Favorite Moment from a Previous DR Online Campaign?


Welcome back returning Players!
What was your favorite moment from a previous DR Online campaign?


One of my favorite moments was from the Boarder Wars, when the great Elijah Morte led his heroic attack upon the city of New Vorik and inspired his soldiers who only wielded swords, spears, and axes to overrun the wall defended by automatic weapons and heavy low tech weapons over ran the guards and seized half of the city before withdrawing back north. The EEF didn’t see it coming at all paving the way for Elijah to eventually take his place as ruler of Itash!


One of my favorite moments was in the Space Campaign when the Quall N’drone Hive Queen Ar’yay descended into the Temple of the Rogue Hive Queens.
Her complete verbal bitchslapping of the fungal scientist Michael Herbert Gilmour on why the Quall would never accept a fungi-weapon being unleashed into their environment if it killed off Quall. Then how she brought Prime of Unity and MH Gilmour together to face down their mutual enemy.
Then she used the powers of the Quall collective subconsciouness to direct an attack on the Neliff HiveKing, who was trying to hack the minds of all beings in known space.


I enjoyed watching as multiple factions joined together to face the E Strain World Worms as they began their rampage to consume and grow. A show of cooperation against mutual threat. This then birthed the Uloh Confederacy after President Ragman acquired his own Galaxy Drive!


Border wars. The activation of a continent’s worth of frost generators in the Quall homelands that caused planar destabilization.


From the profit came the king, from the king came the pauper, from the pauper came the swing, from the swing came creation, from creation came love, you don’t know what this love is all about…

(kudos to anyone who can figure out the reference and how it relates to space 3).

Otherwise, it’s gotta be when Prisoner # shanked his way out of prison and trying to figure out who he was and how he was related to everything. I enjoyed the storytelling moments, even though there was little actual “action” involved.


The great General Vulfrym doing his patriotic duty and spreading the Church of One to the stars. The great General struck down the heinous Quall and their foul servants with their holy blades of justice. I only wished they had gone further.


My favorite moments are everytime I’ve sent in my Nightmare Penguins in power armor with machine guns, saying “I send in the Penguins!”

Sometimes civilians died, recently not. But it always makes me happy to no end. And then are the very strange… uses for them. They have been used and abused in so many different ways. One penguin had a Unity uplink crudely implanted in its head, a few of them tried killing each other with bone instruments, they’ve all been used as meat shields. And who could forget when an EEF Oni (I believe) lost his clothes after a transformation and used a penguin as a loincloth, then proceeding to transform again, launching the penguin off to who knows where.


During Border wars when General Vulfrym (the colonel Vulfrym) and Khered of the Tsogari met in battle. Neither knew the other was secretly a Kias until the battle was joined. It was a great reveal.
Especially since both had to hide what they were to everyone else.