Daron - Iron Republic, what about those Neliffs?


Daron stepped away from his meetings with the lucky fate squad to reach out to the horsemen. The Squad wanted to do something pretty risky and would need approval.

Daron says to the horsemen that come

"As part of my Colonial General campaign, I have been informed about some Neliff Activity. The Redeemers in the Bay of Holys are under a huge attack by forces with Neliffs and the Neliffs have taken over the EEF orbital platform Damoclese 22. Both sites have Warmonger’s dead there.

Looks like the EEF is recruiting to retake the platform.

The Lucky fate Squad who is helping and running my Colonial General Campaign, wants to take their ship up to space and help retake the platform. They want to record the action and show it. They also think myself going up would show that I’m about action over words.

While I don’t mind a fight, there are problems with that. Of course the approval of allowing their ship into space. But then about the Neliffs and how to counter their powers of mind control and infestation. I would like to avoid issues with both.

I do agree with the squad that this could be an opportunity, but I’m also against getting taken over by neliffs too."


The man who met him was wearing dark power armor, designed to look like a cross between a samurai and some sort of evil demon. Inside Daron knew it was an Omega brethren Temporal Agent of the Four horsemen.

He appeared in a flash of blue light, approached Daron and thanked him for his time.

"Candidate Daron, my name is Yannor Omega 75. The leadership is impressed and supportive of the great and amazing work you have done working your way into the Colonial elections.

Never before have we come so close to having one of our agents control the EEF.

Your work alongside Agent Scribe and the Four Horsemen in defeating Mortis Leonin will always be deserving of praise…but Daron please allow me to give you the thanks of the entire Board of Directors.

The Four Horsemen have authorized me to support your efforts against the Neliff. Far better we move a Temporal Assasin like yourself into the role of Colony General rather than let those disgusting Neliff take over."


Yannor Omega 75 smiled again and said, "I have been authorized to provide you with a passport off of Refuge allowing you space travel.

You will be the first Olgog granted such a passport. And if you succeed in your rise to Colony General of the EEF, the I.R. is willing to offer full citizen status to all Olgogs and end their use as slaves on some planets… obviously on the planet Refuge you would have to enforce the outlawing of Olgog slavery.

In addition, right now this Lucky Fate Squad will have their spaceships granted a temporary Offworld Visa for this year, allowing them to take you in to directly confront the Neliff threat.

I have also been authorized to set up Holographic recorders so that your media team can cut the video from the battle into a good campaign video.

Thank you again Candidate Daron. Your service to the Timeline, and to the Iron Republic and to Humanity will record you as one of the true heroes of this penal colony. "


Yannor Omega 75 said," As far as Neliff. We do not have any protection against them yet. Though intelligence reports tell us that Blackheart Security Solutions may be developing a countermeasure."


Daron says “Thank you. I will reach out to blackheart Security solutions and see if I can hire them or get help with dealing with the Neliffs.”