Daron - Reaches out to Blackheart Securities about Neliffs


Daron put in the call to meet up with Blackheart Securities.

Message says "My name is Daron and I’m running for Colony General. We are looking into helping with the platform Neliff problems. When get up there, we have to deal with Neliffs and their powers. I prefer to keep my own mind as well as the pilots mind intact.

In researching how to deal with Neliffs, it was recommended to contact you and it was suggested you have been working on something. I wish to inquire about this and/or your services."

Daron would make sure he had one of the squad with him as he didn’t know much about their ship or capabilities.


Childeen would meet with Daron where ever he wished, if it was left to Childeen’s preferences they would conduct business in a rented out office or conference room which was swept for bugs before the meeting, “So Candidate Daron, I need to ask do all of the candidates know about the Neliff? I would be happy to offer my services. I have a prototype technology which can block their influence.” He points to a gray plastic earpiece on one of his ears. “I can lease you a model but you will also be paying for a 3 man security detail of my people to accompany you at all times.”


Daron says "I would assume some do, but I doubt all do. I was informed about the attacks through my the Lucky fate squad that runs campaign. It seems they were sending someone to help already. They have a ship. So, Once I heard about it, I went and asked more and more questions. My first goal was to find out if a mission was possible. I won’t ask or let people go on a meaningless suicide run. With your prototype, the mission is now possible. We can be a help and not a liability.

Any additional information about Neliffs Strengths, weaknesses would be greatly helpful as you seem to know way more than I or those I’m helping.

I would ask for enough of the earpieces to cover those with us. I don’t believe its many, but could be more than myself and the pilot. I believe the squad is working with someone like the EEF. I will find out more on that shortly. Hekeriki of the Lucky fate Squad can give you the details as we get closer to mission time.

As for those Hiring a security detail. For this mission I would agree to hiring the security detail. They can be with me unless there is a privacy concern and during the mission they can be with me at all times. I will not separate from them. This will bring help to this mission and they can also make sure we are using your gear correctly and get the gear returned to you at the end.

My condition is that you work with Hekeriki of the Lucky Fate Squad. Hekeriki will be arranging the details. And they have the connection to the EEF or which ever division is leading the attack. Lets workout chain of commands before we go. I don’t want a power pull in the middle of combat. That is dangerous.

If this goes well, we can see about additional security help when needed afterwards."


Daron says “Do you have Spacesuits or Artifacts that replicate that btw? You’ll need those. I’m not sure if they are being supplied. Still tracking that down. Safer if you have your own gear though.”


Childeens assistant rushed into the room and passed childeen some official looking documents. Childeen paused to quickly glanced over them before raising his eyebrows, “Actually candidate I am going to need to change the arrangement. It turns out we are ready to productize the jammers. Please enjoy one jammer gratis, in appreciation for your dedication to public service. The security team will not be required, and you will be able to purchase or lease as many jammers as you need for your team.”