For the Dead: three bodies in exchange for surgery


Yirhug son of Ol’ka has a private trade to make which the Ka Gor’na and Ka Gor may not know.

He wishes to trade three dead bodies to a Dead Surgeon in exchange for a set of normal Olgog eyes that can see so he is no longer blind. Willing to negotiate other features of the trade.


Surgeon Lok’or sends a message to Yirhug. “the task you ask is not hard but at this time i have no eyes which to give you. if you could find a fresh set i would be willing to trade.”


Yirhug looked down at the extra bodies which he had hoped to trade later.
But the eyes would be necessary for his revengence on Gorkaog.

He opens one of the extra body bags and says “Here are Olgog eyes you can use.”

(Deal is modified to three bodies plus eyes from a forth body. If you want fourth body for parts make an offer and then you get forth body minus eyes.)


Surgeon Lok’or agrees to the modified deal. 3bodies for implanting the eyes from a fourth into Yirhug.