DR2220 Mission 1 Report: A Border Dispute Lights a Match


Part 1: Tired And Cold

Max Deveros was hating the cold. Despite the warm winter coat, and the heat on high in the cockpit of his Training Strider, he could still feel that deep down inner core cold. When their patrol was over, he was spending all of his free time in the showers.

He kind of wondered why anyone would want to live up here, all he saw were blizzard filled skies and an endless field of snow. But a few months ago, Colony General Malthus had given his life to defend this forgotten coastline from invasion, and the EEF would be damned if it was all for nothing.

But from Max’s point of view, it was just a waste of time. Most of the lands up here were owned by the Northern Kingdoms. The EEF owned a little slice that ran from the Glacial Research Station to the coast. On one side was the neutral Northern Kingdom of Jemison Post, named after a famous Earther astronaut.

On the other side of their territory was the lands of the Hobtla Mag’ol. Nasty little white fur Olgogs known for eating anyone they find. Things had gotten worse over the last couple of months since the invasion. It seemed a whole army of Cambions serving the illuminated Unixah had landed here, and were supposed to help the invasion. But when the invasion failed, Unixah married the Olgog Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol and intergrated her forces with his.

From Max’s perspective this was all political nonsense, but he had seen the white fur olgogs of the Hobtla Mag’ol watching their patrols with interest. But when they began tunneling towards the EEFers with speed, Max was a little surprised. He raised the alert just in time as the attack began.

Max’s fingers danced across his control panel, activating thermal scanners and beginning target acquisition for his missile systems. He called in to his commanding officer and his radio got static. Glancing over, he saw his CO and two fellow EEF Specialists were down. Their bodies so covered by bone spears they looked like odd porcupines. The snow at their feet was already staining a deep red.

His own anti-vehicle lasers were already targeting a trio of mounds burrowing through the snow towards him. The laser was not visible until was a few feet from the snow. There, snow flake particulates allowed it to be seen. The beams struck with precision. Each beam resulted in a large heat flare up under the snow line, melted snow and a cooked olgog body.

While fighting back the attackers, Max radioed back to the Glacial Research Facility, and was put through to a tactical officer.

“Sir, Our CO is down, and we are barely holding this valley,” said Max in a fully panicked voice.

The voice from over the radio said, “The valley has limited tactical significance. Withdraw immediately, and we will bring in an airstrike.”

“Sir, we are surrounded. There is no direction to withdraw through, without trying to push through their ambush,” Max said, as he vaporized a leaping White fur.

“You are driving a damn Strider, boy. Get that vehicle moving and push through. You can open the way. Remember your training. Your fellow soldiers are relying on you. Now get that vehicle moving!” ordered the voice over the radio calmly.

Max thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

He had his Strider step up and out, pushing up past an ice wall that sprang into effect in front of him. Using the anti-vehicle lasers, Max melted the wall and was ready to call his squadmembers to rally and make an ordered retreat.

An older White Fur stepped from the snow, and raised a staff made from giant bone. The little alien waved the staff and a massive blast of purple and blue flames leapt onto the Strider.

Max panicked as his gauges all began to shut down.

He fired off the missiles, hoping their guidance systems had not been hit as directly as his cockpit had. Using the last bit of power in the battery he keyed up the missile and fired, then his display went dark. The temperature in his cockpit was getting oppressively cold by the second, and he couldn’t turn the heater on without power.

Pulling his jacket tight, Max was lit up for a moment as his missile struck the White Fur who had disabled his vehicle. There was a large flash of light, and when it cleared there was a crater where the white fur had been standing. Parts of the staff lay broken at the edge of the crater.

Max grabbed up an emergency Go Bag from under his seat. He pulled out his emergency radio and began cranking it up. When the display finally lit up, Max took a pair of cords from the emergency radio and plugged it into the strider control panel. He continued cranking like his life depended on it. What was about two minutes felt like hours. Finally he saw a link wink on, but the heat didn’t come back on.

Max looked down at his gauges and noticed his .50 Cal Machinegun system was able to work on the lowest power settings. Thank the Motor Pool for convincing him NOT to replace it with a railgun mount, and for the first time since the battle started the Immutable smiled.

Using the emergency radio for its actual intended purpose, Max finally broadcast an all-call on a specific frequency he remembered from training.

“This is Max Deveros. My Strider is barely functional, and we are pinned down by White Fur Olgogs. They are making hit and run attacks on our position, but with at least five feet of snow deep around us, they are coming from all directions.”


Part 2: Eli and Moose, a Most Distracting Rescue

“Eli, my man, I know I should probably call you Mayor McGraw or something, but you are a freaking barbarian,” whooped Moose as another White Fur was blasted from its tunnel by Eli’s revolver.

Eli was driving the tracked bike with one hand, firing an old VLAD agency-issued revolver with the other hand. Firing it single action, Eli drew back the hammer with his thumb each time and lined up the shot with precision.

Moose busied himself hurling grenades off the back of the bike, creating a safe line of retreat for the beleagered EEF fireteams. He was gleeful, with a pair of armored goggles keeping his eyes safe from the sharp ice shards the White Fur Olgogs were hurling that smashing on Moose’s composite armor.

As they passed by the first time, both Eli and Moose couldn’t help but notice the strider wasn’t moving. Its legs were covered in ice, and only a single machinegun was firing away. The other weapons were frozen in place.

But that single machinegun was creating a wide kill zone, and preventing the White Furs from stealing any EEF bodies before the Medics could rez them. Moose said, “Lets make another pass!”

Eli spinned the bike around in the tightest circle the tracks would allow.

Raka’na, caparisoned in his bone spike battle mail, strode alongside the forces of the Hobtla Mag’ol.
He cursed the frigid air and the snow that were constant companions in this wasteland, and rubbed his hands together for warmth as he walked. It was showtime, time for him to prove himself both to the Queen, and to his followers, the Ashen Cult.

Breathing warm air into his hands one last time, he cracked his knuckles and slid a bleached skull bone mask into his spiked helm, and reviewed his plan. And as the tracked truck raced by inches from him, Raka’na leapt into the air, hurling down fireballs towards it.

Eli dodged the fireballs, and a trio of Moose’s grenades went down about a few meters away.

The burst shield popped up and consumed the majority of the fragmentation. The rest stuck into Raka’na’s armor. As the Cult of Ash Herald concentrated larger fire shields began to grow, melting the fragments into his armor in the process. The metal inlaid into his bone mask, but that would not be discovered by Raka’na until after the battle had ended.

Eli wanted to spin his bike back around and go for the strange Olgog, but Moose reminded him that they were to be a distraction. So Eli continued ahead, and through his rear view he could see the burrows of the Hobtla Mag’ol following them.

Raka’na was tempted to follow the White furs as more than half split off to follow the tracked bike. But he held his position and he was happy he did so…

On the far side of the battle there was a being none recognized and he called himself Dirk.

Dirk hated being in disguise. But he had to protect his reputation. Better to look like a Duskan than himself.

His original plan was to lay back and heal the EEFers. He was then going to make sure Lurtor didn’t get into trouble. If anything not an olgog showed up, he’d use his light abilities to distract the enemy and let Lurtor do his business. He was also ready to use reverse metal, boil blood, or call water in a pinch. Otherwise, Simulacra was always nice to use. Confusing as heck too.

But as he arrived to the skirmish, Dirk found himself irritable. Why the fighting? Warmonger was gone. He was tired of fighting all the time. He had had enough of the violence.

He prayed, meditating on the word of the Bladed Sun. Using that faith, he focused the Leyas into the frozen tundras that everyone was fighting on…And he separated the fighting parties.

The icy ground split, as ice grew upon ice, and walls of ice extended up pushing those fighting apart. The land was now studded by glistening and gleaming icy maze-like structures.

Raka’na would not stand for such an offense to Cult of Ash, and began to quietly chant. His aura flared to life like a small star. He raised a hand up, and walls of fire extended from his finger tips, cutting through walls of ice.

Now the battlefield was terrifying, walls of ice led to walls of fire, and no way was safe to traverse. The EEFers were split from each other, as were the Hobtla Mag’ol Olgogs.

It was at this moment that the Strider’s legs finally melted enough that it was able to move. Then a
massive Green Fur Olgog stepped up, dressed in armor that looked like plates of alien bone.

Milos Greybeard roared a loud battlecry, tossing a handful of acid grenades at the legs of the Strider. They melted metal, hydraulic jacks and electronic components. The legs cracked under the weight of the strider. Milos then created a wall of pikes to push the now legless Strider onto its back. Once it was immobile, Milos hurled more acid grenades to the weapon systems on the Strider.

The .50 caliber machinegun was struck from its mounted by acid. With its final weapon disabled, the Strider stopped moving. Inside the cockpit, Milos could see the Pilot was raising a pistol.

Before Milos could hurl another grenade, the Strider dropped through its own shadow, which disappeared once the vehicle was gone.

Milos stepped forward, looking at the now missing vehicle with rage. Before he roared, he saw on the ground at his feet, the massive .50 cal machinegun with a small belt of ammo hanging from it.

Picking up the trophy, at least he would have something to place at the feet of Hobtla Mag’ol.


Part 3: Fire and Ice, Who has time for Fire and Ice?

Lurtor did not want to be seen by the white furs in this rescue attempt. While he was there for a rescue, he didn’t want to provoke them into attacking Jemison Post. So Lurtor decided to go Old school. While the bone rings were apart of him, he didn’t have to look like himself

Lurtor pulled out his old EEF Marzac Body Armor. Lurtor mimicked his Lurry Earther form. Then he put on his body armor. With this, he would just look like a big earther. And his obscure should prevent others from seeing through this.

Next he geared up his knives, throwing blades, magi cannons and a spring shot…… The spring shot gave him an idea. Lurtor took out the spring shot rounds and then added a Water Leyas ward to each. Then he reloaded the spring shot.

Next he took the Walkie talkie that Eli gave him, wrap it in Nightmare hide so he could use it without touching it. Little did he realize it wasn’t the touching of a piece of tech that caused the Leyas to interfer, it was its simple use around the Leyas.

He activated the walkie talkie and found the Nightmare hide wasn’t enough to offset Leyas. The radio stopped working, moments after he gave the initial go ahead, all contact was cut off, then he got bad information due to static and didn’t move in until the walls of Fire and Ice were already in place. It was a good experiment though, and Lurry now knew to artifice the radio with technomancy once he got back to the lab after the battle.

As he rose up, he saw how the soldiers had been cut off. He fired off the warded darts, stranding the White Furs where they were.

Then he began to dive into shadows, and pluck out each of the stranded EEFers, leaving the stranded White furs where they were.

Lady Sarphin strode along towards the battle. This would be the first time since her promotion that she would be representing Lord Grim. Her instructions were simple: attempt to finish the conflict with the least amount of life lost. She will aid Spymaster Lurtor if he needs it, although she doesn’t trust him as he is rumored to put foreign governments needs before those of the people of Jemison Post.

She saw Lurtor’s Earther agent Lurry shadow walking in and out of the battlefield, pulling EEFers to safety. She was happy to see the Spymaster’s workers were saving lives, but the Spymaster was nowhere to be seen. She would make sure to report that all back to PeaceLord Grim.

She watched as Lurry turned and fired a pair of pistols at a white fur. A set of spinning blade exited the weapons, and they swooped out then guided back in towards the white fur who tired to run. The blades turned into arcing lighting which danced across the white fur. As his muscles siezed up he fell down upon the ice grimaced in pain.

Lurry turned grabbed a pair of EEF privates and pulling the back into the shadows.
When he dropped off the pair, he saw Lady Sarphin.

“Hello My Lady, I’m Lurry, the Spymaster hired me on to do some…work…” Lurtor said as he pointed to the EEFers he had just saved.

Off to their right a shadow popped open and out of it rolled the Strider cockpit. Riding on top of it was JeanLuc Gravois. As the Strider cockpit slid to a stop, he reached down and popped the emergency release.

The pilot, Max Deveros, pointed his pistol at JeanLuc and fired. The bullet pierced JeanLuc’s stomach, which caused him to lurch backwards. With one hand clasped firmly to his side, JeanLuc snarled, “I am a friendly, I work for VLAD with the purpose of infiltrating the Hob’tla Mag’ol. Not to worry, I was going to make sure you were safe, but keep I need my cover intact.”

Lurry saw Deveros and JeanLuc and overheard the conversation with his shapeshifted hearing. He found it interesting to note that it seemed VLAD had operatives in the area unknown to him.

Then to both Max Deveros and Lurry’s surprise, JeanLuc dropped through a shadow, with the strider’s cockpit. Max continued to fire into the shadow until it finally closed. He slammed a fresh magazine home, and looked for a way to follow the now missing Strider.

Max stepped back and looked at Lurry and Lady Sarphin and said, “Did you guys see that? I swear I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it. A freaking VLAD agent stole my Strider. I had heard those guys were bad news and completely rogue. But this…this is unacceptable!”


Part 4: The Warmth We Bring

Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an could not stand the cold.

But he had to honor the Emperor Hobtla Mag’ol if he wanted the Army of the True Flame to be accepted in the Glacial Wastes. Better that than to sell out and make deals with a Northern Kingdom like Jemison post. At least that was how he saw it. Zh’Ka’al might have sent him to gain allies, but he had decided to choose the Hobtla Mag’ol over the Earthers.

His original plan was to lay back and create shields over the Hobtla Mag’ol. He was also ready to hurl glass and feces projectiles using his rapidol. He would firedart projectiles to make them even more damaging. Glass shards hot enough to scald skin covered in feces should make EEFers withdraw instead of pushing forward. He would have his Leyas shields active for their inevitable counter fire.

But as he arrived to the battlefield, Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an found himself concerned. Why fighting EEFers? Would this cause diplomatic challenges if he was seen?

He dived under the snow and kept his armor covered by his heavy jacket so they would just think of him a random Olgog Merc if the EEFers witnessed him.

As a result he was able to witness a series of unexpected events.

He saw the walls of ice and fire form. And then he saw a giant burst from the snowline. It was a massive, muscled, slime covered monstrous creature.

The Plague Giant Gooplosic really lost, it follow Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an as orderd, even be real quiet as no be seen, now no see Zh’ka Dol Kaor’an. Very sad, then suddenly walk into fight with little White Olgogs and big scary metal giants with little men gor. Gooplosic told fight no good, so Gooplosic help. Make smelly gas and vomit between fighters. Then shoo them away. If both side get sick have to go way yes? If all else fail, Gooplosic start crying and tell everyone no fight!, Gooplosic do good job.

Now from even Kaor’an’s perspective it was horrifying, as in some areas that vomit washed along icy walls like a disgusting tidal wave, striking both sides. The gas was far worse, striking the Fire walls and making a flamethrower effect. It killed gruesomely an entire gang of white furs on one section of the battlefield. As the giant Gooplosic thrashed and wailed, Kaor’an realized he could make a significant impact at least in this moment.

Using his Rapidol to hurl one of the glass projectiles, he struck Gooplosic in the rear. The Giant howled in anger, trying to dig the glass splinters from his butt. Another strike from a glass projectile finally caused Gooplosic to turn and see Kaor’an jumping and making threatening gestures.

Gooplosic ran towards Kaor’an, who began to run full speed, drawing the giant with him. The White Furs cheered, as they had been raised on tales on monsterous Giants most foul. And this encounter further encouraged a deep prejudice of the Giants, and a deeper appreciation for the Army of the True Flame.



Nameless Finality rode rapidly across the icy plain toward the distant fighting. He wondered why the forces of warmonger continued to wage war in his name. This chain of thinking lead into wondering how the other so called Warmonger’s Dead were dealing with his death. As he was unsure as to what this particular conflict was over, he couldn’t risk endangering innocents on either side.

He saw the White Furs running, and then there was a shadow overhead, and he understood why. There was a dragon above the battlefield. On its back stood a proud Olgog whose bow rained down fiery arrows with each pass.

As the Dragon breathed down, white furs died where they stood. There was a horrific yelping from the Olgogs, and Nameless Finality almost pitied them. He himself had no fear of the Poisonbringer. But he did have a great worry for white furs, until he saw an earther named Dirk sneaking across the battlefield and resurrecting the dead, giving them a quick talking to and then sending them running again for their lives.

Nameless Finality decided to make a stand raising his magi cannon and firing up a warning shot past the Dragon’s wings. The Dragon circled downward, and to Nameless Finality’s surprise the Dragon rider was none other than Glog of Or’lur. Glog made a common UtR greeting, recognizing the marking on Nameless Finality’s steed as those of Unit 817’s Shield of the Redeemer. And from Glog’s point of view, the Redeemers had been an old ally.

As they stared at each other a White Fur approached on his knees.

The white fur said as tears of fear filled his eyes, “Mighty Darmag Rider, you have been spoken of in myths and legends since the last heir of Hobtla Mag’ol left for the southlands so many centuries ago. The Great Hobtla Mag’ol knows his heir was to see what had happened to the Great Mag’ols of the south and seek out a mate.

You must be of this bloodline with your aura, your fur, and your Dragon. The Great Emperor wishes to meet with you and speak with you at once. You and your guests may come, but the Hobtla Mag’ol wish to learn of your lands and what brought you here mighty Darmag Rider.”



All Characters who took part in this mission may select 1 (and only 1) artifact with a price up to 400 ghaz. They may select this from the Leyas Guide, Core Book, Northern Kingdoms Guide, or Outlaws Guide. They must post to the Artifacts Thread Rewards for DR2220.
Immutables may choose a tech weapon, vehicle or gear of up to 800 ghaz, and must post to Tech & Gear Rewards for DR2220.

All Characters who took part in this mission may select 1 (and only 1) Leyas with minimum of 4 and raise it by 1 point, or they may choose to raise an Elemental Leyas Ability below 4, up to 4.
They must post to the Thread Leyas Rewards for DR2220. Immutables gain a skill instead of their choice at 4.

Unique Rewards

The Or’Lur tribe gains an Honorific Entrance of Legends for Glog of Orlur. The Hobtla Mag’ol cannot stop talking about the Olgog Dragon riders. Having only seen Baribur Dragon riders in their lifetime, their minds were blown by the large White Fur with green accents (as the White Furs tell it).

Kolgol gains Raka’na the Herald of Ash. Raka’na can now summon Kuliek versions of Fell Balgogs into battle. They have all the same stats as standard Fell Balgogs but are powered by a corrupted Demon Kuliek. This corruption means they retain all “demonic” weaknesses. When these Fell Balgogs are defeated or destroyed they explode in an Ash cloud that cause 8 (No A.R.) Poison dmg (City Effect +15 Dodge T#). These Cult of Ash Balgogs have different markings than either UtR Balgogs or Kalokian Fell Balgogs. Each time one of these is summoned and SURVIVES a mission, that Cult of Ash Balgog will become permanent, acting as a worker and a citizen-soldier of the Cult of Ash due to its Kuliek nature.

Derlur the Nomad gains JeanLuc Gravois gains a cockpit. Taking the cockpit home, JeanLuc has had time to practice inside the vehicle using very effect simulations and gains Pilot (Strider) 3. He can also collect repair parts and parts to upgrade the strider on future missions.

Torlallur gains Gooplostic or Fantastic? This giant gains +1 to his F.S. after that harrowing battle.

Eli McGraw gains Moose, a tried and true ally. As first to Post! Moose gives Eli a pair of fine brass knuckles with Eli’s 0name and title of mayor engraved on each and “Laying down the Law”. They do 5 Melee dmg, Bludgeon, and can be used as a pair with duelist. They can also be used to deliver a killing strike (10 Melee dmg) to the throat of a human-like target with a +4 called shot T#.

Lurtor gains Lurry was a Witness? Having to provide an official testimony to back up Max Deveros was hard work for Lurry but confirmed for many that he was a real Earther officer.