Flashpoint: Jamesville


Jamesville, the fortified town that survived multiple direct attacks by fiery spirits and attacks by violent natives, is now considered a bastion of faith by the Church of One.

Before the additional forces arrive for the Great Uf, there are many in Jamesville seeking to strike out against the Olgog tribals that live nearby.

;)-- Special Mission Type: Flashpoint --:wink:

Flashpoints are special Missions that are run by a player selected by the Narrator. Flashpoints always represent a strategic location controlled by that player, where multiple activities can go on.

All Flashpoint posts must state either

In Jamesville Dirt Streets.

On the new Jamesville Stone Wall.

The Diplomatic Olgog Camp near Jamesville.

The Player in charge of a Flashpoint (Flashpoint Leader) will act as a Subnarrator describing the events the other players do. They will also post specific defenses and threats the other players face. Flashpoint Narrators do not gain any rewards for running a Flashpoint, but Players who join will gain special Narrator given rewards that can only be gained from Flashpoint Missions.

This mission closes Week 10 or when Jamesville is destroyed.

If Jamesville survives to Week 10, All players gain a unique reward and bonus that will put them at a significant advantage against the Week 20 threat and other tribes.

Important Mission Rules

Each player may post only 1 time in reply to each of the challenge posts the Flashpoint Leader creates. Like mini missions.
However players are allowed to post any amount of roleplaying separate from actions & Combat Roleplaying includes speaking to allies.

Each player may only send Juvenile, Youths or Standard Tribals to a Flashpoint
(no Elders, No Artificers, No Planar Knights or Ascended Beings.
The Following Exceptions allowed: Kincaid, The Bladed Sun, Nngao, Agent Brook, Celyse, Agent Candy, Field Marshall Strykker, Grim, Phantom, Lord Roan, Shinefox Shrell-fox, Uriel, Varandir, Ya’na of Uf Mag’og)

Each player may only send tribal members NOT being sent into other weekly missions. If a player dedicates a tribe member to a single Flashpoint, that Tribe member has a chance of gaining enough life experience to be upgraded in ways specific to the tribe they come from.

No Vehicles may be deployed to this flashpoint.
New rules will be updated as other missions affect this flashpoint.



Well, it looks like you all are going to be graced by a mission from the cutest most cuddly blood thirsty goddess eva!

Alright let me think…

Alright lets start with something simple and with a fun theme! Faith!

After two attacks from the local Olgog population the citizens of Jamesville are obviously quite fearful of future attacks and have turned toward their faith to keep them safe. Several citzens have found their faith renewed by the defense and have joined the local church as acolytes. These acolytes have joined with the local priest outside the walls to pray for guidance and for god’s strength.

So here is the situation, there is a single Church of One Priest and 5 Acolytes on a nearby hilltop in a circle with a cross drawn in the ground between them all. They are all praying to god for a miracle to protect Jamesville from the evil “Goblins” Anyone with leyas sight will see a pulsating of Light leyas and summoning leyas, if the Church of One God exists or not something is coming from this prayer session and something that the local Olgogs might not be happy about.
Defending this group is a paltry five Squires armed with clubs and a single Paladin with his sword, the Priest and Acolytes are unarmed.

Within the circle are 12 lit candles and 6 containers of incense, the Priest and acolytes are chanting in unison.

The objective of the Olgogs is to disrupt the ceremony and to prevent the summoning of what might be a powerful guardian.
The objective of the Church of One is to protect the ceremony and boost the moral and defenses of Jamesville with whatever comes out.

Rules are in the original post, feel free to plan your action first and try different solutions. Hope everyone enjoys.

Sorry for the late notice, mission ends friday march 22nd at 8 like this weeks missions


Diplomatic Olgog Camp near Jamesville.

The 5 youths were completely serious in their heads. They had out in search of Church of One earthers against the wishes of their elders to try and prove themselves. Before leaving, they each cut off the tip of their little finger, and wrapped them in a woven grass package. They then put the package in a small alcove near their elder’s cave where it wouldn’t be hidden for too long, in case they failed. Although they were acting recklessly, they still knew to use their heads and not immediately give themselves away. They eventually found The Diplomatic Olgog Camp near Jamesville.

Once ready, the youths creep closer to the hill here a strange ritual is being performed, but remain out of sight. One youth uses Extinguish Flame, to put out the candles in the circle. Even if it does nothing to interrupt the summoning, then hopefully it’ll at least mess with their heads. Maybe they’ll take it as “a sign” that they shouldn’t be doing this. After a minute or two of continuously putting out candle, if they don’t give up, then the other youths use Wilderness Camo and surround the hill. 3 youths keep throwing krato-bone spears at the Squires and Paladin (no one specific, just the defence) while the last throws his spears at the Priest (This time specifically the Priest). Their intent is to kill the defenders and the priest with spears coming from all sides.

Not expecting to kill all of the combatants on the hill in the first attack, the 4 youths ready their Forked Krato-bone spears and charge while the last youth uses Grow Vines to tangle up whoever remains.


(Shortly behind the previous party)

A small group of olgogs stumbled forward into a large grassy knoll. The group consisted of three healthy olgogs. Two of them were hunters, clothed in skins and carrying tall obsidian hunting spears, carved from the pits of Ka’Rhug. The third however, was an older olgog, a respected individual amongst the tribe, but young enough to still go out on expeditions. They had traveled this particular route observing an old tradition of Ka’Rhug, carrying an ember from deep in the cave to the foothills far to the north. They had passed through the diplomatic camp only a short while earlier, and as they climbed to the top of the hill, the sounds of battle reached their keen ears. The tall hunter stepped forward, straining to see.

“A mighty battle takes place old one, we could do well.” He grinned, spinning his spear and gestured to the other hunter, who followed him in a sprint towards the skirmish. The older one sighed, shielding the bundle from the winds which swept across the hills. He sat and observed as the two hunters leapt into the fray, seeking to claim any who the other olgogs had left standing.


(Up on another knoll just outside the diplomatic camp)

The two Olgogs, just fresh out of the training rooms of Rhug’na’ru, crouched low on top of a small knoll near where they had been sent. One had an old telescope with him, and looking through it, watched the scene below. “What is going on down there.” The younger of the two asked, trying to take the telescope. The older of the two slapped his hand away. “The candles around the Humans keep going out, must be some wind down there.” The older said. They were brothers, the younger named Tla’ab and the older named Ur’og. They were pretty much sent to get out of the hair of the elders.

Tla’ab lifted his hunting rifle. “Can I shoot one?” Ur’og put his hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Alright. Aim for that tall one in the back.” He said, pointing. Tla’ab grinned, bringing the rifle up. “No problem.”

He quickly lines up a shot and fires.
(One shot at the priest.)


Captain Durandal heard the news about the prayer session outside the walls, he shook his head. Why were those fools doing this outside the newly constructed stone walls? He rolled his eyes, surely the demons wouldn’t try for a third attack so soon, however it didn’t pay to be careless. He ordered Paladin Thrusis and five squires to accompany the prayer group. The local Priest said that they were praying for God to send a heavenly guardian to protect the town from evil. Couldn’t they do this from the church itself? He shrugged, he personally believed that God’s protection manifested itself through the bravery and actions of the faithful, but if they wanted to pray, then what harm could it do?

Paladin Thrusis and his men would form a circle around the prayer group and defend them, if there was an attack Thrusis would try to locate and destroy the nearest enemies, while the Squires would attempt to evacuate the acolytes.


5 Children of the tribe of Lalder’s Herd of Auf Lal’ al decided they were going to have some fun. They’ve heard about this city of erthers near the the lands of the Gogs.

There plan was to use wilderness camo, and sneak to a hill where they would have cover and could see the enemy.

One would setup a windshield protecting them against range attacks.
The other 4 would pair up and one of each pair would use fire dart and the other would push the dart faster and farther with wind rush.

When their attach either killed the priests, or enemy troops came to close they would disperse into the wilderness (aka get a distance away and hide with wilderness camo).


Near The Diplomatic Olgog Camp----

Standing Behind the Childern of Lalder’s herd—

“Ya youngsters know that it is all good to hide but any idiot able to tie their own bootlaces amonst them fellows down there can just follow yur darts flames right back here, and ya have no one looking out for yur backs. Why an’body could just walk up to ya out of the sands and kil ya before you know it.”

When they look around they see a Bastard dressed in a leather vest and black beret, smoking a cigar. A second glace shows that he has several belts and bandoliers covered in bombs strapped across him.

“Now then, iffen ya kids are done goofin aroun, be there a chance any of ya got somethin to drink. Dese dry hills and scrub lands of yurs make for a awful dry throat”


Onder circles around the ceremony on his Malie to be opposite Ya’na. He props his quiver of javelins close at hand but pulls out a sling and small pouch of pebbles for shot. The javelins are his preferred weapon but he is saving them to protect his allies. “Gotta get the Earthers to run off and not finish what ever they’re calling… by Lal & Kalok, they’d better run 'cause anything they’re willing to die to summon would surely lay waste to us. Hob and Kol fly true.”

Since the Earthers are already having trouble with their candles, Onder will target the containers of incense, trying to knock them over and disrupt the ceremony. If any Earthers target Eric or Ya’na, Onder will throw a javelin as close as possible to that Earther in order to disrupt the attack without creating a human sacrifice that might trigger part of the ceremony. He will retreat if strongly attacked or after Ya’na has ridden through the circle.


Kincaid watched the slaughter with disgust. had they just tried to ruin the ritual he would have banished anything that came through. Now watching unarmed church of one acolytes get gunned down, in some cases by giggling children, he wondered if Abel had handed him something impossible. He wished his good friend and old commanding officer Shiro were here, he had preached escalation of force and proportionality, using only the force necessary to defeat the threat.

It took skill and discipline, that was for sure, but as a Valkyrie, raining death from the sky, the lessons were pertinent. There were countless times in the skirmishes leading to the border wars that he had wanted to bomb a village to get the one high value target inside.

Had the EEF adopted the tribes strategy of kill everything like the tribes did Refuge would be a smoldering radioactive cinder with the colonies left in the only paradise on the planet.

For now he just watched and washed his hands of the battle. Whatever came from this massacre the tribes could expect no help from their thunder gods in defeating it.


Eric got close and watched the other youths start attacking the priest and defenders. He would start targeting all of the ritual items, the candles, incense, etc with the chill bolt pistol. Once the battle was in full swing he would try to snag one of those neat krato bone spears. While he liked the sword more he was sure some one in the tribe would want it.

If something was summoned he would run. He had heard stories of summoners calling forth all sorts of horrors, he had no intention of being around if the circle worked.


Near the diplomatic camp—

On’tor was not sure why his sub-unit was tasked with this mission, but he had heard that the request came from the General himself. If the General wanted the Shield to send forces to this K’ias damned town of the eathers, the the Shield would obey. Hhe just hoped five troopers would be enough for this mission.

Looking over the scene unfolding before him at some sort of ceremony, he shook his head at the antics of the living. watching as this olgog younsters nearly killed one another attacking six earthers praying to their god. ‘How dumb are these kids??? they have no coordination and are going to get themselves and everyone else killed,’ he thought. ‘Well nothing like a challenge to keep the undeath from getting boring.’

“Boys,” he grumbles, “looks like we have to keep the living from becoming the dead again. You heard the orders before we left. We are to do our best to ‘keep this kettle of worms at simmer and not let it boil over’. I guess that means making sure these kids don’t turn this into another attrocity like Bartsport. Can’t keep letting the living kill everyone else the Ancient Evils will win. So let’s try to keep this sane.”

On’tor and his troops will use shadow puppet to hinder the aim of both sides to attempt to keep anyone from killing the other sides if possible. Any earther that drops wil be grabed via shadow walk and thier body, alive or dead, will be left near the gates to the town. Olgogs that fall will be treated the same way but returned to the diplomatic camp. The Dead will take no direct action against either side. thier jobs is to try to keep the ‘brushfire of jamestown’ from becoming the ‘firestorm of Jamestown’

If attacked the Dead will shadow walk away and regroup to continue thier mission. they will do their best to keep the actual killing and distruction to a minimum. IF the summoning is successful, the dead will fire on whatever is summoned if hostile. summoned beings are not covered in their keep deaths to a minimum orders.

On’tor and 2 other have full kit. the other 2 dead are newer recruits and do not have MAgi cannons.


Ya’na, Eric, and Ondor had a plan. Ya’na’s was the easy part. He would burrow in his stalker, riding the stalker right through the middle of the prayer circle. His intention would be not to kill the priest he comes under, but rather grab the priest and hurl him from the circle. His stalker would endeavor to scurry away the rest of the followers. Can’t finish the ritual if you’re not in your little circle, can you?, Ya’na thought to himself.

When the priest was outside the circle, either hurled (hopefully not dead), and the other Earthers not menacing him, he would stand tall on his steed and cry out, “You claim our peoples are devils and evil, yet you offer us no choice in this matter. You have spent thousands of years hunting us down until we grew larger to protect ourselves. Leave us be, and perhaps this bloodshed may end. Until then, your rituals have no place in our lands. Go home and practice your faith in peace, away from us.”

It was easy giving such a grandiose speech, knowing that Eric and Ondar had his back. Strange, considering they weren’t even his gangmembers.

Given the opportunity, once the circle was scattered and the Earthers went on their way, he would tell any olgogs trying to give chase that they should leave the Earthers be. If attacked, he would defend himself accordingly, using fire. He would rush to the aide of Ondar and Eric, should they be attacked as well.


Thank you all for your participation, as I do not currently have relyable computer access it will take me a little while to get this all together. Thank you all and I hipe you enjoy the result. No more posts for this mission anymore


Mission result posted in approved mission events section



Minutes after the Blood Archangel was created representatives from Jamesville approached it and tried to thank it for chasing away the attacking goblins, however they were ignored while it went to each body, Olgog and Earther alike and drained their bodies of all blood until only a shriveled up corpse remained. After it was done it lifted its head and remained still for several minutes. Finally it turned toward the diplomatic camp that the Olgogs had fled to and began making its way there. It didn’t walk, instead seemed to float a few inches in the air with its wing’s half extended.

The Archangel of Death is moving toward the Diplomatic camp, its new red metallic armor covering its hood and chest where Unit 817 had hit it with their magi cannons, and its Scythe has blood flowing up and down its blade, no drop falling from it. The Archangel’s wings do not seem to be fully formed so it seems incapable of flight at the moment , however it is making good speed toward the camp.

How will you face this threat?

Objectives for Olgog players are stopping this Archangel of Death from killing all who are in the Diplomatic camp. Will you fight? Will you flee? Will you come up with a new option?

Players may use the characters that they previously used in the last mission. As this takes place only a short time after no reinforcements may be sent.

This mission will close when week 5 missions close whenever that may be.

Sorry about taking so long have been busy with work and writers block :stuck_out_tongue:


UrTla looks around to his other tribesmen (actually Ur Tor ) and looks at Hab’ab and says "Take these finger tips and get a far distance from here. Stay just close enough to see. " UrTla knows that Hab’ab will be fine if he has to travel back home alone. He was the best at survial and he has his water skin.

UrTla then looks at the others and says “Remember to keep away from this thing. Stay as far as you can from this. We will all strike at one time. Fire the Lightning spear everytime I give the signal. Start with Wind shield unless thing gets close, then switch to lightning shield if this thing gets too close. And make sure to run away if you can and get back to range. If this battle is going to be lost, scatter and meet back up at the rally point.”

UrTla will be coordinating with the other gogs around to strike this thing at one time. Hoping the overwhelming attacks at one time will have a better result than before.


The youths of Ol’Lur nodded in confirmation, and each took a few calming breaths to banish their fear. They then spread out a little ways so that when the signal came, they could more easily strike from different angles. They’d each take a turn to throw a krato-bone spear at the creature until one hit and stuck into it. They would then change to throwing lightning spears when signaled, using the krato bone spear as a lightning rod (assuming krato bones are conductive). They will continue attacking when signaled, retreating as neccessary until the others break off in full retreat or the creature is defeated.


(I am not sure if I am allowed to post as I lost all of my people in the first mission :frowning: )

Scouts from Jamesville shall attempt to track the Angel from a distance, not actually interfering with what it does, just observing.


Eric swallowed. It was one thing to fight humans, or even other olgogs, but the angle of death? How could they ever expect to kill it. He would hit the thing with chill bolts from a long ways away. If the thing got close he would peg it with a few monster bolts and then shadow walk/run as fast as he could.