Dealing with Resources in the Goblin Lands and the GL:LC Campaign


Dealing with resources will become a challenge as the game begins to unfold.

As stone, bone, obsidian and wood weapons break in battle they will need to be replaced (easily if you have the corresponding material, not so easy if all you have is sand).

After the game begins every player will need to check their Resources Needed List. If they are missing one of the following type of resources they have a chance to die due to starvation or dehydration.


Drinking Water [/b]

Certain tribes may need special nutrients, energy, or gear or will begin suffering special illnesses. If Resources Needed include any of the following and they do not get it they will begin to suffer the following effects.

Fruits & Vegetables : If either or both Fruit & Veggies is listed as a needed Resource than other local food stuffs do not provide complete vitamins and minerals necessary for life. After two weeks without the necessary Fruits and Vegetables, the tribe will suffer reduced resistance to disease and a weakened immune system (x2 dmg from Disease and Poison attacks) and their Health will temporarily drop by 1 Health point (with a corresponding drop in H.P.). After two months Health temporarily drops by 3 points (with a corresponding drop in H.P.), if it drops below 0 by this method they have 1 H.P. and cannot do anything except lay down and feel ill.

Fear & Pain : If the tribe requires Fear and Pain they are Cursed Vampyrs and require to feed on fear and pain of their victims to survive. After two weeks without feeding the Vampyrs will lose their capacity for teamwork and become more focused on sating their own individual hunger. After two months without feeding the Vampyrs lose their capacity for higher thought and will lose their mind and act dangerously if deployed on missions.

Animal Hides : If a tribe requires Animal Hides then they will face extreme temperatures during certain seasonal periods. Many in the tribe will suffer from frostbite and sleep deprivation during the colder seasons if they do not barter for Animal Hides in the warm season. This combination of frostbite and sleep deprivation will cause the tribe to fail all ambushes that they are trapped in (though the ambush must still be set up properly).


Narrator Note: Please keep in mind that this is a roleplaying game. Even if you the player can go online and look up scientific advancements that can propell your tribe rapidly into scientific advancements, that doesn’t mean your character has that knowledge.

So for example, if a Tribe is Nomadic and you decide to take it into a phase where they begin building cities, please do not assume they will all have advanced degrees in Urban Planning.

Also all of the resources above, even Water, is owned by some faction or another. Even in the case of the Karovian Nomads who share their Oasises with all, to see someone stealing the Oasis would upset them.

In another example, if you send tribals out to collect “wild” animals, you may be doing so in another tribe or groups territory This will lead to conflict. And just because A player has claimed “Mine” does not mean the pre-existing locals (non-PCs) will accept this.

All things must show an actual progression that players can follow by reading threads. And just because you post it to a thead, does not mean it plays out the way you write it.