Earth 6000: XIX (Alternate Timeline Spunoff by TSGL3 Week 2 Mission)


Maverick looked around at the devastated cityscape and wondered if he was home, but noticed there was an overgrowth of plantlife that had not been here before.

On the cracked concrete, now split in many places by greenery, lay Jak’hal bleeding out. Mawen Rapider stood over him, a zela scimitar at the ready to separate the Space pirate from his life. Maverick had already collected the space pirate’s time shredder and a few weapons. He had also gathered a few of the dropped crystals and handed them out, explaining their use…in case they got separated.

Derlur, Gabi and Lurtor looked upon Earth for the first time. They could see it as a beautiful place. It was more humid than the Goblin Lands, and the sun was softer on the brow. But the skies were a blue equally beautiful if subtly different than the blues of their homeworld.

What this place meant was very different.

Maverick said, “They cleaned the skies somehow…in my age there was too much pollution still over the bones of the city. The IR made sure it remained there to help discourage scavengers and others from living in the ruins.
Just in case the IR is still around we should find cover before their Spy Satellites spot us and they send down a patrol to investigate.”

“Where is SAFE cover around here?” asked Gabi eyeing the ruined cityscape with suspicion.

“More importantly, what do we do about him?” asked Maverick cocking a finger at Jak’hal.
[open to Maverick Multimancer, Gabi (Kul Gul Rapi), Lurtor (Lalder), Derlur, Mawen (Yagogi’al) only at the moment]


In the distance, a power armor form lept between buildings. After getting burned by the Jak’hal crew and getting stranded in this wayward timeline by one of the Mega-ton Clan was annoying enough for S.I.L.A.S.
Now seeing Jak’hal about to be cut down by what looked like a new crew, a real rogues gallery, he could feel a bit of electric joy. The only question is would S.I.L.A.S. simply watch his former employers death? Or would he act?

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Lurtor looks down at the dying pirate and says “It sounds like things will be better if we let him die… But if we are not going to do so, we better act fast.”

Then Lurtor looks around. He has been on another planet before, but this alien planet did look nice. It seems ever place seems to do better without those earthers around and their destructive ways. But he was sure this was an illusion as their must be some earthers or IR somewhere around to do more damage.

Then Lurtor checks out Jak’hal more closely. He has not seen one of his kind before. He looked at this thing through his leyas sight as well to see if healing leyas would do anything to a wound like that.


Derlur knew immediately he was far from home…from father. But first, the K’ias must be destroyed. And after he told his secrets to them all. Father had told him of Maverick. This would be prove to be interesting. Much more interesting than playing second fiddle to a wannabe King.

Derlur scanned the environs, using Leyas Sight (on an artifact, obscured). He searched for somewhere where there wouldn’t be something living. He also searched to see what other lifeforms there were in the area. If he found something, he’d point somewhere where they could go, noting if there were any out of the ordinary auras in Leyas sight.


“We take da dying pirate with us, he can tell us much. How he knew about da artifact, who he is working with. He deserves to stand trial for his crimes in da UTR, not get some back alley execution.” Gabi said as she looked around in wonder at the foreign planet.

She tests her leyas abilities trying to create shadow daggers.


They all quickly realize the only source of Leyas nearby is coming from Jak’hal or at least the pile of discarded gear at this feet. Next to a Radio detonator, some thumb tacks and a vial of sulfuric acid, they find a vial of Djinni Blood.


Looking out on the horizon, they can see a significant source of Annihilation Leyas seperate from them and their captured K’ias.


The shadow daggers form easily for Gabi, though realizing that for vampyrs a non-leyas environment could be deadly. She was suddenly very happy certain other family members had not been sent here.


Lurtor was sure the wound in Jak’hal’s side would be deadly in a matter of hours if the flesh that touched the Zela blade was not sugically removed before any healing could occur.


Derlur looked closer at the Annihilation aura in the distance. It reminded him much of a weapon his own father had used to cut his way out of a prison dimension.

The Aura was coming from a damaged and crumbling skyscraper on its top floor (it looks like there are 33 Floors).

The building is about an hour hike from your position but you do have line of sight to the rooftop


Lurtor (If possible) grabs the vial of blood and puts it in a pocket meant for healing potions. Making it so the vial will not be broken. They needed leyas. He had his leyas generator, but this was better.

Lurtor says "That should keep the vial from breaking. Next, If we are going to heal him, we will have to do it soon. I have enough training with Leyas to do this. As for what to do after that, I do not know. I can move us all to that building as long as I can see a shadow. I can see great distances if needed to see that.

First, do we heal him or let him die"


Mawen Rapider, knew what he had been trained to do with a monster such a this, but know of the codes of etiquette as being part of the UtR. He had not necessarily always agreed with the plans, but this was his first time being in the seat of power so best not to screw around with this. If it were up to him he’d have started spraying every last piece of Jak’hal with an ACID STRIKE and just been done with it. Here, in another land he would definitely need to stick with those around him and play by all the nice rules.

Immediately they needed to be able to get out of there and away with Jak’hal. Now what type of pirate with the Jak’hal having all of his limbs, something had to be done about that first. With a slash from the zela blade, Mawen lopped off a hand and collected it saying " This is mine!" to signify the kill. Next he plunged the blade down through the top of the head incapacitating the body and hoisted the blade plus body onto him shoulder, afterall they needed to be on their way and now one else was going to take the risk with him. “If I am wrong about this guy, I pledge to have his wounds properly cleaned by a trusted member of the tribe, I would convert my own life force to bringing him back and have already done my best to make him a proper pirate. As for now somebody leads the way, we all need to get on our way to judge and be done with this guy. I know, it’s harsh. I am already done with it, now move out.”


Lurtor says “Then I will open a shadow to the top floor of that building.”

If no objections, Lurtor will shift his eyes to see at great distance and find a shadow. Then he would open a Shadow Jump between the two spots allowing everyone to go through.

Lurtor continues “Its ready, now go through that shadow” while pointing at the point.

(Between abilities and the vial of blood he is carrying, this should be easy).


Maverick looked at the violence done by the Gor’ab and became frustrated. He muttered, “Well there goes interrogating the prisoner.”

He glanced in the direction Lurtor was pointing and said, “Yes its probably better if we aren’t under the open sky carrying around an alien body like a pennant on the end of a blade.”


As they stepped out on the roof of the high rise, Maverick could tell it was once a residential building. It did however have an H for helicopter and hover vehicles to land for the affluent and wealthy folk who once called it home. Now from the shattered glass, and broken roof access door, it was obvious the building was long abandoned.
However there was definitely a Leyas Aura going downstairs. The only question was would they use the open broken roof access doorway and stairs, or would they go down the outside and try and gain access to the Penthouse through its cracked and broken windows.


Lurtor loved the shadows. Lurtor said “Lets take a look down. I’ll check it out through the shadows first. I’ll report back.”

With that Lurtor flowed into the shadows down the stairs. As he got out of sight, he didn’t want to trip any traps. Once he was out of sight of everyone in the shadows. He summoned his eye spy from his goggles and sent it down to look. They eye spy staying at the ceiling as noone ever looked up. But with that getting the top view, and him the ground view. He should be able to see what was downstairs.

ONce he got an idea if it was safe and what was down there. He would head back up from the shadows while leaving the eye spy to keep an eye on things. He would station it in a hidden spot.


Lurtor’s Eyespy floated down the stairs and into the penthouse. It displayed in Lurtor’s goggles a view of the once luxurious suite.

There was a main room that once had big beautiful sofas and from it extended four other rooms each with thin walls.

The room at the north corner had a large plas-brass tub though the water seemed to be running constantly and draining out of the unplugged tub. There was also a toilet on the far wall next to a massive window looking out at the cityscape. Lurtor noticed a bullet hole head height in the glass. As if someone was trying to snipe whomever sat on the toilet.


The south corner was a Vid room with a holovid TV, and a trio of multimedia projectors currently showing what looked like a Nano plague outbreak on the news. Looking for time date stamps Lurtor could see the IR date stamp was only a few months in the future from when he himself came from. There was also a couch with what looks like a dead body on it. The body has a head wound consistent with a bullet and a bloody stain where his head had been laying. He was dressed in a yellow robe.


The west corner room had a huge master bed with hanging silks. It had obviously been used recently. There was a closet with clothing from a variety of different eras and a binder on the bed currently open. Each page of the binder seemed to show different print outs of news articles. The Eye spy could see the open page showing a picture of a cybernetic being with a visible brain inside an armored crystal container. Lurtor didn’t recognize the cybernetic life form but he recognized one of the markings in the picture as similar to Unity ’ s Choir of Fate.


The east corner room looked like it had once been a study or library but had been hit by sustained rocket fire. The books were burnt to a crisp, the windows broken, the furniture shredded into pieces on the floor. The room however looked like the damage had happened much more recently. In fact there was even a small fire burning away in the corner of the room.