reflexes (4 Succ), Monstrous Str (6 Succ), Vorpral Claws (6 Succ), Grow Armor (5 Succ), Ignore Poison (4 Succ). Effects are 12 Str (+9 Dmg), A.R +10 vs MME, Vorpral Claws (1D6+1 No AR), See in Dark, etc
Bone Ring: Regen 4/hps (2 Succ) and Obscure (6 Succ)

Weapons he has access to:
VLAD Phoenix Strike Pistol, Skull Crusher Magi Pistol, Magi Pistol - Soldier Model, 2 Magi Pistol - Capture Model, 2 Combat Knife (Shieldbreak 6 success),Paladin Sword, Gloves of Wave Motion Fist, 2 Swordfiend bone Throwing blades, Magi Cannon, Hell Forged Dagger, 2 Acid Grenades, 2 Liquid Nitrogen Grenades, 5 Sonic Grenades, 1 Vial of Djinni Blood

Sniper Rifle

Necklace of Lifeshield/Protective Aura 3 Succ.


Nuria looked over the Magi Pistol Lurtor had given her once more, and got ready. Lurtor would make the Shadow portal, she’d fire through it, he’d close the portal, repeat. Her job was pretty easy.

If the Hivelord ended up on this side of a portal, she’d have to lay into the Hivelord as hard as she could, with either the Magi Pistol or her limited Air Leyas abilities. (Air Leyas lvl 2, Leyas Rating 4)